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  1. Yes she is now in shipyard (I think it is just a wetdock) according to Chinese media.
  2. I am not surprised if they push back the date, but I haven't read this before. Hope somebody can find that source and share here.
  3. 10 more days until the itinerary launch date (21st April) but we still know almost nothing. On the other hand, Royal Caribbean just confirmed that they will publish the itineraries of the brand-new, world's largest ship Wonder of the Seas on 20th April...
  4. One of the hints available now is, Wonder is listed on the Hong Kong 2022 port schedule for a Christmas sailing. If the port schedule is correct, let's see if this sailing will be revealed in "China Phase 2" next week.
  5. On Wednesday (7th April) there is some news from Chinese media about Viking Sun. In the Chinese version they mentioned about a new Chinese ship name (pronunciation similar to "Ee-den"), but in the English version I can't find this information. After some research, I noticed an old P&O Line vessel named SS Aden in the mid 19th century. In 1872, China Merchant Steam Navigation Company purchased her from P&O, which made her to be the first Chinese merchant ship for international voyages, and the first steamship owned by a Chinese company. Hence I believe the new na
  6. Princess Cruises Taiwan further postpone the restart date of Sapphire Princess in Taiwan. The June and July sailings are cancelled, and the first voyage will begin on 3rd August 2021.
  7. BLISS finally leaves England after staying there for months, and is heading to Brest (drydock), France.
  8. Nothing about Leonardo in the presentation. The exciting news is only NCL resuming service with those new itineraries in Greece, Dominica Republic and Jamaica.
  9. According to the already published 2021-2022 or even 2022-2023 Asia itineraries, Solstice will still use Yokohama as her homeport. Celebrity hasn't followed some other cruise lines to move to Tokyo. For ships berthing at Osanbashi, they need to pass under the bridge. Millennium has no problem on this and she usually moored at Osanbashi for most cases. She only used Daikoku when there were multiple cruise ships in port together. However we do not know if Solstice can pass under the bridge and dock at Osanbashi, since she hasn't visited Yokohama before. The larg
  10. Even if cruising can resume in US in October, but if there is still the rule of "only itineraries of not more than 7 days", it is not likely to have a reposition cruise with passengers, no matter which route (Cape Horn vs Panama Canal) it sails.
  11. 2.5 more weeks before opening for reservations... and we still know almost nothing... 😪
  12. Not Escape. Only Joy and Bliss had done that before. Encore was planned this year for her Alaska season but this has been cancelled. This has been discussed on NCL boards before. Although Escape / Joy / Bliss / Encore all belong to the Breakaway Plus class, the first ship Escape has a slightly different design (the position of her lifeboats) that makes her unable to transit the canal. The later three ships have modified design so that they can enter the new locks of the canal.
  13. I think the new locks are in blue circle and ships will still need to go under Bridge of the Americas (red circle). Also you can refer to 5:55 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPRkXTS1VJA
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