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  1. Maybe they could come up with a way of seeing your Travel insurance policy Before we travel?? Only a thought (or wishful thinking!!!!)
  2. We were told last week that P&O are organising some British Isles cruises for this year and will be announced soon!!!!!!!
  3. You could always sit on top deck of tender, then you are outside!!!!
  4. We have had an email re our Princess Cruise in September and this is what they said. Sailings on Sky Princess, Regal Princess and Island Princess have been cancelled through to September 25, 2021, as part of the change.
  5. Hi Ann, they have already confirmed the extension by email. Thank you for your help with this. We will wait and see what happens in the next few weeks now. May 😎
  6. Certainly is Graham, although I think we all know that there is no way the Cruise or other Cruises this year will be going ahead. They don't even have flights organised!!!!!! from the UK to the Caribbean!!! and probably other places too. Thank you for your input and help. Watch this space lol May 😎
  7. They have already said that there would be an announcement soon and we would find out then what will be happening to the forthcoming xmas/new year cruises.
  8. Finally spoke to someone and have allowed a 2 week extension to our final balance payment. So if no further announcements before 26th then it will be back to holding on the phone again. Good news for now though. Obviously would far rather be going on our Cruise but under the current circumstances, NO. Take care everyone. keep SAFE. May 😎
  9. Hi everyone, Managed to finally get through to P&O only to be told that someone would call us back today before end of business as there is a huge number of calls to be dealt with !!!!!!!!!!!! I will wait a little while then call again and see if I can get to speak to someone more helpful. I understand and sympathise with them, they must be inundated with callers but surely once you get through they could deal with that particular call!!!! The joys. Will keep you posted. 😎 May
  10. Hello, Both my husband and I took chances each at calling throughout the day (holding on for extremely lengthy times) eventually gave up. will be back at it again first thing in the morning and will update with our outcome. By reading the other posts tonight I think they must definitely be going to make some announcement very soon. Will keep you all posted. Thank You. May
  11. Will definitely be asking first thing in the morning - if I can get through Lol
  12. Will get on to that tomorrow, thank you for that. 😎 👍 much appreciated.
  13. Yes it is a bit annoying!! We are due to pay this weekend for our annual xmas caribbean month away (B to B) leaving 11 December and thought they may have announced something today, should have known better though, lol
  14. Its Caribbean Cruises we mainly do the B2B and usually a month xmas and N Year - it doesn't vary from booking to booking as long as you book a SELECT Fare. It tells you all about it at the back of the brochure. We have it already booked for this xmas and also the next too. 😎
  15. We have done BtoB fly cruises for years with P&O and you will get 10% discount if you are booking a Select fare. 😎
  16. Hmmmm!!!!???? Have been on Azura lots of times and honestly have NEVER been aware of any smell at all
  17. Have flown to Barbados for years to pick up a Ship and have always taken our Champagne from Duty Free as well as hand luggage. Never a problem on embarkation. Have also at times gone into the terminal building and bought drink and took it on to the Ship (we did this for friends who were arriving on a later flight.
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