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  1. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, I just wanted to say I love all the Charlie Brown Christmas Trees. I have one in my back yard and right now is getting Soaked it’s raining so hard outside. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  2. Great looking Turkey legs!! 😳😁 Tony
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Cruise Critic friends 🦃 From,
  4. When I had to go to Vietnam the visa was free. Some of my friends paid a lot more the money. 😡😡 Tony
  5. So go back to work. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. 😁😁 Tony
  6. Hi Jo & Tom, Do you think I will look in those Princess pajamas? I’m ordering a set for me and my wife just for laughs.
  7. I like the Royal Princess we did two 20 day cruises on her. The best advice I can give you is just stay away from the people that complain about everything and you will have a great time. Tony
  8. Unless it has changed it’s always been two. Tony
  9. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, In Boston today it’s Cold and extremely windy. The best thing about being windy it blew all the leaves from my yard to my neighbors. 😁😁
  10. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, Wow it’s great outside in Boston. It’s going to be in fifties today. Best of all my Patriots Earned a big win last night. We had a very bad storm last night so I’m going to check on my Rowboat. I was told it was OK. To my friend Thrak your right it’s an old picture but that happens every year. 😡 love you all 😷 🥰 Tony
  11. I totally agree with you. That’s the main reason why I have not booking a cruise for 2021. I rather be safe then sorry. Tony
  12. Hi Thrak, I wish I could send you some snow I hate it. This is a picture of me behind my snowblower. Tony
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