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  1. Update: I called Celebrity just now and the agent immediately emailed me the booking confirmation. I had booked directly on the Celebrity website.
  2. Yesterday I made a booking that included classic beverage package for two. I forgot to take a screenshot and what celebrity emailed me was simply a confirmation number with the total amount Saying that my deposit was being processed.How long does it take them to send an invoice? I am anxious to make sure my perk was included. Thanks for any insight.
  3. I could swear I saw a photo of the resort deck of The Apex and the sculpture that is a set of wings on The Edge was a heart instead -- but now I cannot find that photo. Anyone else have it or a link to it? I'm beginning to doubt my memory!
  4. The Millenium is in the Caribbean thru mid-April 2022 and then the next cruise on her is a 10 day california coastal leaving San Diego on May 3, 2022. I would think it will have a Panama Canal offering to get the ship to San Diego. Any thoughts on when they might publish spring 2022 Panama Canal cruises? I'm thinking of a b2b on the coastal.
  5. Just binged read all 19 pages! Excited, already sailed the Edge 14 days b2b in Feb 19 (after booking an AQ IV on the day they went on sale!) and loved it. Now booked on the Apex in May 2021, booked a non-AQ IV, as the price was $1200.00 more per person! This way we can rotate thru the 4 MDRs and we lots of OBC for speciality dining 🙂
  6. Thanks Bo. I did and was surprised that even though my booking isn't until May 2021, I was able to make reservations!
  7. I thought I had read that if you are select dining on the Edge/Apex that you can make reservations online prior to the cruise, but I cannot find the reference again. Curious - Is this correct? At what point can can you reservations (after final payment, 120 days out, etc) if accurate? Thanks in advance!
  8. Booked the Equinox 🙂 Thanks for the replies Thanks for this Fouremco. We have not been to the ABCs, so a little harder to decide. We have been to St. Croix on a non-cruise vacation - wonderful place, especially if you have Danish roots, as I do. I am learning towards the extra day and all those other new to us ports!
  9. Thanks for this Fouremco. We have not been to the ABCs, so a little harder to decide. We have been to St. Croix on a non-cruise vacation - wonderful place, especially if you have Danish roots, as I do. I am learning towards the extra day and all those other new to us ports!
  10. 11 nights on the Reflection with an overnight in Aruba and visiting all 3 ABC islands https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/11-night-aruba-bonaire-and-curacao-cruise-from-fort-lauderdale-florida?packageID=RF11L080&sDT=2021-03-08&cCD=CO 12 nights on the Equinox (one extra night always a plus), lot's of ports we've never visited, and the Equinox has had it's revolution already. https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/12-night-ultimate-southern-caribbean-from-fort-lauderdale-florida?packageID=EQ12D018&sDT=2021-02-28&cCD=CO Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  11. Thanks for this justhappy! confirms what I thought I had seen. I like it much better myself. It is the same carpet as on the Bliss last October.
  12. Can anyone that's been on board since this spring's refurb of the Getaway tell if the carpet was changed to the blue carpet that is in Bliss's balcony rooms? All the images online seem to have the tan colored carpet but I could have sworn I saw a video somewhere taken recently in a Getaway balcony room and the carpet was just like the carpet on the Bliss last year. Of course now I can't find that video 😞 Anyone in the know?
  13. I've booked and paid online for 3 excursions on my next NCL cruise and just now discovered the Latitudes discount via this post. I know that the $50.00 credit will be applied as OBC after we take the excursion, but how should I handle the discount that was not applied? Call now or visit the shore excursion desk once onboard?
  14. fantastic photos, thank you. Looking forward to more!
  15. Anyone else booked on the April 2021 sailing Dubai to Athens miffed that Celebrity does not have their Transatlantic or Europe sailings for April 2021 available for us to move to? Other lines already do 😞
  16. thanks to all. Mine are booked as separate and distinct cruises, so it's nice to know.
  17. After a 18day transatlantic we are booked back to back on the same ship (The Getaway, April 2021) on the next sailing which is an 11 day Mediterranean. At the end of the first cruise we qualify for the next level in The Latitudes program, will we get the new benefits on the 2nd cruise?
  18. That may explain it then. I don't know what happens regarding payments when you phone to book. I suppose one solution to having to make those payments would be to phone back and cancel and then do the bookings online (assuming there are still spaces available and they let you cancel). ________ I called - for some reason the purchased extra 4 meal package had not registered yet in my account. They fixed it quickly!
  19. Yes it's been added to my final bill _I called for Teppanyaki instead of booking online perhaps that's the difference? Other things like the upcharge for Cirque and excursions I booked myself online it made me pay online with a credit card.
  20. I have used the SDP on the Bliss, but did not go to Teppanyaki and thought that I understood the program. With our upcoming cruise, we have 4 meals from NCL and purchased an additional 4 meals. I booked all my dining yesterday, and everything was as expected except that for a table of 4 (traveling with friends who also have the SDP) it added full price plus service charge to my invoice. (final payment is only 90 days prior as we booked before they changed to 120 days). So if I pay my final payment which includes the full price for Teppanyaki, when we swipe our cards to dine will I get a credit on my onboard account? Or do you suggest I call NCL and get the charge removed if that is even possible? Thanks in advance for guidance from more experienced NCL cruisers!
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