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  1. First question Could I add the drink package back on prior to sailing since it was part of the booking promotion even if this promo is not available at the time? - Yes you can (unless later you change the booking to a new fare and new promotion which does not include the drink package) Second question Do those booked with FCC get the 125% back or does it revert back to 100% - what you originally paid? - They get the 125% back Do those paid with FCC get the 10% discount on a future cruise? - Yes, they will also get the 10% discount coupon
  2. These "new" cruises are not yet listed on NCL site. Perhaps in the next few days. I receive the details of these cruises yesterday. But who knows NCL may change their mind again and further modify the itineraries 😉
  3. I hope your cruise can still depart. However it seems to be unlikely that Crown Princess will go to the east coast for only 2-3 months (January - early April), and then have to transit the Panama Canal (which involves high cost) and move to west coast. But my predictions can be wrong. 😉
  4. Currently all cruises of Crown Princess before 18th Dec have been cancelled. Between 19th Dec and 10th Apr, her homeport should be at Fort Lauderdale. From 15th May onwards, she will be based in Los Angeles Until now, Crown Princess is still anchoring near Singapore. It is extremely unlikely that she will sail to the opposite side of the world and arrive at Florida in mid-December. I believe eventually her entire winter season in the Caribbean will be cancelled. And she will possibly sail directly from Singapore in spring (via Pacific Ocean) to California without any passengers, and restart her cruises in the US West Coast in May.
  5. Sorry, let me make it clear. The revised 7-night Miami roundtrip sailings will go to San Juan, St Thomas, Tortola, Great Stirrup Cay.
  6. Post #196 is perhaps the only hint we know. It is estimated she will have a mini summer season in the Med, followed by a transatlantic voyage in October...
  7. Original sailings: Jan 31 - Feb 12: 12-night Miami roundtrip (Panama Canal) Feb 12 - Feb 16: 4-night Miami roundtrip (Bahamas) Feb 16 - Feb 28: 12-night Miami roundtrip (Panama Canal) Revised sailings: Jan 31 - Feb 07: 7-night Miami roundtrip (Caribbean) Feb 07 - Feb 14: 7-night Miami roundtrip (Caribbean) Feb 14 - Feb 21: 7-night Miami roundtrip (Caribbean) Feb 21 - Feb 28: 7-night Miami roundtrip (Caribbean)
  8. Yes, yesterday it was the last day of exhibition, and there were long queues for entry over the past week. I can check it after the they re-open later. Hopefully I will still remember this thread. Thank you SempreMare for following the news of our city.
  9. Hi twangster! After seeing your many posts of other cruise lines' boards, great to see you here on the Silversea board as well. I also have a Silversea booking under the current USD 1000 OBC promotion. However the cruise will be in February 2021. I think it will eventually be cancelled and I will not have the chance to use this OBC. From Silversea's terms and conditions: Onboard spending credit can be used for onboard expenses such as shore excursions, spa treatments, premium wines and spirits, specialty restaurant dining fees and / or purchases in the Internet Café and onboard boutiques; not for use in the Casino or for Silver Shore Simply Hotel, Grande Hotel and Land Adventures. Onboard spending credits may not be redeemed for cash and any unused portion will be forfeited. I wonder if onboard credits can be used for booking a next cruise at the future cruise office? But most likely it is not allowed.
  10. According to the port schedule, she will stay in Southampton port until 15th Nov.
  11. Nobody knows. Every cruise lines have not announced any solutions for this scenario yet. Though it is not Regent, below article summarizes some possibilities: - Who booked the sailing first gets to stay - Membership / Loyalty status - Airline model: ask for volunteers first, and then start randomly bumping reservations
  12. Incorrect. In the last round of cruise cancellations (announced on 5th Oct, cancelling the November sailings), everybody* receive 100% cash refund + 10% discount coupon for the next cruise. The 10% is not FCC. No FCC is offered anymore in that round. [* To be accurate, some people may not be eligible for refund because their reservations were booked by FCCs. Then they can only receive the original FCCs which can be re-used again in another new reservation.]
  13. Another picture, posted on Mer et Marine by the photographer Emmanuel Bonici https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/marseille-la-reparation-navale-plombee-par-larret-des-croisieres?fbclid=IwAR2hL2y1-y3gtbQjAmZfj9BX9-Qu00_8ufwrCxfNJt6XcHMF0dEgo4A8PB0
  14. NCL announces the cancellation of November cruises on 5th Oct. If they are going to cancel the December cruises, I guess they will announce this in the first week of November.
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