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  1. Limited cruises will occur September or October 2021. All ships will be cruising by June 2022.
  2. The CDC is not making anyone cruise. If you do not believe cruising is safe do not cruise.
  3. My age and all my health problems makes me a very high risk. I will not cruise until threat is over and it is safe to cruise again. I have not idea when that will be.
  4. Cruise ships won't sail until the threat of COVID19 is eliminated. Cruise lines can not afford another episode of illness on their ships. when they start sailing again , they will take some additional steps. Health screening, temperature checks, and sanitizing. Self serve in buffet will be eliminated. Social distancing is impossible without reducing the number of passengers to a level that would make cruising financially impossible. We have to wait and see and hope.
  5. Not much more stringent than prior to COVID19. Cruising will not resume until COVID19 is out of the picture. A questionnaire asking about symptoms and illnesses and body temperature.
  6. The new rules are a result of COVID19. Cruise Ships will not be sailing until COVID19 is no longer a threat. Then I believe they will create new rules that will not eliminate 80% of cruisers. If they don't those ships will be sailing almost empty.
  7. I don't believe there will be much change. Cruising will not resume until after the threat of COVID19 is over. Dining is a big part of cruising and making it unpleasant would discourage people from cruising.
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