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  1. We would just like a couple of quiet cocktail lounges where two couples could get together at the end of the day and before dinner to have a drink or two, talk, listen and not have to yell. No music necessary although acoustic is always nice....no games in the same room!
  2. We really do like aft balconies but found the balcony can get pretty dirty overnight from the ship's funnels. The amazing view is great though!
  3. And fresh flowers are not allowed on board along with guns and knives........
  4. It is a gamble, but the two of us were able to travel last month R/T Florida to Rome for less than $900. Flights were 1 stop each way and we had 2 day deviations on each end of the trip. We had no control over the flight other than to pick our departure airport. Close to trip time, we were able to pick (& upgrade) our seats, and we had to pay for luggage. I originally moaned about the long layover times in Frankfurt and Toronto, but because of FL weather delays and dual (Canadian & US) passport controls, it ended up working out. Some people lucked out and got direct flights.
  5. I completely understand why you can't debark with flowers, plants, etc. as they could be harboring unwanted insects....but NCL not allowing any flowers pre-bought on board by passengers or florists I don't get....If I had suitcase space I'd brighten up my stateroom by bringing a fake Christmas tree or poinsettia on board!! Is that on the forbidden list with the guns, knives & drugs?? It's not the end of the world, but it was always such a nice touch that NCL provided for us.
  6. Oh no! I have these strange little things around my yard....mine are half dead and they look better than this!
  7. I was afraid that would be the answer......I'm not anti-cactus but it sure isn't as nice as fresh flowers....Thanks for the feedback.
  8. We'll be going on a 2 week cruise and have booked a non-Haven suite. We did a similar trip last year and NCL provided a small but lovely fresh floral arrangement in the room. Since that trip it seems that you can't order flowers as a gift for yourself. Has NCL done away with this suite perk?
  9. Clearing the cookies fixed my problem too. Thanks!
  10. Not working on Chrome but okay using Edge. The App on my IPhone is working fine too
  11. We stayed in suite 12022 last year and it had a separate tub and shower set up. It was a family suite with balcony.
  12. We bought Priority Access for our cruise out of Rome in Sept. For the boarding and debarkation it was useless, but with VERY early excursion meeting times 8 mornings in a row, the full warm breakfast room service was wonderful. It arrived on time every morning and we were able to meet for excursions on time. Cost effective....not really, but convenient. We have sailed out of Canaveral a few times, and the itineraries are much more laid back and not as intensive as in Europe. We would not be utilizing the room service breakfast if we weren't in a time crunch so it would be a waste.
  13. We took an NCL excursion in late Sept. We tendered to the new port where we boarded a bus which took us to a winery, Oia, and then back to Fira. We were given the cable car ticket to go down to the old port to catch a tender back to the ship. We pretty much had no time to do anything in Fira as we had to get in the very long line for the cable car. The wait was about an hour and a half. We were lucky, as shortly after we got back to the ship, Santorini had a power outage which disabled the cable car. Ship passengers in Fira had to walk down the steep path in the dark to the old port...NCL waited for everyone to return before leaving.
  14. It took me 2 tries to get everything settled. The first was restoring the excursions at the original price and that went okay. When I got the paperwork though (cruise confirmation & online) it showed that I owed for all of the shore excursions. A second call cleared that all up and my balance is back to zero. Just check your accounts carefully after excursion reinstatement.
  15. From Orlando we flew to Rome, via Frankfurt Germany on Lufthansa. On the way back we flew Air Canada via Toronto
  16. Cruising this month but was able to buy Priority Access months ago. I couldn't find it advertised on the web site, so I called NCL...got it added no problem. At online check-in it was an option to add on to the reservation. I think they limit the number of PAs on each cruise. We got it for the in room breakfasts before early excursions, and for the priority debarkation.
  17. Okay...I have another question regarding ETAs....This one is more urgent as I leave for Europe in about a month. I am a US citizen. Our flight back from Rome to Orlando, FL is through Toronto, Canada.......Do I need to have a travel authorization to travel from Rome to Toronto?? This is all new to me and the Canadian site regarding visas just is not clear to me.
  18. Sounds good to me! I just need to know what to do and what to pay so that I can enjoy Europe again. I'll keep my eyes open for updates. I'm not on the NCL general Cruise Critic board all that much...I stick mostly on the Roll Calls
  19. Thank you all for this information. It is something I'll definitely be keeping my eye on for our 2024 trip. I've never even heard of the US requirement for an ESTA! Like I said, I only came upon this while reading about something else...and it makes me unsettled that I don't even know what I don't know!!
  20. I just accidently came upon this information about ETIAS, a travel authorization which will be necessary to travel to Europe in 2024. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere on NCL. Does anyone know if this will be necessary for anyone cruising in 2024? In the year 2024, citizens from the United States of America will be required to complete an ETIAS application prior to boarding an aircraft, sea carrier, or coach vehicle for Europe, and this includes travellers who will only be transiting in Europe en route to other destinations.
  21. Thanks for all of the replies! I'm packing our neoprene wine totes as they are padded and pack flat. We'll buy our wine in Civitavecchia after sampling several glasses prior to the cruise!
  22. My husband & I plan to bring two bottles of wine each in our carry-ons when we embark in Rome for our Sept. cruise to the Greek Isles & some ports in Italy. Earlier this summer there were threads on CC with posts about bar service not being available when in Greek ports, and we want to enjoy our wine on the balcony or at dinner before we depart each stop. We have the drink package so no worries about corkage fees. Just want to know if 2 bottles of wine each being brought onboard at embarkation is ok with NCL.
  23. I read this thread all of the time and have learned so much. I'll most likely never make it to the Haven, but I do book regular suites when they are available on the Jewel class ships. I'll truly miss all of the suite niceties on our September cruise when we are in a club balcony suite on the Breakaway. We booked for the itinerary and not the room...Most of all, I'll miss the almond croissants, unless one of you can let me in on secrets to get them smuggled out of the Haven!! Please keep posting all of the experiences as I find this to be the best thread...and maybe some day I'll win a bid!
  24. I just tried to Log in and got a 403- Forbidden Error The page says "Looks Like This Page Took a Permanent Vacation"......
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