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  1. Once you have a reservation with NCL at about 80 days out you may be sent an email invitation to bid on a Haven suite. You can bid, you aren't guaranteed to win, but it is a path to get to the Haven or any next level upgrade.
  2. Acrobats Spinnaker lounge Bar Alley on Deck 6 Cozumel- Passion Island excursion Cayman islands- bike ride excursion
  3. Two cruises in a year, you definitely caught the bug. Welcome to the club and enjoy! If you are sailing a Princess ship you will need to go to that board for information as this one is dedicated to Norwegian Cruise Line.
  4. Yes, the Dawn has a really cute and seperate kids pool area at the rear of the ship: slide, play area, jacuzzi, etc. Use the kids and teen clubs, those really offer the best kid experiences. Ships will have lots of families in the summer.
  5. Photos or equipment from the photo studio. Wifi package Wine tasting session Artwork Gelato
  6. Lemonade and iced tea can be ordered at any sit down meal with service. In the buffet lemonade, iced tea, kiwi strawberry flavored water and mango water are offered on the self serve dispenser. Milk and juices are available in the buffet at breakfast. I have also ordered juice at breakfast in the main dining rooms or the pub restaurant. I also think milk is available all day in the buffet and I recall my nephew ordering milk at meals and don't believe we were charged it. I have never ordered a "complimentary" beverage at a bar (other than ice water), not sure they exist. Hot coffee and tea service are also available in the buffet at all hours, complementary. These are NCL features and not ship specific, so don't worry about whether this changes on the Dawn vs. another ship. Keep in mind a soda package would not cover the cans of soft drink in the cabin mini fridge. Those are around $3 each, plus service charge. We have paid for a few drinks and soft drinks on our cruises, no packages, but a drink here and there to make for a happy holiday.
  7. It is on your final bill. I did a tour and airport transfer in San Juan, worked out to an about $6 ride to the airport, lol.
  8. I am in the same boat, 51, Gold and another 2019 cruise booked.
  9. If you book with NCL the a disembarkation excursion qualifies for the credit.
  10. I am not sure the split information is correct. Technically the credit is assigned to the Primary guest, not sure NCL will split. You may need to settle up between two accounts.
  11. Agreed, but we had the opposite result. NCL airfare is considerably less than we could find. However, shopping confirmed the value of the perk.
  12. No. Hope you like something else too.
  13. We also choose the airfare perk. Last year we could not make the cruise fare and airfare work for our budget. The perk put the trip within our reach and now we will have a dream come true.
  14. You have a couple of options through NCL Keep checking online to see if something opens Do the same with the ShoreX desk once onboard I would also select another option. We had a similar experience last cruise and our Option B turned out to be awesome and better than Plan A or C would have been in that it rained and part of our excursion was inside and they kept us inside during the rain. Tortola we really liked our Beach Break. On the way we had a tour of the island (can still see a lot of damage post hurricane) and 3 hours at Cane Garden Bay Beach - chairs and umbrellas at an extra cost, we spent $20 for three loungers and an umbrella, I had my own snorkel mask and snorkeled from one end of the beach to the other. There are also restaurants and bars on the beach, but we didn't buy anything. On our first trip to Tortola we did the Virgin Gorda Baths. It is one of those things I suggest you do at least once, so perhaps that can be a plan B or C. We stayed in St. Thomas and went to Coral World as Discover St. Thomas was sold out and didn't open while we were onboard. Also we gave my nephew the option and he preferred Coral World anyway. He made a great choice, Coral World was a big hit with the family and we had time to go next door to Coki beach. I saw the most colorful fish and an octopus there. If you're going to Nassau and want something other than Atlantis, Blue Lagoon was excellent. Easy large boat over, sea life encounters if you want those or just walk by and observe others have them, beach chairs galore, various beaches available, great buffet lunch and dining area, clean restrooms, attentive and available staff. Rich and Famous house tour on the way to the island, party time on the way back. We thought it was a great value.
  15. Thanks for naming Gatsby's. I have had two great initineraries on the Dawn: Western from NOLA and Southern Caribbean post hurricane from San Juan. Itinerary and departure port could drive me to select to sail the Dawn again, though I'd prefer to try another vessel for variety.
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