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  1. We are sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam Aug 25, 2024. We choose this ship because of BB Kings & Tamarind. Going northbound to end in Fairbanks hoping for a better Northern Lights view
  2. I am looking for thoughts/reviews from anyone who has said her this summer in Alaska. Is anyone on her this week? We are looking at a balcony cabin & wondering if you feel one deck is better than another. I think an aft view would be great. While in Glacier Bay, can you hear the naturalists comments over the PA system? Being on my own balcony away from crowds would be nice, but I do not want to miss any good info (yes I want it all 🤓) What are you’re thoughts on the food, & the ship in general? Also wondering what anyone who has sailed this summer felt about the land portion Thanks Maggie
  3. @Mtn2Seapleasecknow this is NOT a Holland nor AARP glitch. YOU use different names(on official sites) this issue is on you
  4. We're now looking at Sapphire Princess instead. Any comment on those aft balconies compared to Nieuw Amsterdam's? Or the ships in general for that matter
  5. Sounds like there is a need for a special Guest Services line. Are there that many issues that you know you’ll need guest services on every cruise?
  6. Can I book a guarantee verandah, then add Club Orange to get an aft cabin?
  7. A few questions I have - which may be silly but …. Is the Club Orange section of the MDR by the windows & are there tables for 2? Since there is a separate check in line, would CO pay for itself to expedite the craziness I’m reading about in Vancouver? Would I book a standard verandah & get upgraded (based on availability) to an aft balcony, premium verandah? I’m not sure how to tell what they mean by the same category. I’m trying to decide if the tote bag is worth $350 🤣🤣 Thanks Maggie
  8. My Travel Agent said, just upgrade to the Tundra Tour!!! I say just book with Holland & not have to spend extra after already spending too much
  9. Can anyone give insight on if one cabin is preferred over another - “bigger” balcony, “better” view, “best” deck We are thinking an aft cabin but are open to suggestions. Any insight would be helpful. We are still torn on which ship. Thanks
  10. Gotta love the airlines i think I get it - that’s the price but it could go down
  11. I am confused, I was under the impression that if you included air with the cruise, through Holland, the price was guaranteed when booking. Are you saying the air price can change until final payment?
  12. NorthernAurora I’m saying — which company offers a hotel that feels more “Alaskan” as in A Holiday Inn is a Holiday Inn but some hotels give more of a local flair than others. Is one in a better location than the other, one closer to “things” than the others? I know lot of people on this thread have sailed/toured with both companies so they may have some insight - likes/dislikes
  13. Both offer 2 nights in Denali - that is a must for us. Not sure which hotels are closer or more “Alaskan”
  14. @Coral the problem with postponing is that life happens & gets in the way. We know we can go in 2024 & are sticking to it. I do no want to have something come up in ‘25 or ‘26 that prevents the trip. We know Denali will not be perfect but when it first reopens it will be packed.
  15. I’ve read lots of posts talking going from Seattle to Vancouver pre pandemic but what about recent people doing it. what should I know, how can I do it effortlessly. maggie
  16. Did you book this excursion through the cruise line or on your own? If on ur own, with what company?
  17. We are looking to do a Cruisetour in Alaska late August 2024. I have narrowed it down to Grand Princess, 8/28 (Wednesday) or Neiuw Amsterdam 8/25 (Sunday). Both have the same cruise itinerary & same amount of port times. The land is the difference. The differences are: Princess 1 nt Mt. McKinley Lodge (Telkeetna?), Holland 1 nt Anchorage. Princess Natural History Tour, Holland Wilderness Tour - I know it is shortened but still more than the Natural History Princess train to Mt McKinley lodge, motor coach to Denali & Fairbanks, Holland train to Anchorage, motor coach to Denali & Fairbanks The price is only $100 difference. The packages are a little different but they are not make or break (1 speciality dinner or 2, $100 shore excursion or 3 photos, drinks to $15 or drinks to $20 - these are irrelevant) Does the Sunday -vs- Wednesday departure make a difference? Any difference in the lodges - location, quality - one nicer than the other, more “Alaskan”? I’ve never sailed on Holland but have on Princess (on the Grand in 2005) - both are older ships but have been refurbished within the last 5 years. I know they both do Alaska right and offer naturalists and “Alaskan” meals. Just looking for thoughts on if one line has gone down or up substantially, if the value is better on on or the other, if the tour offerings are that different, if the whole experience is different. THANKS for any & all insight (I’m sure I’ll have lots more questions as this comes together 😄) Maggie
  18. I was hoping not to go into Fairbanks due to poor flight connections, but we are hoping to see The Northern Lights & have been led to believe Fairbanks is really our best bet. Other than that I don’t know if it will be worth it. We like the Arctic Circle excursion but I can’t find the area on this board that talks about excursions. Does anyone know if there is an Arctic Circle trip from Denali or Anchorage? Thanks for any tips
  19. Correct @rafminmd - they do the exact itinerary. one goes on a Wednesday the other on a Saturday. We are more BBKing than Rolling Stones 🎶🎵 - that and Tamarind is making me lean Neiuw Amsterdam. I appreciate the feedback. Margaret
  20. I’m reading about each ship but having a hard time deciding. Thought from those who have sailed or will sail on one over the other & why? Does Noordam have BB King’s? One place I looked it does, another it dose not. This will be our only Alaska trip & I want to make sure we get the best bang for our buck. I know you’re not on the ship a ton in Alaska but I still want a nice ship. thanks
  21. Going to Alaska for a one & only trip & not being able to enjoy Denali due to the road closure is a HUGE disappointment
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