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  1. According to the official RCI policy: For purposes of this Policy, your “Traveling Party” means your family members living with you in the same household and traveling companions assigned to your stateroom on the cruise.
  2. I have never had a reason to book with Flights by Celebrity but I had a few questions about 2 upcoming cruises. On my cruise booked 2 months ago FBC offered me these two options. Exact same flights. They do ask for your cruise reservation number. I am not to select these on the website so I'm not entirely sure they were supposed to sell me these tickets but they definitely did. I would try calling them directly. First Class: Celebrity $561 (matches the website with discount) United $844 Economy: Celebrity $306 (matches the website with discount) United $486
  3. That part is correct, the FCC is still equal to your original fare so there is no real loss. We do rack up some hefty spend onboard from time to time so keeping the large OBC may be a factor in canceling or going.
  4. A question for those who have gained OBC from the Best Price Guarantee. If I recieve OBC due to a price adjustment but then cancel the cruise under the CWC terms, does the OBC carry forward? In the past I believe the answer was no, OBC disappears, but I can't find this specific circumstance mentioned on the FAQ's.
  5. To follow up on this old post, I did get my YC deposit refunded. This was for a YC booking I made in late January 2021 for a February 2022 sailing. I canceled the cruise through a travel agent on July 29 and received my deposit back on Sep 14. I could never find anything specifically that broke down the fee schedule based on the changing guidelines except for what is currently online.
  6. Sorry if I missed it, but was this before or after final payment?
  7. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with this new brand strategy or just coincidental but our next cruise dropped about $1,300 from when I booked it 3 days ago.
  8. Ehhh...they also say "You should consider this as a back-up alternative should you not be able to make arrangements". People gripe all the time about slow boarding. Wait until a few thousand people per ship 'couldn't get a test' at home and show up to test on embarkation day. I'll get mine at home....
  9. That's probably what you should be doing regardless of a 2 or 3 day window. In addition to catching obvious positive cases, hopefully the test requirements makes people become a little more cognizant and aware of their actions before they cruise. Maybe this year isn't the year to spend your usual XX days pre-cruise in a COVID crockpot like Florida.
  10. Because others will move too. It creates a domino effect of cabin moves. And there’s also a good chance suites are not entirely sold out.
  11. The official Celebrity policy is here https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/cel-covid-19-cancellations-and-refunds-policy.pdf The country’s own requirements would supersede anything Celebrity offers, although the gist of Celebrity’s policy is they cover any costs incurred.
  12. All indications point to bookings naturally falling in place at levels they are comfortable with. They have closed certain categories early and closed sailings early in July but I’ve yet to hear of anyone having been removed or rebooked due to capacity constraints. I expect bookings to get lighter Sept-Nov since those are not particularly popular months for Caribbean sailings. The extension and changes to CWC will probably bring down bookings a little bit too.
  13. I just used a two pack for two people this weekend.
  14. On the app or website? It usually due to them loading a newly returning ship into service in the app and they are using your profile as a test passenger. Same thing happened when Equinox returned. Nothing to be concerned with.
  15. There are two. The antigen self-test is not allowed. The only one acceptable is the COVID AgCard Home Test. A two pack is $69. Quite a bit more expensive than the $23 self test. You do it through a video visit with a healthcare prover. We just used them this weekend. Extremely easy and takes 15 minutes. You are going to complain to who (?) that a product expired?
  16. It's really very simple with most carriers anymore. Phone goes in airplane mode, connect to the ship WiFi, then use your phone like you're at home. There is no difference at all. You do need Stream rather than Surf to use WiFi calling or any other streaming content. No special apps needed. When you're off the ship in port, check with your carrier. Our plan has Mexico and Canada included so again, use the phone just like normal. Almost all carriers have some sort of International Package that will give you an inexpensive day rate if you want to use your phone on land. Ours is $10/day. Super easy. With ship WiFi there is really no reason to look into the cruise specific packages that some of the carriers still offer.
  17. I understand this throws your cruising plans into disarray but it is common practice for cruiselines to follow the rules and regulations of the ship's homeport country. Your other option is to cruise out of a port that has more workable guidelines fitting your circumstances. This is well outlined on Celebrity's website https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety
  18. JJ Cruise is a newer channel. Mostly Carnival and RCL content now so not much interest to me personally but Carnival fans may find it interesting. Also appears they fund their own travel so the coverage may be a little less biased than some.
  19. If you have an iPhone just use the native Message app. Way easier. You can chat through the Celebrity app but there are no notifications. You are able to chat with anyone onboard by searching their name within the app but it's not very useful without notifications.
  20. It's due to construction at the docks.
  21. The USVI have only banned ships carrying unvaccinated individuals who otherwise qualify to get a vaccine. I don't think this was ever confirmed or published by anyone other than Royal Caribbean.
  22. It's a total toss up right now. I would not book something if one particular port is a must-do. We are trying to sail sometime this fall and will go with the ship being the appeal versus the ports since things are so unpredictable.
  23. Edge has 4 main MDR's. Each dining room has a few signature items each evening. You can eat at all of them or stick to one. Your choice. The included Surf internet package does not support WiFi calling or streaming content. You need to upgrade to Stream for that. Never had an issue with FaceTime. If you don't want items off the premium drink menu it's not worth it to upgrade. You can try Classic for a few days and upgrade if it's not working for you. Or just pay the difference per item if you are a light drinker.
  24. They aren't flying a helicopter from Tampa. It's a medivac jet that will transfer to Fort Lauderdale. Several reasons for the helicopter. Moving a patient from the ship into a helicopter at sea is always the absolute last resort. They would need Coast Guard or equivelent support. If they feel the patient is safer onboard than they would be at a facility on land, they will keep the patient on board until they can get them transferred to their end desintation. They will either briefly dock or if it's safe enough, use a tender to transfer the patient from ship to land to air transport.
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