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  1. So Royal is competing with the private islands in Cozumel?
  2. Thank you. I guess Carnival is sticking with the proven platform.
  3. What about the larger Carnival cruise ship that was rumored?
  4. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ports-destinations/portmiami-seeks-design-build-proposals-cruise-terminal-g Miami-Dade County issued a request for design-build services for Royal Caribbean Group's Cruise Terminal G at PortMiami. The project is part of a terminal usage agreement approved in 2022. Terminal G was completed in 1999 for Voyager of the Seas and was enhanced in 2013. Ability to handle Icon-class ships The new terminal is expected to handle the latest Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises ships, including those of the Icon class with capacity for more than 7,000 passengers. It will be built to the county's sustainable buildings ordinance and have a multi-level shared parking garage with ground-level intermodal facility, connecting roadways and a provisioning building. It will occupy both the existing site and PortMiami’s 1963-era administration building.
  5. While great for the consumer to have a four day cruise to Cozumel from Galveston, and include Costa maya ( axe Progresso) on an Oasis class ship, this may hurt the seven day sailings also on an Oasis class ship. It would require a variety of seven day itineraries to maintain interest. Belize is working on a port island that will be a destination onto itself. Maybe send an Oasis class from Galveston, Jamaica, Belize, Cozumel then home. Or take somehow stretch it from Galveston to the private port in the D.R. and include Jamaica.
  6. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Royal-Caribbean-reveals-Caribbean-cruises-2025-26 Hope that she has been updated like the other Oasis Class ships by then.
  7. Why do you state that about the Oasis class ships going to short itineraries? Other than Allure, what other Oasis class ships shorter milk runs? Trying to imagine Oasis selling out of Miami to Bahamas for a three day cruise at $99 with 5K guests.
  8. Used to live in New Orleans and take the ferry across from Algiers. Would watch the then smaller cruise ships do their 180 degree dance. I see the river is 2000 feet wide at the turning point, but I doubt NOL is getting an EXL class. Especially with Galveston next door feeding the west and midwest traffic flows. And just as important, could the NOL terminal handle such large numbers? As twisty and winding the River is to the Gulf, the axipods are getting a workout. Be interesting to know if there are more wear and tear on ships serving NOLA.
  9. Is the Vista or Dream too long to turn around in the Mississippi?
  10. Buy your airline ticket in advance and the price will not be that different. Coming off a cruise you just want to get home, not sit for a slow bus ride home.
  11. Very interesting, Royal is trying to get ahead of the curve or lock in lower prices now. Nothing stops Carnival from ordering both classes of ships at the same time. Per the article, if true, both shipyards are selling hard for work to take them into the 2030s Carnival will get a great deal (even floor mats thrown in, and of course extended warranty LOL) on the Icon class competitor and Conquest/Spirit replacement class.
  12. I wondered that too, they must be very confident of their position in the market.
  13. Will it be a variation of the Helios Class or something different?
  14. So while other brands upgauge, the ships that are being replaced at other brands will migrate over to Carnival because they are newer and can replace ships approaching 30 years of age.
  15. Isn't the Sun Princess a version of the XL class? So what you are stating ( and I kind of agree) expect a larger XL class type of ship. Eventually the smaller ports are going to need a new class of ship. Spirit Class, Conquest and Sunshine classes cannot sell forever, though paid for. Carnival cannot send the Dream to Tampa, Baltimore, or Mobile.
  16. More info from different sources. https://www.cruisehive.com/are-huge-new-carnival-owned-cruise-ships-coming/120990 https://cruiseradio.net/carnivals-plan-for-more-mega-cruise-ships/ https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/shipbuilding-refurb-equipment/carnival-signals-cruise-newbuild-orders-cards-probable-2027-delivery
  17. Oops, thanks Payne AS Mods please delete.
  18. Despite having 30 Billion in long term debt, Carnival rumored to order 4 new 200K ton ships worth 7.5 Billion. https://www.cruisehive.com/are-huge-new-carnival-owned-cruise-ships-coming/120990 https://cruiseradio.net/carnivals-plan-for-more-mega-cruise-ships/ https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/shipbuilding-refurb-equipment/carnival-signals-cruise-newbuild-orders-cards-probable-2027-delivery
  19. Belize is building an island that can handle four Oasis size ships, no more tendering, at least from the ship. The island will be a destination port. Smart move. Don't think Grand Cayman wants larger ships, hence why they keep stalling on building a port. I agree, more itineraries containing some of the east Caribbean would be nice.
  20. The next time you cruise out of Galveston, ask your fellow passengers where they are from. Galveston is the cruise gateway for the midwest, west and yes, even northeast. Galveston is the #4 busiest cruise port, if you are major cruise company eventually one needs to be in Galveston. Even NCL and Disney gives a nod to Galveston. This is MSC's way of tapping into the midwest and west cruisers.
  21. How does it compare to Royal's new terminal in embarkation and debarkation? Did they fix the passenger pick up and drop off in front of the terminal?
  22. https://www.galveston.com/webcams/cruisevideocam/ If one wants to see it.
  23. They have actually turned it down over the years. Remember being in Cozumel 10 year ago thinking was thumping at the stop light…………It was our ship. LOL!
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