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  1. After my interaction with customer service this morning I am willing to lose the deposit if it comes to that. The person I spoke to was definitely more on the absolutely awful side of the spectrum. Maybe they need a few more years to figure out their US operation but we will be sticking with others lines for now.
  2. Case 1. Florida says the CDC can't tell the cruiselines what to do. -Also- Case 2. Florida says Florida can tell the cruiselines what to do. At least Celebrity has found the middle ground in this mess.
  3. I know some people have qualms about Celebrity's customer service but MSC really takes inconsistency to a whole new level. We really wanted to try Yacht Club but with today's volatility I'm not making a final payment and crossing my fingers that it all works out.
  4. The US T&C's have spelled it out that YC is non-refundable (page 4). https://www.msccruisesusa.com/-/media/usa/documents/booking-terms-and-conditions.pdf There is no date on this document though. Unfortunately I don't have a traditional confirmation from the cruise line since this was booked through a TA. Looking old threads on the issue there have been several changes but no where does it show what policy applies to what booking and sail dates. At this point I may just cancel and hope I get my money back.
  5. Has anyone received any clarification on this or successfully cancelled a YC booking and received the full deposit back? I am getting conflicting answers which is really quite unacceptable for such a basic question.
  6. FWIW I don't think I have ever seen soda served from a gun on an S class ship? Everything is bottled or canned. Plenty of choices under the $9 limit and the bartenders usually look at your card to make sure you choose something within your package. We upgrade for the wine, sparkling water, World Class Bar options and martinis. They usually, although not consistently, will have some Vitamin Water type options as well.
  7. As usual, this comments have left me more conflicted than before 🤣 For our February cruise I think we will decide on Seashore YC or Apex with a coin toss.
  8. Interesting feedback. The comparisons between Celebrity, even a non-suite cabin, and Yacht Club are all over the place. We have a YC booked on the Seashore next winter. I still can't decide if we're going to go or replace it with another Celebrity cruise. I will say just from looking at menus the food in general doesn't have any appeal to me. YC pricing is also creeping closer and closer to Sky Suite pricing. In that case, Celebrity is an easy decision for us. We really enjoy the aesthetic of Celebrity ships and MSC isn't even close to the same caliber here. Even on their brand ne
  9. I was looking at the cruise planner to upgrade WiFi on an upcoming cruise. The Premier Pass option was there and includes: The Premier Pass℠ must be purchased by two guests and includes: Priority embarkation and debarkation One welcome bottle of Veuve Clicquot per stateroom Xcelerate Stream Wi-Fi (two devices) Inside Access tour (two guests) Officer’s lunch (two guests) Captain’s toast and photo Wine pairing with sommelier (two guests) – wine is complementary Laundry service (one bag per stateroom) The cruise planner price
  10. No, it's a regular balcony for the most part.
  11. We've stayed in both forward and aft facing and there isn't any discernible difference in the wind. Even if you had extreme winds you could just place the chairs a few feet back from the railing and be sheltered from almost all wind. As far as Carnival vs. Celebrity in my opinion there isn't much to compare. Totally different experiences.
  12. The unique thing about MSC is that they have been relying on a pre-cruise test and masks as their protocol for months and months now. Given the number of kids, Europeans and South Americans onboard, I think they are more likely to stick with what has worked for them so far rather than adopt a stringent vaccination protocol like Royal, Celebrity and Carnival. That's unfortunate for us because it would give us reason to cancel, but it would not be a surprise if masks were required all of the winter 21/22 season.
  13. We are not booked until February from Miami but received an email this morning asking to start the online check-in process to confirm vaccination status and accept the cruise contract. The links don't work so this may have been sent in error but it does look like they are trying to get their ducks in a row for winter cruises.
  14. Why is this such a point of contention? Show up when they ask to make things a little easier on everyone.
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