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  1. We are doing our first Alaskan cruise, sailing out of Vancouver in late August. We have never been to Vancouver & will have from 2pm Friday until boarding (time undetermined) on Sunday. We will be staying at The Fairmount (hopefully, have a waitlist for 2 nights with Holland America). Trying to make a plan so we make good use of our time. Suggestions / advise / recommendations are all welcome Thank you
  2. What is the difference between a Marv & Harv tour & a Jayleen tour, do you know? They look similar, but ther is a $30pp difference.
  3. Is that bad scenery? I keep reading .. “you’ll be disappointed going Northbound”🤨 Is Queen Charlotte Strait or the Sound nor scenic? What will be missed “in the narrow part of the passage” while we’re sleeping? I am very nervous I made a huge mistake booking Northbound
  4. Do you have a deck preference? We’re looking at Aft deck 7 but our friends are looking at Deck 8. I notice Deck 4 is higher priced?
  5. Deck 4 true aft are more than deck 7 true aft
  6. We are sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam & noticed Deck 4 aft cabins are priced higher than deck 7. Can you explain why? I was alway under the impression that higher decks were better, as long as not right under the pool
  7. Not sure who you are sailing with, nor when, however Buffalo is between $900 & $1200 per person. Not non-stop but no boarder traffic issues. Yes you have customs, however you’re on the plane & in Vancouver, better issues there than Niagara Falls. I’ve looked into Toronto also but the savings isn’t enough to fight the boarder. We are sailing the end of August & through Holland have gotten $920pp.
  8. Unacceptable - the Bills played on Thanksgiving 2022. Great info to have, I’m booking a 2025 fall cruise & no football is not an option
  9. We are on Nieuw Amsterdam in aft 7143. Looked yesterday because some friends now want to join us & noticed that to aft cabins on deck 4 are at a higher cost than on deck 7. I was always under the impression the higher decks were more in demand & cost more. I was surprised deck 4, being so low, was more than deck 7
  10. Yes they are both VB, Deck 4 is about $350 more than on Deck 7. I was just always under the impression lower decks were lower prices. @Haldo1935 thinks the lower aft cabins have a larger balcony. Sounds like I need to do some research & possibly change cabins
  11. I was always under the impression cabins on higher decks were more than the lower decks. Now I’m seeing on the NA in August an Aft cabin on deck 4 is more than one on deck 7. Can anyone explain this? Thank you
  12. This makes me sad - one of the reasons we choose NA was because of BBKingd 💔
  13. I’m on NA in August on Deck 7 & am looking forward (aft really) to our first week of daily aft views
  14. Has anyone rented a bike for the day while in port? Positive? Negative? Yes? No? We’d love to ride but not sure there use enough time
  15. Can anyone give thoughts/advice on an Arctic Circle trip from Fairbanks? I’ve looked into a few & would like some “firsthand” reviews. I see Holland does a fly up & back but see one that is fly up/drive back by an Independent company (Arctic Circle Tours?) We’ll be there the beginning of September so hoping to also luck out & see The Northern Lights on this trip. I’m thinking this will add 1 or 2 nights in Fairbanks? I guess another thought is …. Is this trip really worth the time/cost? should we do it from Denali - adding a day there as compared to adding in Fairbanks. I know I’m all over with this bit would appreciate thoughts - your experiences
  16. I’m thinking just book an Aft view cabin & you’ll get the best views? (Being able to see both sides?)
  17. THANK YOU GTJ - quite a bit of info to digest. I know I do not want White Pass only, debating on other options. @kayehall, I question that also. We looked at doing the full day trip to Bennett Lake but now question if that is too much
  18. What is the name of the tour operator that does the Bering Sea Crab tour?
  19. Never thought of flying Seattle to Vancouver. I’ll look into that. Also, @martincath I could not agree more — my time & energy are worth a few extra bucks to go directly to Vancouver. I thought if the ferry or train were easy enough it would be a nice scenic trip, but I don’t want a hassle
  20. @Crew News - this review is wonderful. I hope you’re taking time to enjoy yourself & not just answering all our question. If the opportunity presents itself, please inquire as to what will be done during Neiuw Amsterdams dry dock in December. Thank you in advance
  21. Mind my asking what aft view cabin you are in? I'll be on the NA in August '24 in aft view deck 7. I've never sailed Holland nor aft view. Interested in your info on the cabin
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