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  1. Just call NCL and them that that's what you want. For a $25 fee you can depart 1 or 2 days earlier and the same option exists on the back end. Keep in mind cruises to that part of the world are being changed. You may want to verify what's happening and make a choice or plans that work for you.
  2. I personally really like the ShoreX perk, real money back. If the Wifi is important to you that's a great choice as well, it isn't something I want onboard, I like to disconnect.
  3. Refurbished and I enjoyed our Christmas cruise on her. Did not feel old. I have not been on s Panama Canal cruise, smaller might be better.
  4. There's a dark curtain that can be pulled to separate the bathroom section from the rest of the cabin.
  5. NCL may or may not book the flights you see. For us they booked the third set. Also you are probably 40 to 50 days away from having tickets.
  6. Tampa is horrible from an operations standpoint, take it off your list. Also due to having to clear the bridge delays are common due to fog.
  7. Thanks for the tips and feedback. We are excited! After discounts and perk Palma beach totals $26 for the two of us, easy too.
  8. NCL books Economy, not Basic Economy. Pay fee to United when selecting seats to upgrade. My frequent flyer status provides an automatic and complimentary Economy Plus seat, but our friends paid for their upgrade. We are flying Newark to Barcelona nonstop with a one day deviation.
  9. OP did know, it went to NCL. What OP didn't know is when it came back it was a mistake rather than a bonus.
  10. I am not board police, but this post just came across as kind of mean, mocking and heartless. I doubt that was your intention, but OP is feeling low and stressed, try to have compassion and offer suggestions or have empathy. It isn't unreasonable to think that NCL's credit was a correction, they don't send an email explaining the change. Even the pay your bill email does not mention the fact that they credited you in error. I happened to assume it was a system error and that NCL would come back for it, but we could have easily fist bummed our way to the mall with$1328 to spend.
  11. If you decide to skip the ruins Passion Island is amazing. Lunch and drinks included, white sand and hammocks in the ocean!
  12. Our Epic voyage is in a couple of weeks. But here are some of our choices. Barcelona planning an ebike guided tour of the city and beach area with tapas and wine at the end. Google and you'll find it. Jazz on top of Casa Mila, go to the website for info and tickets. Sagrada Familia Sunday AM and maybe HoHo as a riding tour. All port tours are through NCL 1. Naples - Exclusive Almafi coast, Positano, Sorrento and Pompeii. 2. Rome & Vatican 3. Florence & Pisa on our own, no museums planned. We will stroll, shop and eat in Florence. I could climb the tower in Pisa, but that would mean we see less of the town. 4. Cannes - Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo 5. Palma - beach day excursion 6. Barcelona- NCL transfer and am flight home Shopping Positano- custom sandals Rome - momentos Florence - leather gloves, portfolio and my mother is always up for shoes or handbags Cannes - film festival shirt or trinket Monte Carlo- Grand Prix item for my teen nephew Barcelona or Palma - wine Food Tapas, Pizza, Gelato, Limoncello, pasta, local pastries
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