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  1. Long before Covid I was on a Celebrity ship with a norovirus outbreak snd it seems the precautions were exactly the same. Luckily we didn’t come down with it but the poor crew who have to do so much extra work cleaning everything so much more than they usually do.
  2. Hi, I’m new to Cunard but have bought NCL shares in the past. Can you tell me how many shares are needed and what credit you get for a 14 night cruise? thanks in advance! Laura
  3. I’m already enjoying your review. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to the rest of it!
  4. Bon voyage! Have a wonderful trip. I’ll be looking forward to all your photos. I’m leaving from Ireland tomorrow but in the other direction. Heading for the Prima in Barcelona on Friday.
  5. Did you know in Italy you can be fined if, upon leaving a shop where you paid in cash, you don’t have a receipt for the transaction? I know Irish Italians that this has happened to !
  6. For the most part, everyone pays with either a card or their phone nowadays, especially post Covid. It’s more rare to use cash. As for tipping, we do usually tip but nothing like the way tipping is done in the US. Make sure you have a code for your card. No one signs anything here!
  7. Thank you for posting your pics. I’m really enjoying your posts!
  8. Now that’s a bucket list goal - to have a Mai Tai in Hawaii! 🤣
  9. Looking forward to reading your review. Thanks for the info on the app for the ESTA. Didn’t know about that. Since I’ve a new passport I’ll need a new visa before December. Hope you have a wonderful cruise! Safe Travels!
  10. Really enjoying reading your report so far. Excited to see all of your exploits. Hopefully I’ll get to Hawaii someday …..
  11. Just curious as to how long the flight is from JFK to Hawaii?
  12. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to reading your report!! I won’t be too far behind you on the Prima!
  13. L’Occitane is very nice. You might even see one of their stores when you’re strolling around Marseille!
  14. I looked at a YouTube video to see what Marseille is like. They really seem to have revamped the old port area. It looks like a lovely place to stroll around now. I’m going on the Prima in less than three weeks and it’s one of our stops. 😆
  15. I agree. I’ve been looking at cruises for the first 3 months of next year and as a solo traveller the prices seem crazy! So much more than this year. Waiting patiently to see what the future holds!
  16. What’s his is yours and what’s yours is your own!
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