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  1. By reading this board, you are already overqualified. 🙂
  2. Well, I'm looking at the drinking and driving as the biggest problem in the equation.
  3. Like previously stated: Can you make it in perfect weather? Very possibly. However, there are too many variables for my comfort. Leaving Tampa last January, our cruise was delayed maybe 3 hours due to fog. I wouldn't risk it.
  4. The joke is too obvious here (Hi, Michell), so I'll just say yes, there is a refrigerator.
  5. 1 - I like your avatar. B - Budweiser is made with RICE. In some places, it doesn't technically qualify as beer.
  6. If it is, I may stray outside of Cheers a time or ten. /casually sipping Yuengling Black & Tan while reading
  7. This might be the wrong place to ask - most people here are more concerned with trying to bring a bunch of bottles with them.
  8. Neat! I hope you attempt to enjoy them.
  9. In the interest of transparency, I have to admit that as much as I'm a fan of Cheers!, I'd only ever do it for a four or five day cruise. That's about as much continuous drinking as I care to do anymore. We have discussed doing a 3 and 4 day cruise b2b, with cheers on one, and not on the other. Detoxification time, honestly.
  10. I figure my time is worth 10$ if they proactively contact me to see if I'm interested. That's a service, and I would pay it.
  11. Done it, it works 🙂
  12. I keep an eye on John Heald on Facebook - he comes through with the goods more often than he's given credit for! Scotch and Whiskey List Post There's another one from the same day where he brings up the partnership with Dewar's ($30 for a scotch blending class, take home your product!)
  13. I went back into the archives for this. I talked my stepdaughter, a whisky lover, into booking a cruise with this list of whiskys and scotches that are supposed to be available fleet wide by mid year 2019. I found this late last year: WHISKEYS Templeton Rye Blantons Woodford Reserve Buffalo Trace Gentleman Jack Teeling Irish Whiskey Jameson Caskmates 'Stout' Jack Daniels Jack Daniels Rye Jack Daniels Honey Crown Royal Jameson Seagrams 7 Old Forester 80 proof Sazerac Rye Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon The Duke Old Overholt Rye High West Double Rye High West Prairie Bourbon Eagle Rare 10 year Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Breckenridge Bourbon Basil Hayden TX Wild Turkey Rare Breed BLENDED SCOTCHES Chivas Royal Salute Chivas Regal 18 Dewars 12 Chivas Regal Dewars White Label Cutty Sark SINGLE MALT SCOTCHES Macallan Enigma Aberfeldy 16 Macallan Quest Highland Park 12 Ardbeg 10 year Glen Deveron 16 Glenlivet Founders Reserve Aberfeldy 12 Glenmorangie 10 year Aulmore 12
  14. Please look for Mr. Arturo. Last we cruised, he worked evenings at the bar in back of the buffet. He was the BEST.
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