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  1. Essentially yes. If you were standing on deck 12 midship on Silhouette you would be in the pool. If you were standing in that same spot deck 12 onReflection, you would be standing in a cabin.
  2. It's not an entire extra deck. Reflection has the pools on deck 14. Silhouette has pools on deck 12. Reflection has additional cabins on deck 12 where the pool is located on Silhouette. The pool deck itself was brought up a deck on Reflection. If you look at pictures you can see on Reflection the jogging track and lawn are on the same deck. On Silhouette, you would need to go up a flight of stairs to access the lawn from the track.
  3. On Equinox the pool is on deck 12 with the buffet on 14 (no 13). Reflection has the pool and buffet on the same level which is deck 14. Reflection deck 12 is all cabins until the spa and gym area starts forward. Under the pool area is where the 'extra' deck exists. I actually like the setup of Reflection the best. The total count of 17 decks for either ship isn't correct since there is no deck 13.
  4. You need to take the week off. There is no room in the gym. I highly doubt you would be able to casually round up people to participate, or staff allowing it to happen even if you did.
  5. Entirely possible. That itinerary only runs twice during the winter season from San Juan, so it's more unique than the standard 7 night offerings out of San Juan. The 9 night ABC island routes from Fort Lauderdale are always expensive and seem to fill up early. With Silhouette being out of service during January into February, the 9 night ABC runs 3 times from Jan-March. It's also a little bit late in the game to book for optimum prices.
  6. Feb 11 is now missing from most websites. When it was posted for sale, maybe 1/3 of cabins were available. I wouldn't be surprised if they used it as a travel agent/social media cruise like they have done in the past. Feb 14 still looks like business as usual. We are on Feb 14 and have backup plans, just in case. I won't be canceling that cruise until final payment is due.
  7. With your distain for anything LGBT and "LLP" why on Earth would go continue to cruise on Celebrity or post on this site? Move on.
  8. On a Caribbean cruise the (former) Solstice Deck was frequently completely full.
  9. Celebrity considers it 30% obstructed. Here is the VR tour of the balcony and view: http://thecelebritycommitment.com/360/Staterooms/360_VT_6254_Obstructed/index.htm
  10. Princess has their Sip 'n Sail promo running right now which they only do once or twice a year. Looks like Celebrity needed to up the ante a bit.
  11. It is one of the larger balconies. Celebrity considers it 50% obstructed if that makes any difference in your decision. http://thecelebritycommitment.com/360/Staterooms/360_VT_6207_Obstructed/index.htm
  12. The percentages shown are not reflective of the total number of cabins available. It’s a percentage of the cabin categories available. If there was one single C1 cabin open, it would show that as an entire category with availability. I also doubt Caribbean cruises in August are a good metric to judge overall performance. I myself would rather not go bake in the FL and Caribbean heat and humidity in August. Late August is also when summer travel comes to a halt.
  13. Ideally we would find a line that's on par with Celebrity but a little less sleepy. We're in our late(r) 30's so typically on the younger end of the of the spectrum even for a Caribbean cruise. Virgin just doesn't seem to do it. 5 nights is too short, the prices are high, the 20% deposit is higher than normal and I'm undecided about the cabins. I also feel like they are aiming for an atmosphere more like a Las Vegas pool party or adults-only all inclusive place like a Breathless. Unfortunately, I don't like either of those places, at all. I think the concept is interesting and there is a decided gap in the market to fill, but I'm not sold yet.
  14. I think we use the same TA. You definitely need to specify which category you want if you book over the phone and make sure it's the best value. We consistently get a C2 (for C3 fare) for a lower price than most other regular veranda categories. I assume they have limited inventory within the group for each category so sometimes the prices don't make much sense.
  15. It might be listed as FriendFamily. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it. Call to confirm (and ask about what perks are included since it can differ) but you should be set either way. We almost always book group rates at substantial discounts.
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