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  1. Not much help to you, but Princess have records of our first cruise with them back in 1999. Amazing really, because it was 17 years before we cruised with them again !
  2. I totally accept that there must be availability, but as you know, they cancelled all flights to St Lucia, so that leaves a greatly reduced number of seats.
  3. No Brainer - balcony everytime. Why go all the way to the Carribean and not have a balcony to enjoy ? Given the reduction in flights, I'm somewhat surprised that there is any availability at all !
  4. Yes, JIT policies, also known as "Jesus, It's There!"
  5. I reckon this has been a bit of a wake up call for the government. Most Government ministers have no idea of business, and don't realise how interdependent the supply chain is. Without action, the shelves would actually have been bare by the end of next week.
  6. And so the "dumbing down " continues ! Whats the betting that Our Vera just has a "dress to impress " night.
  7. But surely if you are doing circular laps the effect is the same?
  8. There is no way that we will be stting foot on either of them !
  9. I have to say that Mrs W gets really "wound up" by those peoole who deliberately walk against the flow. Hopefully she will never encounter Britboys!
  10. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading these various posts and looking at the photographs, and people seem to have had a good time. However, am I the only one who now feels more than ever that Iona is not for me !
  11. I think that tends to be more of a US situation. The OP is from the UK, where TAs mainly discount fares, rather than offer "goodies".
  12. We use the prom deck to get in our daily 5 mile walk, so we tend to walk at a faster rate than most. I fully understand why you want to go against the requested traffic flow, but after we have passed you 10 times or so, we will have run out of things to say to you, and you will be fed up with seeing us!
  13. Nothing to do with that. It's the inflationary effect after 20 years.
  14. I would respectfully suggest that the OP is wrong about the speciality dining. I have never seen it offered, and it would be physically impossible to offer, given the uptake of PP and the sizes of the speciality restaurants.
  15. That may be the case with US clientele, but is not the case with other nationalities.
  16. From late October (date tbc) you will only be required to do a lateral flow test within two days of entry to the UK. Exactly how the testing regime will be handled is still to be determined.
  17. Given that Sky will have been cruising constantly since early September, there will be no need for a shakedown cruise.
  18. But the respondents on CC are a minute percentage of overall cruisers. Just because posters here say they tip, you cannot extrapolate that to include all cruisers. Unless the wait staff give service over and above the norm, there is no need to tip.
  19. You are allowed to take on board one litre of alcohol per person ( wine or spirits ) The decision about buying the package deoends very much on your alcohol consumption. The point to note is that every adult in the cabin has to purchase it.
  20. Thanks - just interested in your choice of ship, obviously I understand why you dont want to give out dates.
  21. No one is a cash customer. Everyone uses the medallion, and if you want to tip you can do so, package or not.
  22. That would be my stance as well. I don't see the point of trying to defend the indefensible.
  23. Never noticed the one way mirrors at Southampton, or perhaps I just wasn't looking for them ! Interestingly, not only can you be fined if you do not complete the form, but so can P&O as well, so it is in P&O's interest to ensure that everyobe has wifi access so as to complete the documentation.
  24. Interesting to note that with Princess you can input this information into their app, with no need to contact anyone. Hopefully in due course P&O will update their technology similarly.
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