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  1. The chart is in need of more input from people presently at sea. The following is not complete...
  2. Before the "Modern Luxury" days, a shuttle to a town centre was included at no cost. In some ports, Naples comes to mind, Galaxy was moored right at the station. Another time it was within walking distance but port rules did not allow walking. Taxis refused to take anyone for less than 50 Euros for a basic fare and Celebrity was 10 Euros pp. Frequent cruising and memories sometimes get in the way of labeling charges as anything but great capitalism.
  3. I hope that you won't miss your cruise. However an extra three days on a ship in the midst of winter is a better deal than we can get...
  4. I'm not a pun.... unless I'm missing the pun(ch) line... but we fit your demographic more than the others intended victims.. er desired marketing objects. 😉
  5. I'm a Connieseur. We have made more cruising friends and have more great cruising memories on Constellation than on any other ship. We love the ship starting with the rendezvous lounge, the three banks of elevators and the ease of walking throughout the ship whether from bow to stern or up and down. Those last few decks on S-class were absolute killers for my desire to use the stairs. I'm from the last millennium, pre-baby boomer though we did more than our share to add to the group. It is so nice to have an M-class ship sailing from Florida without getting on a 4/5 day cruise. We would book a couple of months right away but unfortunately we are on Summit with non-refundable deposits in November. January 2021 looks great, only a 20 hour drive for us.
  6. We are light eaters when we travel. There does not seem too much nearby. Once the car is parked we head for the room and chill out with a bottle of wine and some snacks. Too many calories are waiting for us onboard.
  7. So the question becomes: If one is a Zenith with a free drink package, will the bar server now deliver the "free" drink but charge 20% of the going rate for that drink? If one is Elite with free drinks on their card for the nightly replacement of the "Elite lounge", will they now be charged the gratuity on their "free" drink?
  8. Is that an office in Miami putting out mixed messages that only hint at the truth?
  9. D. Manetas as Captain, the Activity Manager Carlos Pena might be CD. Maarten might be joining Captain Kate on Edge.
  10. What? A little louder please. I did not get an answer.
  11. Drinks are not free on the sun deck unless you have the drinks package. Amount of shade is determined by the size of your hat.
  12. Matt Karandreas Just posted: " I can call today August 2nd as one of the happiest and most important dates of my life. 19 years of hard work, working with and under wonderful persons and professionals had as result today to be officially announced that I am promoted to Captain on our amazing company and will join Celebrity Summit day after tomorrow for 2 weeks handover before I will officially take over on August 18th. "
  13. I'm waiting for the new program when only new points count.. and old points join Davy Jones' locker. What have you done for them lately?😉
  14. Scotiabank Passport does not charge an exchange fee, Home Trust Preferred, a non-fee card has the same policy and throws in a free car break down perk. I have heard from one CDN TA that the prices online are not necessarily the same as his screen. I think this is part of the "Buy American Policy" 😉
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