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  1. Hi - I did a live blog from this cruise last year and I hope that you can follow this link - p2 starts with Tromso. On our sailing, there was a shuttle. But you can read our experience if you want to here: This was a wonderful cruise!
  2. In my experience, they took our room number at the front desk of The Restaurant and then off we went to the assigned table. I believe that RJ2002 is on spot.
  3. The CT Restaurant is a welcome oddity from the mass market ships IMHO. I like having the excitement of "what's next?", so I would have to disagree with changing CT to somethjng else. I did not like everything served, but I found the whole experience to be refreshing. We paid an extra $100 per person on large ship for "The Chef's Table", but it was very different. Only 20 people so you basically had to run once you got on the ship to secure a spot ahead of 4000 pax. Crazy stress. VO, no stress. If you are still hungry because you didn't like the meal so much, you just head up to World Cafe to grab something else afterwards. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Thank you mollymoo. Somewhat disappointing. The Star ran like clockwork on our first VO. We are booked next on the Sky. I hope the bugs are out by January!
  5. For all venues (World Cafe, The Restaurant, Chef's Table, Mamsens and Manfredi's), we had dinner for two for all meals except one - on lobster night when it was pretty crowded and we showed up at a popular time. We chose to join two other couples and had a very nice time getting to know more people. We could have waited for a table for two - it was never much of a wait. We have cruised for years, and our first VO cruise was the first time we met people that I made a point of remembering their names. I feel like we made friends. We like to have dinner for two, but it was very pleasant to share a meal with others as well. Shout out to our new friends EBurke, Screen-gem, Jim and Kerry (from lobster night), and all my other peeps from Into the Midnight Sun June 30th sailing!
  6. Yes, cuppachinos are included. The entertainment is really not like the large ships. On our sailing, there was nightly piano music and guitar music (not together but at different times) in the atrium. There was a show in the theater each night, but it was probably more of a lounge show than a production. The larger shows were an ensemble cast singing and dancing but not the same broadway type shows that I've seen on NCL. Still, something to do in the evening. There was a very interesting flutist that performed her music paired to images or video - it was surprising good to me. Also, there was an entertainer that was billed as a singer, but his comedy was what I thought was best about his act. On the Star, the cruise director and assistant cruise director were entertaining and talented. (note: I am usually annoyed by the cruise director on large ships.) They have movie screenings out by the pool (covered pool- retractable roof) some nights or maybe all (?). I never went, but walked by one night. Folks had head phones and were on comfy pool loungers with blankets and, I think, popcorn. There is a band that plays every night for dancing in Torshavn bar. I never went, but folks on this site rave about it being a lot of fun. One of the best things about Viking is the enrichment or as I would say daytime entertainment. The port talks were in the theater and often standing room only. I enjoyed the Chef's cooking demo. Excursions... the included excursions are often a bus ride overview of the area. Some combine walking with bus, but usually mostly bus and stopping for brief looks at monuments or overlooks. The times do book up for the included tours so if you want to do a paid tour and also an included tour at the same port (not always possible with timing overlaps), then you should be prepared to sign on when the reservations open and book the times that work as soon as possible. If there are paid tours you are interested in, I've heard that it's best book and pay for them first. Folks have missed out because they put the tour in their cart, but didn't buy it soon enough and it sold out. We had limited ability to switch times for included tours on the ship, but can't rely on the availability. The first tour time was popular. I hope that I answered some of your questions. The website and other threads here should help you out.
  7. No one mentioned the living art in the Chef's Table... we loved that! I missed noticing it the first 2 visits. Look for it! When the Chef's Table was busy, it was not pleasant. Noisy chatter and dropped dishes crashing. Our 1st and 3rd visits to CT were very pleasant. We had the same staff for those two visits, and I liked them very much. All in all a fun time. We liked the MDR very much. No real complaints there. Wish I were eating there tonight...
  8. Very nice photos! I'm amazed at the photo with no people in it at Nordkapp! Fun to relive the trip through your camera lens. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Scallops with pumpkin puree (we substituted the pumpkin puree from a different entree if I remember correctly). I would have had that meal a couple more times if offered!
  10. I have a small Pac Safe backpack that I use for travel; I ordered it through TravelSmith. It is handy, and has locking zippers and cut safe fabric.
  11. "There was so much to do, see, learn and so little time! " (by TayanaLorna) We have been saying the same thing. Where was all the time I planned to spend reading? I came home with 6 unread books on my kindle. The cruise was packed with activity and had such a great assembly of ports. We loved it! We met so many more people on this cruise than on previous NCL cruises (where we tend to try to ignore all of the other people). Most of the people on the Star for Into the Midnight Sun were so pleasant and friendly... just a great time!
  12. Nice, now I feel like I didn't miss the sail in! Thanks for the great review.
  13. We were sorry not to meet you while on board. Screen-gem and I talked about how we should have thought ahead and planned a second get together. By the time we did, it was that last sea day and it was really too late to get a message out to everyone. Had we been thinking about it sooner, Viking might have been willing to put the notice out to everyone on the list... something to think about for other cruisers. We met so many great people on this cruise. I think that the format of Viking Ocean really encourages this. Note - Many of us were wondering about you elizabetho55! You now have that mystery woman quality. :D
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