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  1. Absolutely! We can do a Zoom cocktail party and we'll all match! 😄
  2. You were being sarcastic but the difference is the Princess Group A is going to areas that were agreed upon by Princess, the tour leader and probably locaal authoriites to be cleaned prior to the group arrival, and to have no other people there whilst the group is there. They will be in a "bubble", no wandering off, shopping on their own, mingling with the locals, etc. Group B, private tour, has no such agreements, they may mix and mingle at leisure.
  3. What is your source of information that positive tests persist much longer after you are recovered?
  4. Happy Birthday Don, and thank you for the excellent summary! Here's to hopefully safely cruising soon!!❣️🥂
  5. Any comments on B737 on Royal or Sky? 🥰
  6. Geez, anti- cruise ship lately Potstech?
  7. Give the cruise lines some credit for integrity; they will probably extend the expiration date...and we didn't "just learn" that they expire... They already extended the expiration on the bonus gift cards that people had paid for cruises...
  8. I'll keep my eyes peeled, appreciate the tip!😁😃 Hoping for safe sailing soon in the rowboat,😊
  9. What I said was that you were paying for a SWEET aft, not a SUITE aft😂
  10. Caviar dreams and hamburger budget my love 😄❣
  11. We like the aft balconies, like B737 and B739. I don't have pics...:(
  12. The other factor for cruiser lines is the onboard spending drop of decreased occupancy...
  13. Our 2022 14 day TA, Premium Deluxe Balcony, true aft, with Princess Plus is $250pp from Southampton on the Sky including taxes and fees. I'm very happy with that. Also getting shareholder and military OBC, plus from our TA.😊
  14. I believe it means trusting that the cruiseline isn't going bankrupt, also a gamble that we are willing to take on Princess.
  15. We're in for the TA 😁😃 Jo and Tom
  16. It's not stopping us; I'm working the pandemic. We had refunds coming, had to wait. Princess wasn't the only one. We are booked in 2022. We have always taken ship excursions due to their guarantees and always will, so that definitely doesn't bother us. We're ready and will go if it seems safe at the time.
  17. Thank you @WNcruiser for a good link! I thought the measures were quite stringent in a good way
  18. I know that this is the Princess Boards, but here is what MSC is rolling out: https://*****/advice/what-s-hot/news/msc-cruises-announces-health-safety-protocol?utm_source=MarketingCloud&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter+08+05+2020&utm_content=https%3a%2f%2fcruiseline.com%2fadvice%2fwhat-s-hot%2fnews%2fmsc-cruises-announces-health-safety-protocol
  19. Our cruise was cancelled May 5; On July 27 all of our FCC were in place. we are more than happy. Thank you Princess. xoxo 🥰
  20. I enjoyed being on the Zoom panel (Voljeep, I'm c-boy's wife 😄 ) From the beginning, we were told that the topic/theme was destinations, so I knew that there wasn't going to be a deep dive into refunds, COVID, etc., and I was okay with that, as COVID is what my 10-12 hour workday consists of. For those who thought that getting an invite was based on cruise: we have cruised once with Princess and had three cancelled due to COVID. That one single cruise was enough to make us love Princess though, because they made us feel at home from the moment we stepped on. At any rate,
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