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  1. The Star, but for different reasons than propulsion problems. On Day 5 of a 7 day cruise a few years back, the toilets in many places stopped working. Inconvenient and after a while, pretty stinky.
  2. Our last night at home we go out for sushi. We always spend at least one night in a hotel before boarding and we usually eat the best pizza we can find....NCL still hasn't got pizza down correctly. I love the couple who eats Cheez-its and red wine...brings back memories of our first hurricane evacuation where we survived on PB crackers and red wine in a rent by the hour Rosita Conchita's motel in South Daytona Beach....long story too and don't judge...we had two big dogs with us and this was the best we could find........
  3. I sent in two passport renewals (mine & husband's) the first week of May to the TX processing center. They were mailed priority mail from the post office at the same time. My package was acknowledged on 6/8 and the other package 6/9, and the checks were cashed. I received my new passport on 6/21. My husband just received notification yesterday (8/17) that his passport was approved and it can be expected 8/23....neither was expedited....So, two packages, mailed on the same day, yet one has taken two months longer than the other one.... We don't travel until 9/2022, so there was no rush....but 2 months difference in processing time is kind of a mystery.
  4. We did this tour (or one similar long expensive NCL one) a few years ago. We cringed at the price, but one thing it got us was skip the line at all of the major sites (Vatican, Pantheon & Coliseum). That is absolutely necessary as the lines are VERY long. We had a good guide who explained everything we were looking at. I would suggest this approach if this is your first time in Rome. We are going back ourselves in 2023 after a cruise and will do it on our own because we don't need to see the big sites again....
  5. NCL 10-Day Greek Isles Round-Trip Rome September 23, 2023 Norwegian Breakaway Hopefully this one is far enough out that we'll be okay....if not, it is what it is....
  6. We reevaluated several months ago. NCL cancelled for us 11/2020, and back in March of 2021 we cancelled for this coming November, just because we don't have a good feeling about travel in 2021. Our first cruise now will hopefully be Sept. 2022 on the POA. Our first international cruise does not happen until Sept. 2023......I hope that this is enough time for Covid to wane and that cruising is more normalized.. We have only put a minimal amount of money on either cruise, as we are seriously watching both travel generally and NCL's health specifically. In the meantime, we are busy with road trips to different places around the state that we have not spent time in.
  7. Love this!! We sailed on the Skyward May 5, 1985...Western Caribbean (I remember only Cancun, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and the Private Island). On the Private Island we were supposed to have a picnic, but a storm blew up shortly after we arrived, and we were hiding behind palm trees to avoid the flying beach umbrellas. Getting from the tender back onboard the Skyward remains one of the scariest cruise events ever. We had early dinner with a table of six....pictures show us all dressed up every night. I remember the grand entrance of the entire wait staff with the Baked Alaska, "Horse Races" and dance contests for entertainment....and a bar bill which equaled the cost of the cruise! We were much younger then and life got in the way before we resumed cruising again in 2015. It is very different now and we love sleeping in a cruise bed that you don't have to put your feet up against the wall to fit in!
  8. We saw Cirque Dreams in the Spiegel Tent dinner show venue on the NCL EPIC. We saw Cirque Dreams and Steam on the Getaway (don't remember the name of the dinner theater venue).....This was in 2016 & 2017 if I remember correctly and both were European itineraries. I don't think either of these shows are onboard at this time.
  9. Sent them in early April….non expedited
  10. I sent my & my husbands renewals in at the same time. Mine took about 8 weeks & we’re still waiting for the other one (now at 14 weeks)…….Definitely plan ahead!
  11. It was our one and only Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn moment....but after 30 days in Europe it was the perfect ending to our trip.....the next many hours crammed into our airline seats brought us back to reality quickly. Loved evenings in Venice when day tourists left and we'd go to a small backstreet trattoria and enjoy the locals resuming their daily lives...kids playing soccer in the courtyards, moms pushing prams, old couples walking their dogs....way better than Disney!!
