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  1. Agreed. I thought it was possible to go to reception and request a specific disembarkation time, and I imagine the OP would want one around 8am.
  2. Which ship was this please? Don't remember seeing any litre bottles of wine in the wine shop (?), and we certainly didn't get a voucher, although our cruise was only 24 nights.
  3. That does not really answer the OP's question. He wants to get off as soon as possible, and not wait around.
  4. I get the feeling that P&O, like many other companies, are literally flying by the seat of their pants (sorry!), trying to find hundreds of spare aircraft seats of any type following the demise of TC. I agree that given this scenario, it is sheer madness to try and implement a new cruise personaliser system at present. Whatever people may think about P&O ships and cruises, the one thing I think we can all agree on, is that their IT department and systems are just dreadful.
  5. Probably one of the best speakers/lecturers of any type that I have listened to on or off cruuse ships. Sorry for the thread drift!
  6. You can get off earlier if you take your luggage off yourself, and you should be ok with this timing, if absolutely everything goes to schedule. Hope you have a Plan B though!
  7. In theory, it is one litre per person, but at Southampton no one checks. Your luggage gets scanned, but this is done by port security staff, who are interested in more serious items than a wine box.
  8. We got the 36 pamphlet from P&O on Saturday. With no pricing it was pretty useless. Today we received from a well known Derbyshire TA the complete new schedule, complete with pricing for the main cabin categories. If they can do it, why can't P&O?
  9. I enjoyed my job, but realised in my 50s that the near constant travelling, monthly jet lag, plus driving 40,000 miles a year was likely to mean that the chances of being able to enjoy my retirement were becoming remote. Hence my decision to totally change my way of life.
  10. Agreed, which is what we have done. Ford instead of a BMW = more money in the bank.
  11. They should have moved to Spain like I did. Dealing with Spanish bureaucracy, trying to get our electricity reconnected every time we had a storm, and pruning our olive and almond trees kept me young! Plus the red wine of course.
  12. But buying a house, or to a lesser extent, a car, means that you are buying an asset, which, in the worst case scenario, has some value. Going into debt to buy a holiday is madness.
  13. 8 months might be a bit excessive, but I always reckoned that you should have the equivalent of 6 months salary as savings before making any extravagant discretionary expenditure. As Harold Macmillan said "Events, dear boy ".
  14. That's one if the reasons I stopped working in my 50s and went to live in Spain for a few years. Did all the financial calculations, and knew that financially I would be worse off than if I carried on working for another 10 years, but that those 10 years would be years I would never have again. Have never had a moments regret.
  15. You'll be OK on Viking, but not on P&O!
  16. Had my flu shot and pneumonia jab on Saturday. Knowing my luck, I'll probably now get measles!
  17. I agree, but Darren's wife will be happy!
  18. Sorry to hijack Darren's thread, but can you tell me what you thought of the ports you visited. We are considering this cruise, but have read conflicting views on the "quality" of the ports [end of season, businesses shut up, not much to see etc]
  19. You could look at a cruise around the Canaries. I wouldn't worry about the Atlantic - the Mediterranean can be every bit as rough.
  20. In that case, the answer is easy - another Celebrity cruise in the Mediterranean.
  21. We have a table for two 48 weeks of the year. My wife wants a table of 10 on a cruise, ideally with me on another table entirely. I don't understand it - she always used to laugh at my three jokes.
  22. Mass market lines cater for hundreds of diners. If the meal is better than the local Chamber of Commerce annual dinner I will be happy!
  23. It seems to me that there are a large number of men on here pontificating about why they should be allowed to wear more or less whatever they want. It would be interesting to hear what the ladies think. If you put on a special dress, make up, stilettos etc, are you happy if your other half wears a t shirt and shorts?
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