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  1. We did the "Wineries and Wildlife" post extension in 2017 because it was offered as a "free" benefit. You could buy wine to bring back to the ship but don't recall if they would deliver. As far as I know, you can still bring on as much wine as you like for consumption in your cabin or $25. corkage fee in a restaurant. The long bus drive to Aquila is not worth your time unless you are desperate to see a few relocated African animals on their own continent. If you are staying at the Cullinan, it is convenient to explore Cape Town using the HOHO bus. Cape Town is stunningly beautiful with much to see and enjoy.
  2. You're right. The original "ocean view" cabins on Marina and Riviera could have been catagorized as a French Balcony.
  3. Very similar space to the Ocean view cabins on Marina and Riviera. We are wait-listed on a French balcony for a Vista TA. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. We did 30 days in a veranda on Nautica and while 165' of interior space is adequate, it's definitely not "plenty" of space. Search this board for comments on the bathroom/shower size as well. Assume that is going to be very hot, especially India and Dubai, but being from Florida, you may be OK with that 😉
  5. The paperwork is tedious but at least the Indian visa is good for 10 years. As Joe said, follow their directions exactly and take your time.
  6. Finally got a message back from World Cruise Reservations acknowledging my request and saying they need "approval" from my PCC. Is this usual to need approval?
  7. Westerdam February 14, 2023 - 27 Day Indonesia, Japa, Taiwan, & The Philippines Collector 50th Wedding anniversary and 25th anniversary of our first ever cruise - Maasdam Panama Canal
  8. My TA sent me the filled in form as well. The PCC I booked with was extremely helpful and patient. I'm hoping that transfering to my regular TA does not negatively impact him. OTOH, my TA gives me a substantial amount of refundable OBC that I can't refuse.
  9. We just got yet another offer for a 10% discount if we make final payment early. Definitely trying to make the product more attractive with more cash.
  10. It's called the Polar Code http://library.arcticportal.org/1908/1/POLAR CODE TEXT AS ADOPTED.pdf
  11. Our first cruise on Oceania was in 2005 in a Penthouse on Insignia and we did Buenos Aires to Valparasio. Fabulous cruise and the only rough seas we had were on the way to the Falklands. Since then, we've eaten in the Grand Dining Room fewer and fewer times to the point that on the last 10 day cruise we did not eat in there once. IMHO, the service is extremely slow no matter which meal it is. I've been there for breakfast, ordered a simple meal with only a few other tables occupied and still the service took over 1 1/2 hours. If we don't have a specialty reservation we will eat in the Terrace Cafe which usually has many of the same dishes as the GDR and gives us the opportunity to sample small portions of lots of different things. You will hear from other regulars on here who love the "leisurely" pace of the GDR and don't mind sitting for hours waiting to be served. Lucky for you to be in a Penthouse where you probably will be able to get into a Specialty almost every night - or order from one and have it served in your suite. Enjoy your cruise and welcome aboard.
  12. Same thing when we came back from Prague last month. Six pages of CDC forms that we were told to fill out before our departing flight that no one looked at there or in Orlando.
  13. Mercifully we get a LOT less than previously. OTOH, Viking and Regent are almost daily. Time to opt out.
  14. Not just after port stops. We bring on wine and spirits for consumption in our cabin and pay the corkage if we've brought on something special for a restaurant.
  15. Secured the cabin we wanted for an Amazon round trip Miami that had been cancelled several times due to the pandemic.
  16. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Hope that you feel much better soon.
  17. I watched the video and then looked at the itineraries on the website today. Truthfully did not see anything unique that made me want to tell my TA to book on the 4th.
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