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  1. I'm sorry if my comment came across as an accusation. I really meant it as a joking comment -- more along the lines of "do you know something I don't know?" I meant to point out the mistake, but more in terms of a clarification.
  2. Â I take photos all over the ship right after I drop my carry-ons in my cabin. I find it's the best time to get most public rooms empty.
  3. Fingers crossed for you (and/or anyone else on the next trip). My parents have actually had a good time. This is their third time doing this itinerary and while they were sorry to miss so many ports, the cruise was really for them to have 2 weeks of doing nothing with no demands on them or their time, so for them, the cruise was just what they wanted. I know many other passengers do not feel the same about this voyage.
  4. Umm, I don't think the Eurodam is sailing away from San Diego today. My parents are on the ship currently and it's still making its way from Hawaii to Ensenada.
  5. My secrets: (1) never pack anything but wrinkle-resistant knit fabrics - I haven't packed anything that is woven in years! (2) don't care what other people think about your clothes - if people are that concerned about my clothes, they can do my laundry/dry-cleaning/ironing/packing. Even on land, I don't own an iron. I pull clothes from the washer as soon as the cycle is finished, and I take great care when I hang my clothes to dry (always inside on a drying rack, never outside on the line). Friends, family & co-workers are amazed that I can be so wrinkle-free without an iron.
  6. My cruise indulgence is a Fresh Grapefruit Not-a-Cosmo at the Ocean Bar before dinner. (I always have to tell them I only want one, because they will make 2 if you order during happy hour!) Last cruise I trued the Melon Mint No'jito and now I may have to alternate. I mentioned the No'jito to a passenger behind me in the Main Show Lounge and she saw me later in the cruise and joked that I created a monster with that drink!
  7. I'm so sorry you missed the Kona call. My parents text, usually quite wordy and bubbly, was just "Waves not right for tendering. At sea; turning phone off." They've been enjoying the relaxing cruise, and had no real plans for this cruise other than to relax and enjoy the balcony, but I think they are frustrated by missing so many ports. Fingers and toes crossed you can make the call at Hilo tomorrow.
  8. Even if they did, what's the problem? One of the best cruises I had was on the Oosterdam with a group of guide dogs (and their people). I never had any issues with the dogs or waste. There was an area of grass at the front of the wrap around Promenade. It was serviced regularly. The only complaint I heard was one person who was highly incensed that the dogs were in the water at the beaches on Half Moon Cay; apparently that's unsanitary.
  9. My parents are on the Eurodam right now and I asked them about the lids in the Explorations Cafe. Mom said they have had lids every night when they go get their hot cocoa. They are not out on the counter, but if you ask for them, there is no problem getting one. On my last cruise, my husband used a Keep Cup (a barista-standard size reusable cup) and had no issues, but there was some discussion of the cafe workers not allowing reusable cups (due to passengers not washing them between uses.) We've gotten so used to taking our Keep Cups everywhere here in Australia for take-away coffees, it's strange to not use it on the ship or in the US.
  10. I just heard from my parents on board this cruise. The port of Honolulu has been closed to incoming/outgoing traffic until 5:00 am Monday, Hawaii time. The Captain is trying to get the port to allow the Eurodam to stay until 6:00 pm Monday, but that has not been finalized yet. Either way, they have had to drop the port of call at Maui and will try and proceed to Hilo & Kona on Monday. My parents understand from the captain that the storm is moving slower than expected and is staring than expected and both of those factors are making it difficult to predict what will happen. It's looking like a rough ride for the islands for a couple more days. I'm sure the OP will have more to add later.
  11. In the land-based restaurants/fast food places I frequent that use paper straws, I have more issues with the straws disintegrating in Cokes or unsweetened iced tea than I have with milkshakes, ice cream sodas/floats, or slushy-style drinks.
  12. Or they could fix the door or take it off the hinges. I've been on a couple of HAL cruises when the interior doors to the Promenade Deck were either off the hinges or held open to avoid the banging. And the barriers are at the exterior doors, not the interior ones. I've been on cruises where the winds were so strong the barriers were across the exterior doors to prevent passengers from going outside. As a passenger who likes to have access to the Promenade Deck, I would be unhappy if it were blocked off when there are options not to.
  13. I don't see the using the HAL tiles as tiles in decorating any more or less a resale negative than other tile choices. Personally I HATE the trend toward doing everything in grey, and I can't stand granite countertops. Everyone has things they don't like that make resale difficult. Sometimes we do things because we want to, without concern for future resale value. The only issue they had was some of the HAL tiles are thinner than standard tiles, so the tilers had a bit of trouble setting them flush with the standard tiles.
  14. I agree the menu needs to be more descriptive, but I would have expected only the tails. I have never had a whole lobster on a HAL ship, even when leaving Bar Harbor and coming back to the ship on the tender with the fresh lobsters for that night's dinner. I assumed the whole lobsters were cooked, but the meat in the rest of the body was kept in the kitchen to use for other dishes -- bisque, soup, lobster mac & cheese, etc. I can take apart a lobster, but I prefer if the work is done for me, especially if I am in formal wear. It can get a bit messy & drippy to fully pick apart a lobster.
  15. I do find the lighting in the Pinnacle Grill, across several ships, darker than is comfortable for my enjoyment and reading the menu easily. But I find many upscale land-based restaurants are too dark for reading the menu and dining easily. It's a complaint I have made several times on the cruise comment surveys and also to the PG manager on the ship. To help, I make my reservations as early as possible to try and use what natural light is available from the windows, but by the time dessert comes, it is usually too dark for my comfort.
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