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  1. I'm just here to say I like cruising on Carnival, and can't wait to get back on board soon!
  2. I'm just here to say that I hope everyone comes to agreement and we may all go sailing again soon.
  3. Keelhauling is actually under the bottom.
  4. The worst part is when they come around door to door asking you to participate in the art auction. Doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night, or the ship is inverted due to heavy waves, they'll be there. One time, I had to ask the salesperson to leave the restroom, as I prefer to have that time to myself. He did hand me some tissue on his way out at least. Speaking of the art, in the MDR, they have eschewed picture taking in favor of "MDR Paint-tastic Palate Adventures". Instead of a photographer, there's a roving artist who will mercilessly hound you until you agree to le
  5. Never had one problem! In fact, last cruise, Carnival provided me with a super duper extension cord because it was on my profile that I use one. Pro Tip: Bring your own cheap extension cord anyway. Not a surge protector, though, because that's bad for the ship's electrical system and you really don't want a fire (or to get it confiscated).
  6. No need, lil' pardner, I am happy for myself! It's great to remember how to have fun still. I recommend everyone try it.
  7. For us, it has been the opposite. We've had them take absolute ridiculous pictures for us, and have had a ball at it. Me, standing looking off into the distance, while my wife kneels beside me, offering me a plate with a sandwich on it. Another where I've got my leg up on the mock railing, eyeing the camera with an intense, smoldering look. We can tell which ones are everyone's favorites by the number of fingerprints on them. It's been a hoot, and I'll always take advantage of free photography.
  8. This always makes me chuckle to myself. Okay, rights-havers, you do you 🙂
  9. I'm just here to say that I am vaccinated, and feel good about it, and look forward to my next cruise.
  10. Lawd, is there a way to tell them to just stop trying to get me to book RU9? Nat Ganna Do Et.
  11. Did a February cruise to the Bahamas. It was a lovely warm trip, but the water was way too cold to have a good time swimming on the beach - I believe it was around 70F, and it was NOT ideal. Swam anyway.
  12. Wife and I went for the bucket list stateroom on our next cruise - extended aft on the Pride. Now, we never thought it would be something we could pull off, but there was a perfect storm of opportunity, so we pulled the trigger and landed on #5297. Ordinarily, we're pretty happy with an interior or window. Last time on the water, we had a lido balcony (on Victory), and really liked it. How would you compare that aft view to the side balcony view? Since we're not doing Alaska or Panama Canal, I don't think we'll miss anything important that way. Is the view from the
  13. We like the Fantasy class. Fewer people is always nice.
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