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  1. We opted to board between 3 and 3:30 in Southampton at the end of this month. Perfect for us.
  2. Thank you SO much for your comprehensive review. It will definitely help manage expectations when we board Vista later this month.
  3. Riviera embarkation day 2021. $500. raffle in Aquama
  4. Only that Oceania sails out of Miami and not Ft. Lauderdale like HAL. Big difference IMHO.
  5. Definitely would consider it if it was in 2026 or later and round trip Miami.
  6. Your TA should be able to check availability and tell you why Oceania is not letting you switch.
  7. One of our cruises was on the Summer Sale so between that and switching to Simply More, we too came out significantly ahead. Plus we moved up two cabin categories because our original category is now wait listed. Worked for us.
  8. Strange. We're scheduled to do Mont St, Michel with O when we are there on Vista in September. They are also offering tours to the Normandy beaches from Le Havre. Try calling Oceania.
  9. Years ago, Frank J. Del Rio would pop on here occasionally.
  10. Ours was added as "Complimentary Shipboard Credit" under the Available Credits per Guest box on our booking.
  11. Submitted my request for August sailing on May 4 and never heard anything. When I sent a 2nd request they said the benefit had been added on May 4. Checked my account and it was there. No consistancy. Just happy I got it.
  12. Get Egyptian coins as soon as you can. Baksheesh is demanded everywhere and you'll be broke in no time if you use dollars.😵
  13. Fabulous photos.Thank you! August can't come soon enough!
  14. Sounds like you want to be talked into trying Oceania which is a no win situation. Cruising is not like it used to be so perhaps a lot of folks are disappointed with what they are now experincing on a LOT of lines, hence the negative reviews. We've done six cruises on three lines post Covid. The most consistent with food and service was Viking Rivier. HAL crew was friendly and sweet but incrediblly inept and the only truly decent food in 40 days on two different ships was in a specialty (Westerdam was particularly abysmal). Good food on Seabourn but it was obvious there was a lot of (very) new staff and service was not as it had been in the past. Riviera was closest to how we remembered things. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  15. This is great to read after all the speculation and negative comments that were being made prior to Vista's first sailing.
  16. Looks great to me...and I don't have to cook it!
  17. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing real time photos when you board, Enjoy!!!
  18. We're on the Singapore to Bangkok leg of this cruise.. Have not seen anything about this issue on the 82 day Roll Call so perhaps if you posted there you could garner support from others being required to get the Chinese Visa. We did 27 days Singapore to Tokyo in February '23 on a different, larger ship and the cruise was totally sold out partly, I think, because it avoided all Chinese ports and the visa issue. JMHO
  19. There was a call back option when I tried them last week and got a call back within 20 minutes.
  20. Not a surprise. Myanmar has been questionable for years. We cancelled our 2022 trip that included it because of serious concerns a few months before O cancelled the entire cruise.
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