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  1. That is correct. However to the subject of the thread, the only 8 night cruises on Equinox are scheduled for the summer of 2021 out of Fort Lauderdale. Prices are negligible at this point since there is virtually zero likelihood that cruise sails 8 for nights.
  2. I wouldn't say the customer is unhappy. There is a tiny group of what, maybe 50, frequent posters here that are hyper sensitive and vocal. I think the 'normal' less critical, if you will, customer base doesn't care right now. The public impression is still that cruises are a floating petri dish. My most active cruising friends have come to the realization that things will change and they have written off cruising for a least the next year. No rapid fire bookings, no hours spent arguing with customer service reps, no weekly calls to the travel agent. Cancel everything and rebook whe
  3. I just want to know if the butlers will deliver the sex toys. That would be a game changer!
  4. Not surprising at all. The cruise lines have shown there is really no path forward.
  5. Curious -- what resort? From what I have seen, the Riviera Maya area resorts are at their max allowed capacity and have very little in place for effective covid prevention. Definitely would not visit one currently.
  6. Is this for the summer 2021 sailings? It won't matter since that cruise at 8 nights is not permitted under the CDC guidelines.
  7. Wait and few days and let the dust settle. Their own communication is oddly worded. I'm sure their own reps aren't clear since the Edge to Silhouette is phrased differently than the rest of the impacted cruises. "Move to Silhouette Long Caribbean OR; book any other Winter 2021/2022 Caribbean sailing at the prevailing rate...." The way this is worded could be posed as two options: 1. Move to Silhouette 2. Rebook another Caribbean cruise at prevailing rates If you love your current rate, don't shoot yourself in the foot to prove a point by immediatel
  8. I'm just glad the Millennials aren't the subject of all the backlash and rage. Sorry Gen X'ers, it's your turn. Signed, An older Millenial
  9. Equinox was in Miami yesterday. Now headed back to the Coco Cay area to sit and wait. No additional work has been done since the abbreviated updates were completed last year.
  10. Masks were not required. They thought their testing strategy was fail proof. Lesson learned. I’ve heard countless people who had exposure, get tested the very next day, then go about their lives like the negative test was their free pass. Apparently cruise lines don’t understand either. I really think it will be 2022 before cruises look any thing like normal.
  11. It effectively ends all of the various promotional and perk combinations that people here complain about endlessly. It is a profit grab. They have not sailed in 8 months and are bleeding cash. Without this profit grab and the additional grabs to come, there are no Celebrity cruises. At all.
  12. Bermuda has implemented very stringent COVID requirements. Depending on numbers throughout the winter months, I would be cautiously optimistic about visiting via cruise ship come spring.
  13. We only do Caribbean cruises and Celebrity is typically the best value for us, all things considered. What Princess ship are you referring to? Princess also just recently started the $40 pp/pd deal with the drink, WiFi, tips and OBC bundle so that is likely having an impact. Doing a random comparison between Sky Princess and Apex, Eastern Caribbean, in early February 2022 the Princess 4 perks deal is $560 total. Celebrity is $490 total for all 4 perks for 2 people. Celebrity typically charged $315+ pp for all 4 perks for those cruises, so it does appear they have impr
  14. It would be a no for us. Not worth the risk or the unknown. We would consider a resort stay before a cruise just for the amount of space to allow for distancing. However the photos I’ve seen of people at resorts leave the impression that most people have just drank away their COVID concerns.
  15. While some of those cruise YouTubers are like nails on a chalkboard, I would not be shocked at all if the cruiselines had to go back to square one on fleet deployments and itineraries during their restart period, which could last quite some time.
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