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  1. Don't think there has been a refit since we were last on Marina, so AFAIK, no dedicated USB ports.
  2. Advantage Seabourn: Walk-in closets in all cabins En suite bar stocked with spirits of your choice. Ice buckets that fit in the mini fridge so you always have ice - just my thing.
  3. Can't give you a comparison to an OV on an O ship because only Nautica is doing this itinerary. I only gave the comparison to an R PH because the space is actually a little less than a regular SB veranda. 165' of interior space in an R veranda or below, is no longer acceptable to me for a longer cruise. We did 30 days with the Nautica bath in a B2 and I swore never again. That's why I looked at SB for this itinerary . What I can tell you is that it will be only $9. more per day to be in veranda on SB vs a veranda on Nautica. When I compared the per day costs for this itinerary and looked at the different amenities, it was a no brainer.
  4. We found the food to be comparable to Oceania. Personal service is much better on Seabourn.
  5. We are doing a West African cruise in 2025 on Seabourn in a 365' V1 which will cost 25% less than a 322' PH on Nautica. Very similar itinerary but will be a totaly different experience. Seabourn food, IMHO, is on par with O but service and amenities are much better.
  6. They just gave it to us last month for a 2025 sailing on Allura. Our TA said her company has a group so there are exceptions. US$198 Travel Leaders OCAPP Pre-Paid Gratuities (Guests 1 ALU251210 * US$125 Shipboard Cr in Lieu of Oceania Club PPG's * $125.00
  7. Exactly. I was freezing (inside) on our Vista TA last month but luckily had sweaters (and gloves). Not sure why the public spaces need to be that cold.
  8. We have been bringing on spirits for years without issue. Sorry that you got bad information. There is no mention of confiscation that I see in their policies.
  9. The Brunch Around the Globe class on Vista was lead by the entertaning and talented John Stephano who coached us through making Scandinavian muesli, Persian Kuku Sabzi frittat and "craggy" English scones.
  10. You need to sign up as soon as you see something of interest before embarking. Usually the classes sell out well in advance of the sailing and after that you can be wait listed for cancellations.
  11. A friend currently on Riviera posted this photo of a B category cabin. The new shower looks fabulous IMHO.
  12. Lived in the area for nearly 70 years but it was stll fun to revisit and play tourist. Being from CT, it should not have been too much of a loss for you to miss the New England ports .Sorry if you were disappointed.
  13. And we had two nights in New York at a prime location. Disappointed to have missed a few stops in New England but it worked for us.
  14. Sounds like a CYA statement. Take your Yellow card and exemption letter and you'll be fine. Enjoy your adventure.
  15. Is HAL requiring it or are they saying which countries are? WHO states "that a single dose of yellow fever vaccine is sufficient to confer sustained immunity and life-long protection against yellow fever disease, and that a booster dose of yellow fever vaccine is not needed;" We got the vaccine years ago and then later our Infectous Disease doctor signed our Yellow Card saying we were exempt due to age.
  16. Yes. We lost 3 ports recently on Vista due to changes because of Hurricane Lee. Destination Services had to quickly find excursions in New York, which they did. We had two OLife excursions booked in the cancelled ports and we were able to switch them to two excursions in New York. Not what we had planned but fabulous none the less.
  17. Yes. You still go to the Vista lounge and get your tender ticket, then wait to be called.
  18. The beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce in Ember was fork tender and had it twice on our cruise. The filet mignon with melted gorgonzola in Toscana was also incredibly tasty and tender.
  19. Just got off Vista today and the shows were at 9:30 every night.
  20. We are not in a connecting cabin on Vista and can hear when our neighbors are talking or have their TV on. Not a problem but don't recall being able to hear noise in adjacent cabins on other ships.
  21. Wondering if the court is actually designed for pickleball on Vista to determine if DH should bring his paddle?
  22. Have not been on Viking Ocean but suspect it is a comparable experience. Seabourn is still a good step above as far as service, amenities, accomodations and yes, even food IMHO. That being said, we enjoy both lines with itinerary being the deciding factor.
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