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  1. If we ever end up in the same place at the same time, I would love to buy you a drink or three, and just chat.
  2. So, you have a 15 minute time block. If you miss it, you wait until the end of the scheduled boarding, and there is a window for those who missed their slot. So, if you are concerned about being able to arrive on time, pick a late slot, and if you get there early, you can sit in your car and read or play games on your phone.
  3. Hmm, you think so? Then how did the report any cases before the tests became readily available? And BTW, European countries were doing more testing before the US did, due to need to have the tests approved.
  4. Wrong, cases are counted based on symptoms also. Not just testing.
  5. And remember, staffing it not just about cost. Where do you PUT the extra staff?
  6. Yes, that is true. However, you second part is belayed by the numbers. Bulgaria has one of the lowest per capita case and death rates of reasonable sized developed countries. 93rd, with 351 cases per million population. US is 12th at 5,164 cases per million.
  7. One thing to realize, in other countries, the company does not decide to declare bankruptcy, the creditors can do this.
  8. You are backwards. There has been a quick test for "if you have it currently" for some 6 weeks. Pres even showed it. There is not yet a quick test for "if you had it previously." And the current tests have a high error rate.
  9. It is both. You are required to declare any declarable purchases.
  10. Hmmm, strange that a respiratory virus, that is shed through breathing, would not be infectious when inhaled. Either that doctor is an idiot or your missed part of what he said.
  11. Let's see. Medicare is paying $100 per COVID test. So for 2 person room, that adds $200 per day for cruising. Yeap, that will work.........
  12. I took mine apart to see how it worked. 😄
  13. Just to be accurate, you do not get "double" points. You get an EXTRA point per night. 1 point per day for cruising. 1 point per day for solo in a cabin for two. 1 point per day for a suite. So a solo in a suite, you would you get 3 points per night. If solo and suite were "double" points, you would get 4. 1 for cruising, doubled to 2 for solo, doubled to 4 for a suite.
  14. Who is going to pay for the testing every day? Are they going to build a lab on every ship?
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