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  1. My final payment was due in March, and I had decided not to think about it until February and then I got the email after seeing the Facebook post. I am not surprised, but still very disappointed. I'm really ready for a cruise!
  2. Yep, we got the email that our Canada/New England cruise was cancelled too. I kind of figured it was coming, but it's still a huge disappointment. Our last cruise was in January 2018 and I haven't seen my family since then. I was really looking forward to the reunion, even if we had to stay on board the whole time and just look at the beautiful scenery off the deck.
  3. He will. Fair winds and following seas, Captain Mercer. HAL won't be the same without you.
  4. I'm very interested in not only your experience, but Bear's experience. My bears are seasoned cruisers, but are always curious to see if other bears receive the same kind of treatment on the cruises. (Staff are exceptional, other passengers can be it or miss.)
  5. My next cruise is scheduled in June 2021. So I'll wait at least that long. I'm hoping things will be normal again by then.
  6. It was good to see that they were cleared to come to port. I hope they have an easier time at the next port when they need fuel & supplies.
  7. I thought most of the ships have already disembarked the passengers. Will the new regulations have an impact on getting crew home?
  8. It's very easy to sit here now, nearly a month later and say what should have been done at the time. It wasn't done. We can't change that. We have to work with the situation as it is right now, not as it was a month ago. And right now there are ships out there with real people on them who need to be able to get home, or medical care, or, sadly, returned to their families. It's time to step up and act like the kind of people we teach our children we should be: the kind of people that help others in need. If the ship was sinking and sent out a distress call, the convention is that any ship in th
  9. I find the description is sometimes on target sometimes not with how strenuous the excursion will be, but I find it also depends on the tour guide. I had one tour that was marked as a 2 person gentle nature walk, but the tour guide was a competitive walker and thought everyone else was too. She took us on a walk through a nature park with cleared paths, but all I saw as my feet because we were walking so fast I had to look down to keep from tripping on the gravel. Three people fell, and the fitter members of the group had to run to catch up with the guide to alert her to the injuries. My compa
  10. My parents used their tiles for a shower wall. But be careful, they are thinner & smaller than standard tiles, particularly when you take off the cork backing.
  11. I have never really noticed what other people are wearing at the pool. Wear whatever you want and whatever makes you feel good about yourself.
  12. My parents had an aft-facing cabin on the Eurodam. My cabin was all the way forward. It was a hike! to get between the cabins. The distance from the aft elevators was not far to their cabin, but it is a hike from all the way forward. The bigger problem my parents had was their balcony was always covered in soot - whether the ship was moving or not. It was actually a blessing in disguise that the weather & seas prevented them being out on the balcony too much on that cruise, because they wouldn't have been able to use it anyway with all the soot.
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