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  1. We're sailing with you but since we plan on going to Highclere in the morning, we'll be getting to the pier as late as possible. Hopefully we'll be able to breeze through and head to our cabin, no mattter which terminal it is.
  2. Last Oceania Cruise - Riviera - Dec 3, 2021 -Round trip Miami - (Still in the throws of the post C start-up) Next 3 Oceania - Vista - August 30, 2023 - Southampton to NYC Riviera - January 28, 2024 - Singapore to Bangkok Nautica - November 9, 2024 - Amazon R/T Miami Probable Nautica - May 22, 2025 - Capetown to Barcelona 65 days on other lines since our last O voyage so anxiously anticipating our August experience.
  3. I wouldn't assume ANY flights would be direct with O these days. In the past I had usually been "OK" with their arrangements. I'm on a Vista cruise leaving from Southampton as well and when I looked at where they had me flying into, it would require at least one plane change and perhaps two. Took the air credit and booked my own NONstop.
  4. What is a lightweight soap dish? Didn't see any soap bars in the gift shop on Westerdam and if there were, would be terrified of the price. LOL
  5. Round trip to Harimayabashi Bus Terminal. Travel time is approx. 30 minutes.
  6. Brought my own specialy shampoo but used their condition and it was fine. Love the fragrance of the body wash but everyone is different. Biggest problem was that the dispensers were bolted to the wall perpendicular to the sink so unless you were careful you had hand soap dripping on the floor.
  7. All passengers staying on for the segement that went to Japan self tested on the first day of our overnight in Singapore. Cabin attendants waited outside the door to report the results. I heard, but cannot say for certain, that guests who tested positive were not allowed to continue on the Singapore/Japan segment.
  8. Masks were required by HAL because we were informed by the Captain that if our COVID numbers went up we would not be allowed in JAPAN. That got everyone wearing masks!
  9. For sure! Captain announced on the ship we were on 2 weeks ago that if the COVID numbers went up, we would not be allowed into Japan.
  10. Sorry to hear all this. We are booked for the Singapore to Bangkok segment.
  11. Thank you all for the good wishes. We were advised of a few port changes so scrambling this week has been "interesting". Looking forward to a fabulous time on Westerdam.
  12. We like Seabourn very much and would sail with them again given the right itinerary. Food was excellent though more variety in O in Terrace Cafe. Entry level suites are much larger with nice amenities, including WI closet. Totally a personal quirk of mine but I like having a mini fridge large enough to hold an ice bucket so there is always plenty of usuable ice...and the ensuite bar set up is nice perk. Service is stellar. Hope they have a "Galley lunch" on your cruise because it's a lot of fun. Enjoy!
  13. We're on the Sing to Tokyo segment before this cruise, with 4 stops in Japan, and no mention of masks in the Covid Protocol update we received yesterday.
  14. I'll be thrilled if the library is enhanced when we get on next month for 27 days!!!
  15. Thanks for the tip about unlimited. We'll be sailing 27 days in SE Asia so unlimited would mean taking less clothes and always having them clean Our quote works out to $7. per day - something to consider.
  16. FWIW Oceania's transfers are ridiculously overpriced. Do it on your own for probably less than 1/2 the price.
  17. "Please be advised that because the port of San Juan del Sur is closed to cruise ships due to COVID-19 restrictions currently in place in Nicaragua, Seabourn Quest will no longer call to this port on Monday, November 28, 2022."
  18. FWIW This is in the documents for our upcoming Seabourn cruise that does the Caribbean and returns to Miami. Oceania is not the only one requiring this. All guests will be required to have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the completion of the voyage with at least two completely blank, unused visa pages in each passport.
  19. No surprise. Exactly why we switched our upcoming Asian cruise to avoid all Chinese ports.
  20. Sounds like you might be on the Quest as we board her on the 25th. Very interested in seeing the logistics.
  21. New personal record - three today!!!
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