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  1. I see the other side of the story. It reflects that Princess already knew the cruise cancellation a least a few days in advance. All refunds have been readily prepared. Once they announced the cancellation news to public, all refund can be processed immediately and automatically.
  2. When the Feb 8th sailing was cancelled two weeks ago, all sailings up to March 19th have been zeroed out. Although I tend to believe that more sailings will also be cancelled, but the current inventory on Polar probably does not imply anything.
  3. Is the June 15th voyage really cancelled? It is still bookable on the website.
  4. It is not unexpected for new ships to be delayed. But when it is announced just 15 days before the maiden voyage, I totally understand how disappointed the passengers will be. Comparing with other new cruise ships' delay recently: Silversea' Silver Ray first two voyages in June 2024 are cancelled. This was announced in November 2023, eight months before the guests depart. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2972450-inaugural-silver-ray-voyage-cancellations/ Oceania's Allura cancels first few sailings in June and July 2025. This was just announced last week, 1.5 years in advance.
  5. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/sun-princess-cruise-news Seems Teppenyaki / Hot Pot is the same area.
  6. On the NCL agent booking system, today they add Norwegian Aqua on the ship list. It is likely to be the name of Leonardo Class Ship #3.
  7. Yes Refund plus a 10% discount coupon for rebooking another cruise before Dec 31, 2024 plus a 20% discount coupon for rebooking another Europe cruise before Apr 30, 2024 The 10% coupon and 20% coupon cannot be combined in a same booking.
  8. In 2017 it was displayed at a corridor on Deck 6, near to the card room / meeting rooms. I am not sure if it still exists now.
  9. 1) Great Stirrup Cay is Norwegian Cruise Line's private island. There is no cruise ship dock and you have to go ashore by tender boats. 4) I have been to Messina on another cruise line but not Oceania. Don't think there will be shuttle since the cruise pier is just in front of the city centre.
  10. Due in part to unforeseen events that have occurred in recent years, the shipbuilding industry, like other industries, has faced numerous challenges including energy shortages and global supply chain constraints. As a result, for reasons beyond our control, our much-awaited new ship Queen Anne will be arriving later than expected and we have been advised that we must regrettably cancel her maiden season sailings departing from January 4, 2024, up to and including April 14, 2024. We very much hope though that you can join us on one of Queen Anne's new maiden season voyages that will now start in May 2024. These voyages will be going on sale on December 6, 2022, for Cunard World Club members and on general sale on December 7, 2022.
  11. After the guests disembarking in Monte Carlo yesterday, Riviera is now heading to the drydock in Marseille.
  12. Ocean Odyssey is in Singapore today. Next port Aqaba in Jordan.
  13. The terms and conditions state that "Only 1 price drop FCC may be issued per qualified reservation". You cannot request for another FCC for the 2nd price drop on the same cruise. But if you has two cruises, I believe each booking is reviewed separately.
  14. That is really good news! Would you mind sharing that email to us to "cruisewonderland at gmail dot com"? Thank you in advance. And feel free to ask us any questions about the latest info in HK. 😉
  15. After many cruise lines cancelling the Asia cruises in spring 2023, Silversea will be the company with most planned calls to Hong Kong in the first quarter of next year. Spirit will have voyages ending in / starting from Hong Kong. Muse, Shadow and Whisper will also have visits here in their longer itineraries. Silversea seems to be very optimistic and confident that all the cruises embarking / disembarking / visiting Hong Kong will sail as usual without any changes. We are not sure if they have received any special permission from the government that we do not know yet. Time will tell.
  16. Not simultaneously. MSC Virtuosa will stay in Southampton until October 2023, then she will go to Dubai in winter 2023-2024. MSC Euribia will take over to be homeported in Southampton in winter 2023-2024.
  17. No, Silversea has its own loyalty programme Venetian Society, that does not share any reciprocal benefits or status match with Royal Caribbean's CAS or Celebrity's CC.
