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  1. ReturnCruiser

    Flight and Hotel Recommendations?

    You might take a look at the Alvear Art Hotel. Very nice hotel in a safe location. We stayed at this hotel in October 2017. Bob
  2. For those considering a visit to the Falklands and South Georgia, I've posted a few blog entries and photos from my Poseidon Expeditions trip. Our 2015 visit to Antarctica did not include these two areas and we are pleased to have found Poseidon's expedition to the Falklands and South Georgia. The wildlife and scenery we observed was a great addition to our Antarctica experience. Bob
  3. ReturnCruiser

    Just back from Silversea Falkland & Antarctica Trip

    Greetings, We returned from a Poseidon Expeditions trip to the Falklands (Isla Malvinas) and South Georgia in November 2017. For those interested, I've placed some photos and notes from the trip on my blog. The link is provided below.
  4. ReturnCruiser

    Where did you buy your Recommended Antarctica Gear?

    Great advice. FYI, I posted my packing list from a Poseidon Expeditions, October-November 2017, trip to the Falklands and South Georgia on my travel blog. See below link. Bob
  5. ReturnCruiser

    ATMs: Grytviken, South Georgia

    Just returned from an expedition to the Falklands and South Georgia. In Grytviken, the PO accepted US cash and museum gift store accepted credit cards and cash (e.g., US, UK). We used US cash - good to bring some small bills (1s and 5s) as change can be limited. We didn't make any large purchases in Grytviken or Stanley. As of November 2017, no ATMs in Grytviken or Stanley. In Stanley, we purchased a fish & chips lunch at a pub and an afternoon coffee/tea with US dollars. Poseidon Expeditions covered our museum entry fee. Bob
  6. Yep, this year on the Sea Spirit. Bob
  7. Returning to your original post, my wife and I are traveling to SG and FI in October. Bob
  8. We enjoyed the Sea Adventurer for both Arctic and Antarctic expedition trips. You will experience all the cabin and lounge upgrades that we did not. Ship crew and expedition crew were both great. Some of the Antarctic expedition crew members were working our Arctic trip. Dining room servers were great. Always lots of food. In fact, we were unable to disembark the Sea Adventurer while in Antarctica for 2.5 days and the food quality and quantity continued. One comment - we often found the lounge to be warm. When the drapes were pulled and the discussion started - regardless of the interesting talk with slides or video - we found ourselves getting drowsy. You might check out my blog for additional comments and photos about our polar adventures. Bob
  9. For our Antarctica trip, we packed one small empty duffel bag in our check-in luggage for our (post-expedition) Quark jackets. We then added the small duffel as a second check-in luggage piece. The jackets are bulky and we didn't want to hand carry them after getting off the Sea Adventurer (now Ocean Adventurer) and our first check-in luggage pieces were full from the start of the trip. As a plus, if you get penguin poop on the jackets, this keeps your other clothes from getting this somewhat unattractive smell. Bob
  10. ReturnCruiser

    private guide Amsterdam

    Sorry for the late reply - we were traveling in Switzerland. For a one day Amsterdam tour we paid $150USD per person (2015). This included all museum entry fees, art historian guide, add-on for larger vehicle rental and any taxes. We only paid for our lunch. The fee is largely determined by the itinerary, related costs and party size. The best approach is to initiate a discussion on what you want to see and do, along with cost estimates. We engaged the Dutch Travel Advisor in May 2017 for an all day tour of Delft/Hague and an all day tour focusing on flowers. Both tours were excellent.
  11. ReturnCruiser

    Rice table (Rijsttafel) in Amsterdam

    We ate at Indrapua a few weeks ago. We had the Rijsttafel for a party of 12. Very tasty and the restaurant took the effort to ask about food allergies. If you eat early, say 5-7pm, there was a 25% discount for dinner.
  12. ReturnCruiser


    We disembarked the AMAKristina on May 20, in Basel. The ship and staff were terrific. We had a well appointed cabin in the 200 range. While I suspect most cabins on this floor were quiet, I heard that a few passengers in lower cabins (100 range) felt some engine vibration at least one night when we had a greater distance to cover to reach the next port. All public rooms were nicely decorated. On several days, we enjoyed the lighter lunch served in the lounge. All main dining room meals were fine - no complaints. We attended a Chef's Table dinner on the last night and enjoyed a sampling menu. Bob
  13. ReturnCruiser

    Quark Arctic Expedition in Svalbard

    Glad you enjoyed the material. We're returning to the Antarctic region this fall - focusing on the Falkands and South Georgia Island. Hope to share photos from the trip and submit another travel piece for possible publication. We've traveled to many places, but the polar regions are very special to us. The travelers we've met on these trips have been terrific, as well. Bob
  14. ReturnCruiser

    private guide Amsterdam

    Back in 2015, I arranged a group of six to participate in an Amsterdam city tour by Edwin Groenweg, of The Dutch Advisor Avisor. Edwin picked us up and provided terrific guide services. With advance notice, he reserved timed tickets for the Anne Frank house. He even arranged for an art historian to take us through the van Gogh museum. We enjoyed his tour so much that we arranged Edwin to provide an upcoming tour of The Hague (one day) and a tour of Keukenhof, flower auction and a flower grower on day two. Text and photos are posted in the below blog. Bob
  15. ReturnCruiser

    Post cruise touring from Southampton

    We did a similar post-cruise driving trip from Southampton back in 2015. Details and some photos are posted at https://travelscrivener.blogspot.com/search/label/UK Bob