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  1. I beat you. 149 right now, 151 within a year, maybe more. 😄 Joking. Georgia is very nice.
  2. If you card company says they do not need or want notification, what do you think you can accomplish by notifying them???????? At best, they make a note in a memo field, and after, they will apologize.
  3. Yes, I don't make ANY notifications. And have not had any issues with Chase or Amex. My work card is Citi, and other than the one instance I mentioned, I have not had any issues. And again, one phone call, and everything was fine. If they have a way to notify, fine. I still wonder what people think is happening, when their card company says to not notify, but they call anyway? BTW, EVERY time I have had a card compromised, it has been IN THE US. 🙂
  4. And they can arrive very late due late arrival of the aircraft from Europe. Or maintenance. Or maintenance that requires changing aircraft (sometimes with having to reissue EVERY boarding card due to a change in the configuation with the new aircraft), or weather holds departing, or ..... Of if there is a connection before the trans-Atlantic flight, and you miss the connection. I have had ALL of these occur. And have arrived from 3 hours to 24 hours late.
  5. Cruise travel may, and frequently DOES have different requirements. AFAIK the only Gulf/Caribbean/etc cruise destination that ever required a passport was Cuba.
  6. I don't use a checklist. I mentally dress for the trip. Like was getting dressed in the morning. As I mentally "put it on" I add it to the suitcase. When I get to socks and outer wear, I decide what I need for various activities. Dressy? Casual? Sporty? Specialty (swim wear, work gear, etc). For toiletries, I have a set that stays packed. I just top up the shampoo and Q-tips, and check the others that there is enough.
  7. Another thing I have done to not lose miles or points, is to buy miles or points. The minimum amount.
  8. Wow. I wonder how you chaperone all those kids when they are at home? And going out? On dates, or just with friends? MANY years ago, our HS seniors trip was to Nassau. A number of teachers went along as chaperones. One manned a desk in the lobby almost 24/7 rotating. If you needed help, one was there. Since Nassau did not care how old you were when you drank, we drank. With the teachers, when they were off duty. No curfew. No taped doors. Not separating by floor and patrolling the halls. Did girls go to boys rooms? Yes. Did boys go to girls rooms? Yes. But they do that when at home also. Or they go SOMEWHERE.
  9. 1) Yes. 2) Really? So all those coming across the southern border bring their passports? 3) Hmm, so those who sailed without passports have to show them to get back in? Since I have always sailed with a passport, do they check DC and photo ID upon arrival back in the US? 3B) Not really, they DO check your documents, except they check them via the manifest that the ship gives them. If there were some concerns, they could certainly check your documents directly.
  10. This ^^^^^^ You charge $100. Vendor gets $97. You get a refund. Vendor credits back $97 to charge card, you get $100. Everyone is even.
  11. Our last, a 65 pound female would do pile of hair 18 - 24" high, TWICE a day. FOR WEEKS. NO IDEA where it came from. 😄 Akitas come in two versions, dribblers and blowers. Dribblers shed pretty much all the time. Blowers shed twice a year, A LOT. Then you have those that dribble, until the blow coat. 😄 And you have not seen HAIR, until you have seen a 135 pound Akita blow coat. 😄
  12. Except we sail in a GS, so it not that big of a deal. If I see a 5 night, GGG sale, that fits my schedule, I will probably do it. But I will not obsess about it.
  13. It doesn't matter. I had registered for the last 3 cruises and did not get an invite. Oh, sorry, I did get an invite to the last one, AFTER the event. I just go to Guest Services the first day and ask when it will be.
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