  12. We stayed at Hotel Paganelli on the lagoon in 2016 and loved the location. There was a sizeable vaporetto stop directly in front of the hotel and there were no bridges to cross over to get from the water taxi to the hotel. Our room was small but very charming (the front building is an old convent). It is a short walk to St. Mark's Sq. We took a water taxi from the cruise ship to the hotel, and from the hotel to the airport.....it was absolutely wonderful (expensive yes, but it was a very enjoyable experience). We spent 3 days in Venice (including Burano & Murano) and it is the only travel location that my husband & I both teared up when we were leaving.....
  13. Hi everyone...haven't been on for a few days because of hurricane preps. I have a question regarding the upload of the vaccination card. Does NCL want a scan of the card or a picture of the card (as from a phone camera. I have an All-in-One printer/scanner/fax so getting a scan of my card is not a problem....but I don't know which is the format NCL will be looking for.......
  14. I've had 2 cancelled and I have 2 on the books (9/22 & 9/23)....I am not doing any planning or paying for either cruise until it looks like they'll really be a go. In the meantime, we have booked land vacations that we can drive to for places we have never been to...it has been a lot of fun planning & executing these little vacations to places I probably would never go to if cruising wasn't on hold!! I'm trying to make as much lemonade as I can out of the lemons that have been handed to us...I do miss cruising, but am so happy to be exploring around here! Love your name....gardening has helped us maintain a lot of our sanity since this all started, and our yard looks really nice!
  15. Suspended Sailings Ship - Suspended Through Pride of America - November 20, 2021 Norwegian Dawn - November 21, 2021 Norwegian Joy - November 13, 2021 Norwegian Sky - January 21, 2022 Norwegian Star - January 2, 2022 My guess is yes. My question is if the cruise on the 20th is suspended...i think yes also.
  16. We have a 15 foot heavy duty extension cord that we always bring with us. So long as there is no surge suppressor, that cord is fine with NCL. The cord always stays in the CPAP case, as there have been several times when we have needed it in pre/post cruise hotels. We use the European plug in the stateroom, so there is a power adapter in the case too! We always have NCL provide the distilled water.
  17. Re: Upload of the picture. I read that if you cannot upload a picture, that it will be taken at the pier (as it is done now)
  18. Agree with the above comments. Also, around the desk area, the stateroom has North American standard, 110 volts AC and standard European 220/230 volts AC outlets. We always bring a European adapter and use that outlet to plug the CPAP into.....that frees up the other NA outlet.
  19. I don't cruise until mid 2022 but the new section of check-in is with my online reservation. I was a little surprised that the picture mentioned was not of the vaccination proof, but of yourself and other cruisers on the reservation. I guess this will minimize the amount of picture taking at embarkation time. I tried to upload a picture of my passport photo and that didn't work. Next, I found plenty of pics of DH and that uploaded nicely (will it meet their ID criteria????? Unknown). I'm the family picture taker, so trying to find a photo of me was impossible.....so I took a "selfie".....it definitely looks like a mugshot, but it uploaded so I am happy....I'm hoping that only ship security will see these pics.....
  20. I agree with all who say to come in early. You or someone you are with will most likely be hit with jet lag. Arrive a day or two early, check into your hotel, get some sleep/rest, and hit the sightseeing trails later in the day or early the next morning....perhaps stay at a hotel close to the sights you want to see.
  21. I have deposits down on two cruises booked for next year. I am waiting to see how cruising restarts to put down any more money beyond the deposits. If there is a smooth start, I'll start paying them off.
  22. Cagney's.....Sea Bass with a lobster broth. Best I have ever had, but don't know if it is still on the menu
  23. Thank you all. My PCC did send me the confirmation and amenities and they do show up on those documents, so I should be okay. You'd think that the information being presented to the customer on NCL.COM would be accurate, but I guess that is not a priority right now. At least they got the "OX" stateroom category problem taken care of!
  24. I have a cruise booked for 2022 and I have several "perks" that were added. My cruise confirmation shows what I requested: specialty restaurants for 2 nights, internet, and the drink package. The latest cruise confirmation shows the added tips/taxes for the restaurants and drinks. Unfortunately, on NCL.COM, when I log into my account, the drink package does not show up! I contacted my CC and he assures me that from his online view, I indeed have the package. Has anyone else experienced the situation where the customer online view is different than the Home Office online view??? I don't want to get to the check-in and find out that my view of my NCL.COM is correct! I'm not sure how this out of sync condition can occur if the same database is being queried.....
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