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  1. We're staying put at our lake house for the time being. We pulled it from the rental market before the summer season started so we had a place to get away to. All inclusives don't compare to a cruise in my opinion. We've done mid priced to high end AI's (if that's a thing) and we think they are all essentially the same. They all have the same rotation of cheesy restaurants, the accommodations themselves are mediocre and the clientele at the adults only properties are not our cup of tea. We can do a regular resort that falls on the more pricy side and do food on our own and still spend less than we would at an AI. I do follow a few fan pages for a couple of AI's that we've stayed at in the past. The guests seem to be taking zero precautions, so that does not leave me very eager to go back either.
  2. They have repeatedly posted on social media as to what they process is. Customers weren't happy with the speed but that's a separate issue. You need an explanation of why they have to issue refund in the manner they are? I wouldn't hold my breath. It's a manual process, it takes a long time and they are absolutely swamped with at least ~7 months of cancellations, changes and refunds. Seems fairly straight forward.
  3. If we could fly to a spot we’ve been on a cruise? Grand Cayman. We’ve rented houses there with friends a few times since first visiting as a cruise stop. Food is pricy on the island but the house rentals are reasonable. It’s an easy trip from Chicago. Driving? We have a house in Saugatuck, Michigan so that would be our obvious choice.
  4. Other than some exceptionally optimistic opinions, I have seen or heard nothing that would indicate with any degree of certainty that cruises will resume anytime soon. Crews just got home (most of them), CDC has said nothing, countries are still closed, we don’t know any opening guidelines or regulations... other than some hopeful target dates and an opinion by the RCCL CFO that there will not be a ‘new normal’ (which is his pipe dream)...we have nothing.
  5. January/February is when we would normally cruise but it's not worth the hassle this year. Too many unknowns. I'm not even convinced cruising with proceed by then anyway. Instead we booked a fully refundable resort, don't have to pay until arrival and will book flexible air tickets when the time comes. More expensive than the cruise cabins I usually book, but it's a way easier option.
  6. With the mount of rebooking occurring from Lift and Shift and the additional FCC credits, I wouldn't expect prices to lower anytime soon.
  7. I think that's the objective. They don't want cruises coming in this year.
  8. Today Infinity is in St. Nazaire, France to pick up crew from the Apex. They will continue on to another stop in Athens then head to India.
  9. Most sailing are blocked from getting beyond selecting a cabin category. They are in the process of coming down. It takes time.
  10. A chargeback is esentially the end result of a dispute if the merchant is proven to be in the wrong. The consumer technically doesn't 'file a chargeback'. The chargeback isn't the decision of the consumer. The dispute is.
  11. I'm not sure I follow the rationale here. Of course if Celebrity determined the agent was directly responsible for an event that resulted in a chargeback, that makes some sense. If the chargeback attempt is the result of the consumer being unhappy with the speed of refunds (which is what 99% of the complaints here are about) I don't see how this in any way impacts the travel agent. There is also an endless stream of inaccurate information posted here about disputes, chargebacks, how it works, who is responsible, etc. which isn't helping the situation for the consumer or the merchant.
  12. Has anyone successfully transferred a past cancelled booking using the new program? We were scheduled in March 2020 so our cruise was obviously cancelled. The 125% has already been issued. At first the TA said we were eligible to forfeit the 125% FCC and move that booking to March 2021. Now I have a separate email saying that move is not possible. The FAQ’s say: If I have a Future Cruise Credit of 125% issued from a suspended sailing, can reschedule the same cruise at the same price with the same promo for the next year? Yes, but you will forfeit 25% of the 125% Future Cruise Credit. Anyone had any luck?
  13. I posted about that point a few days ago. If slow refunds are such a hot topic, what if they can sail but have to cut capacity to satisfy new regulations, including cutting some of those already booked. The complaints will be endless. I also wouldn't be surprised a single bit if sailings get shorted and routes get altered substantially to account for changes along these lines. The suspension of operations is just one part of what's bound to be a really bumpy few years.
  14. Allure...but it is purely mechanical at this point. I wouldn't really consider at a 'refurbishment' since now, nothing passenger facing is expected to change.
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