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  1. +1 Apparently many on here are unaware of the incident in 2008 when shots were fired at Nautica by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, between Yemen and Somalia. She outran them without incident. Cruise lines have had security measures in place for many years for passing through these waters.
  2. Don't think so. You needed to do while still on board. Send a letter to the corporate office.
  3. Will be interested to hear what the river conditions are.
  4. Thanks. Luckily we're not scheduled to go until 2024 so we have time to monitor conditions. Where did you hear Viking cancelled?
  5. Thank you. That is very helpful information.
  6. If anyone has been to Manaus recently, can you confirm that it presently a tender port? If so, was there any information as to when the gangway at the port may be rebuilt? TYVM.
  7. Fullerton is much larger than a boutique hotel and is fabulous. Ask for a quay view. Some of the scenes from "Crazy Rich Asians" were shot outside the hotel.
  8. We did three landings a day including South Georgia, South Orkneys and Elephant Island. Thousands of penguins and elephant seals on many places
  9. In all due respect, you need to do some research as to what you might see on your "drive by". You are probably paying a LOT of money to have this privilege included in your itinerary. Pristine waters, incredible wildlife, spectacular scenery...Even whilst staying on the ship!
  10. Having never backpacked, I suspect that even "roughing" it on an R ship is a tad bit better than being in a hostel. I think we shall be very comfortable in our meager berth. While we would prefer to be on an O class ship, we chose to go with what works for us and our friends.
  11. We have yet to do the Amazon and have friends who want to do it with us but one of them won't fly. We booked round trip Miami on Nautica for next year. Have not been on an R ship in 5 years but will "suck it up" for this experience. If an upsell for a PH becomes available, we'll take it. If not, I'll shower in the spa.
  12. Calling them is really not that painful. I've had to do it a few times for the same cruise. FIW, we're doing O's mangrove tour that day.
  13. "GREAT question and I am on my first Oceania Cruise leaving on Thursday. About a month prior, I got the really nice portfolio and in it was luggage tags. I have them but will most likely not use them." That's why I'm confused and still wondering why create a luggage tag template?
  14. Don't think so. The Shore Excursion credit is reflected on your statement per person.
  15. We are on Riviera in SE Asia which might be the sailing prior to yours (our final was due 2 months ago?) and are trying the Simply More excursions. Hopefully they will be a bit better than what you experienced in Europe but we know how those rest stops take up a lot of time. I don't blame you for wanting to avoid ports in China which is why we picked the itinerary we did. Thanks for the update on Riviera.
  16. Probably best to call the port for accurate information: PortMiami Cruise Operations or Port Security at 305-347-4800
  17. We did both with a private guide and probably spent too much time at Petra but I was hell bent on seeing both. We were literally the last guests back on our ship. If I had to choose again, I would spend all the time at Petra. If we ever have a cruise itinerary again that stops in Aqaba (doubtful at this point), I would spend the day at Wadi Rum because I feel we missed so much.
  18. You might want to check out Tuesday's fatal attack of tourists and their guide at Queen Elizabeth National Park. What has been reported does not indicate that the LGBTQ issue had anything to do with it.
  19. LOL. I don't take my Nikon either but sometimes the old Galaxy does the job.
  20. Joanie - Your reasoning is sound and well articulated. Kudos to you for perservering and finding a solution to an almost impossible situation.
  21. Oceania Signature with Mexican Spiced Shrimp
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