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  1. Just to be clear, PR is a Commonwealth territory of the US and not a country. I know that matters not when it comes to matters of the aftermath of the tremors the island has felt over the last several days, but I do like to point that out because there are a lot of people in the US that don't realize the PR is apart of the US.
  2. Taxi fare from cruise terminals to airport is $19 + $1 per piece of luggage. If a taxi charges you more than that, you can report them for not following the published rates.
  3. Thank you for sharing! We had our heart set on this cruise in 2021. Disappointed that Royal chose not to offer it any longer.
  4. Unfortunately our next cruise won't be until the Galveston to Copenhagen TA. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Just tried booking for 4 people and they still don't show up. Quite odd unless they have all sold out in 2 days.
  6. That is pretty significant. For the Adventure TA in April 2021 it would have cost us $480 more for the cabin if we wanted a refundable deposit. We decided to forego that. My girlfriend was still holding out hope that a Suez Canal cruise would pop us which is why she at first wanted us to book refundable. However, she came to the realization that the Suez itinerary was not going to happen.
  7. I have tried searching for rooms for 2 and for 3 guests since I know this sailing has a lot of cabins that won't allow you to book for just 2 people. I didn't have any luck when changing my search for 3 guests. Oh well. I'll keep looking. We have an aft balcony on deck 9 booked so my interest in the panoramic rooms was just for curiosity sake. Thank you both for your assistance.
  8. That's what I thought. I was looking for pricing on the oceanviews in that same area but they are not showing up for the TA sailing. Possible they too have already been sold out?
  9. Are the smaller cabins on that deck also considered an Ocenview Panoramic Suite as well? I looked in both suites and Oceanviews.
  10. Out of curiosity, what selections do you need to make to book any of the spa rooms? I just booked on Adventure TA in April 2021 and wanted to see what these rooms go for (both the suite and the oceanview) and I can't seem to locate pricing on any of the rooms on that deck.
  11. I thought I had replied to you but I guess I did not. NRD are still eligible for price drops before final payment, correct?
  12. I have used TAs in the past. I prefer not to give up that much control of my reservation. I totally understand why some people prefer to use TAs but I like being able to make any change I desire without waiting on a TA to respond.
  13. When I attempt to book on the website I don't see any option to select between refundable and non-refundable deposits. So how does one book a refundable deposit? Is it something I am missing on the site? Or is it not possible from the site? I tried to search this forum on "refundable deposit" but didn't find anything that would assist me with this question.
  14. I have seen it on past cruises too but I was curious on a transatlantic how many cabins they'll be able to book with 3 passenger requirement?
  15. I didn't even realize that at first but you are right, it does not show up on the US site when doing a search. However, since I have looked at this cruise before, when I navigate to the home page of the US site, I see the "Complete booking" on the right hand side for this itinerary. That would explain why no price is being displayed anymore on the home page. I am able to go through the booking process for it on the US site, however.
  16. Even on a transatlantic and a ship this large you believe all the suites will still all sell out with an occupancy requirement of 3 passengers? May be a moot point as we may not want to drop as much as they are asking for a JS but we are considering an aft balcony.
  17. So it looks like the Galveston to Copenhagen Transatlantic in April 2021 is now bookable. I have a question for some of you more seasoned cruisers: It appears that many rooms require 3+ people in order to book (for instance aft JS). What are the chances that they will change that requirement for a sailing like this? I am assuming that on a cruise of this length that most are sailing as couples or would I be incorrect?
  18. So while checking my email I encountered something a bit odd. An ad appeared for RCCL for a 16 Night Repositioning cruise on Jewel for November 26, 2020. I know this was when Jewel was originally supposed to go Rome to Dubia. Clicking the link took me to a broken booking page for Royal. Not sure if this is an artifact of the original cruise or perhaps a placeholder for a new cruise. If I can get the add to pop up again, I'll try to get a screenshot.
  19. Really sad that Royal has dropped this itinerary from future cruises. We were really hoping to book Rome to Dubai in 2021. Hopefully they will bring back this (or a similar) itinerary in the future. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  20. I still keep getting the message that there are no staterooms available for that booking.
  21. But it's no longer on topic and detracts from the core of this thread. Please try not to be so argumentative and try to be respectful of those of us monitoring this thread for updates on the deployment schedules.
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