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  1. Think how far the LGBTQ community has come, that this is even a topic.
  2. We have the cheers package for our upcoming cruise. How would the tumbler work with cheers? If we bought the tumbler, would they put our cheers drinks in it?
  3. Not sure. My son used to want to bring his video games. We wouldn't allow it because we wanted him to fully experience the cruise and his time with family.
  4. We went to this in August on the Valor. It is a way of showing appreciation to the crew and showing the many nationalities that the crew is made up of. I thought it was nice.
  5. We will be returning from a cruise out of NO on Aug 31. Our flight out of NO is not until 5pm. We do not want to sit in the airport for hours. Does anyone know of any tours in NO that will allow you to take your bags? Even better, does anyone know of a service that will take your bags to the airport for you?
  6. Thanks to everyone for your answers.
  7. Me and a good friend have booked a cruise. We bought the vacation protection from carnival. My question is what happens if she has to cancel, but I still want to go?
  8. We would give our son a $100 limit per cruise. If he spent it all the first day, so be it. He learned from the experience and did better the next time. We never heard him complain about lack of funds. After he was out of money, he took advantage of the many included options available to him.
  9. I agree. I was speaking for myself. Though the age demographic was very different between Carnival and Celebrity.
  10. Is it really far to accuse Carnival of having Booze Cruises? Carnival is the only line that limits drinks to 15 a day.
  11. I agree with your post, We are older. Carnival is more fun, even in your 60's. I have a blast with all the late night activities on Carnival. It's not uncommon for us to close the disco down. We're not ready to sit down yet.
  12. My husband and I went on our first Celebrity cruise this past January. We came home and I have booked two cruises on Carnival. For the things we enjoy, Carnival wins hands down. We are in our 60's and decided to try Celebrity because it was supposed to be "better." We found ourselves wishing we were on Carnival so we could go to the comedy club, piano bar, etc etc. Celebrity was too sedate for us. We like action and activity. The Celebrity shows beat Carnival hands down. Other than that, Carnival is just more fun.
  13. Wow, what bad luck. All this on your last 6 or 7 cruises. I am sure after all this, you are done with Carnival forever.
  14. Yes, I remember those straws. Those straws held up. These new paper straws deteriorate before you can finish the drink.
  15. This is a topic I have been curious about. There are people who have allergies to dogs. Are service animals a danger to those people? Do service dogs have to be the type that are hypoallergenic? I'm not allergic, just curious.
  16. So you are going to spend hundreds more to get back $225? I think I would just take the $225 loss and be done with Carnival. They are evidently holding your money "hostage" in order to get you to spend more. Why go along with their plan?
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