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  1. I know that Pride has a much later arrival time than Grandeur. And if they arrived late, that pushes everything even further back.
  2. SRF

    walkie talkie

    That makes sense.
  3. SRF

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    Do you fly? Descent is a specific phase of flight. Like many fields, there is a specialized language for aviation.
  4. SRF

    Reading material

    I read currently on a tablet, but that is not my preferred eDevice for reading. The E-ink screens without a back lit do not lead to as much eyestrain. I think it is the back lighting that causes problems. But I carry a tablet for other reasons, so don't want to travel with a smart phone, tablet, laptop (work), AND an e-reader.
  5. SRF

    Jet Lag...What are your tips

    FYI, I wait until I have boarded to change my watch. Otherwise, I would probably miss a flight at some point. 😄
  6. SRF

    The Key on Grandeur

    I have cruised 3 times on Grandeur, all 3 times in a suite, and I think MAYBE used that section once. It is not good seats (way back), and on Grandeur, unless you arrive VERY late, you will find seats.
  7. Why not? Airlines and hotels treat guests that are paying more. You get treated better on an airline if you are in business class versus a million miler in economy. Also, as I mentioned, they are now giving status based on mileage (how much you travel with them) as well as how much you spend with them. Do a lot of cheap flights, and you will NOT make high level status. And hotels are also doing this. They have executive floors, where people paying more for their room get treated better. And some have started with a top level that is both how many nights, but also overall spending. Also, Royal is doing this already, by changing Concierge Lounges to Suite Lounges. These are all BUSINESSES. They are about making money. And someone who pays $7000 for a cruise makes them more money that someone who takes 5x $1000 cruises.
  8. SRF

    Anyone done 268 Buggies?

    Has anyone done one of the tours with 258 Buggies? If so, tell about your experience and whether you recommend or not. Thanks. Terry https://268buggies.com/
  9. SRF

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    In general, a descent is planned. A crash may be the result of descending, but not what a pilot would call a descent. 😄
  10. SRF

    walkie talkie

    I mentioned that possibility based on comments about having some crew on VHF and some on UHF. So, say in an emergency, you might want everyone to hear. Similar in aircraft radios. Military aircraft radios listen to the channel or frequency selected, plus a separate receiver just for Guard (emergency frequency). Makes sense, let your bridge officers deal with inter-ship communications, unless they need to contact you.
  11. SRF

    Specific Passport Questions

    And a Consular Report of Birth is not a birth certificate, so the post was actually correct. It just did not mention the other possible items.
  12. I thought the Chill Island cabanas are the ones that are already there.
  13. No one says that no one in your generation can afford it. But typically, younger people have less disposable income for things like cruises. Not all, but a lot.
  14. As a non-Diamond, what I see is WAY too many at the top. Many of which got there by a lot of inexpensive cruises. The airlines have cut back perks also. And also have tied status to dollars spent, so both miles flown and fares paid. And no lifetime status, until you fly a LOT of miles. Comments about how they treat suites guests, why not? They are spending more money. A suite geust can be paying 3 or 4 or even more times the fare of the person in an interior. Another thing is, the idea that if I were to be linked to a D+, I would be D+ for life. Then I could link someone to my account, and they get the status, for life again. On one airline, I have lifetime status, plus I can link one companion at the same level. BUT, they only have that status while linked. If I unlink them, they lose the status. So only one person at a time can share my status.
  15. SRF

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    Sort of. In that the final bad thing happens when things hit the ground. But that can occur during takeoff, climb, cruise, decent, or landing.