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  1. SRF

    Coco Cay cabanas

    Interesting. We were in a full suite, and were not told about that area.
  2. 1) Text too small. I have seen MANY comments on this. Yes, you can use your browser to zoom, but why should you have to? 2) Auto Enter, if you hit Enter at the end of a line, it automatically adds 2 or them. Most things do not do this, so many of us automatically double Enter, which ads a 3rd one. 3) Difference between Star and Dot (for posted in versus not posted in) is not visually different enough. The old swirling arrow was obvious. What would also be nice is some indicated that we had read the thread, even if we did not post. Not sure if this is handled, but one thing that REALLY annoyed me with the last version was that if I entered and did not read a single thread. all threads were set to that date/time as having been read.
  3. Why should an online conversation not be like an in person one? If you have a group talking at a party, do the conversation follow a straight line, on topic? No.
  4. I think I dot just means new posts. Whether or not you have read the thread before. This thread showed with a dot. I don't think there is anything to denote a thread you have read, but not posted in.,
  5. SRF

    Water on the ship

    I am not sure what one would do with a picture of water. 😄 But yes, do not fill from the spout, fill a glass and then pour into your bottle. One that screws off to a wide mouth will be easier to fill. Ships water is actually more pure than many bottled waters.
  6. SRF

    Poolside Theft?

    ON most, if not all lines, the your Sea Pass is swiped, a picture of you appears. If the person trying to use the card does not look like you, it will not get charged.
  7. SRF

    Coco Cay cabanas

    There is not a suite beach on CocoCay. Full suites guests get invited to the upgraded buffet in the Cabana area, the same buffet as the Cabana guests. If you want a Cabana you need to book it, most times early, as they do fill up.
  8. SRF

    Extra Expenses

    Drink packages will typically be cheaper before the cruise. For RCI, anything (drinks, dining packages, excursions) booked before sailing is paid for at the time of sailing. Anything booked on board it charged to your on board account. If you pre-pay your gratuities, they will be paid at time of final payment. If not, they are added daily to your on board account.
  9. SRF

    Travel insurance

    A "routine" ed evac will probably START at $25K. My Mother had to be med evaced from Halifax to DC, and it was $29,000.