  18. Here is a screenshot from the Japan TV news when Diamond Princess was seriously affected at the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. That ill-fated cruise departed from Daikoku, and also returned to Daikoku with many sick passengers. Those were the only two times that she moored at this pier. Location of Daikoku Pier on Google Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Daikoku+Pier+Cruise+Terminal/@35.457502,139.6784679,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x60185d70032063d3:0xfac883c3f1a16a6d!8m2!3d35.4574977!4d139.6806566
  19. (Already replied to you in the Asia forum) In the past, Diamond Princess moored at the more convenient Osanbashi pier until 2019. She only started using the Daikoku pier since 2020. But just after the first voyage in January, all subsequent cruises were cancelled due to the pandemic. At that time Princess had planned to arrange shuttle service between Daikoku pier and a train station. There is no information about the shuttle for 2023 cruises yet. But I believe it will continue to exist.
  20. And unless the ships are too tall that cannot pass under the bridge and dock at Osanbashi. In recent years, the megaships of Royal Caribbean, Costa and MSC all have to dock at the cargo pier Daikoku. It is now more and more common for the cruise ships to use this pier. Diamond Princess is a special case. In the past (2019 and before) she was always able to moor at Osanbashi because she could just fit under the bridge. Starting from 2020, Princess decides to change the embarkation pier to Daikoku for all future voyages of Diamond Princess. I heard that it is because she becomes slightly taller after adding some structures in the most recent refurbishment, so she cannot pass under the bridge anymore. Nevertheless, Diamond Princess had only moored at Daikoku for twice in January/February 2020. After that there was the pandemic and Diamond Princess has suspended service until now. It is unclear that if Diamond Princess will keep docking at Daikoku in 2023, or change back to Osanbashi. In 2020 Princess (or the port authority?) had arranged shuttle bus between Daikoku pier and Motomachi-Chūkagai (Chinatown) Train Station. This was mentioned in the pre-cruise information below in the last few pages, written in Japanese only. https://www.princesscruises.jp/pdf/JPP2020_answerbook.pdf
  21. It is not automatically sent by email (at least not until now). Neither guests nor travel agencies here receive any email notifications. Only when the travel agency asks MSC, then MSC replies with this answer. I am not sure if some guests directly booked at MSC website will receive this visa information.
  22. I tried to find this information on different countries of MSC website, but got no results unfortunately. The above information is provided from MSC regional office to the local travel agencies to the guests here. Regret that I am not able to provide the contact of MSC staff to you. But I believe MSC offices in all countries should receive the same information. It should be provided by MSC headquarters to each sub-office. Please try your best to ask MSC in your region, and perhaps you need to find a supervisor to verify this Saudi Arabia visa issue. Also, I found some discussion on the Facebook group "MSC Cruises Voyagers Club". Note that it is about another Saudi Arabian port Jeddah for other MSC ships, but not Dammam for MSC World Europa.
  23. As reading from the Azamara board, Doha will close its port for all other cruise ships during the World Cup period, since its terminal will be reserved for the 3 MSC ships (World Europa, Poesia, Opera) as floating hotels. Also, it seems that the port will keep closing for more days even after the World Cup, for unknown reasons. From the below news posted on Costa board, Costa Toscana will cancel the call to Doha for all the voyages in December and January (and possibly in February?). Does anybody receive any updates from MSC? Will MSC World Europa's itinerary also be affected?
  24. I am afraid this cannot be done by yourself on the website. But the NCL call centre / travel agent can handle this easily. They can book an excursion for all the guests in the same room, and process the payment from each guest individually.
  25. TA offers OBC to guests usually under the following two scenarios: If TA directly pays the cost to "buy" that OBC to you, then it is refundable. Sometimes TA may set up a group for all the their bookings on that cruise. NCL will offer promotional amenities, such as OBC, to these group bookings. Such OBC is non-refundable.
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