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  1. We have our tickets for August to Athens, not thrilled. SAS out and changed from British Airways to Air Canada on return. Had to pay for seats, so tack on $200 for the trip. Also just one carry-on item (no purse and rollerbag or backpack) and just one checked bag. $119 for a second checked bag. 75 minutes to connect inbound, hope it goes smoothly. We are scheduled to land early for an 11pm departure, so not stressing but not thrilled. We have the risk we signed up for, final cost $500pp RT.
  2. I know the first (July 25, 2021) cruise on the Jade from Athens has left, congratulations. I wanted to start this thread for people to share their experiences on these 2021 Greece cruises (Jade and other ships). Specifically I am interested in these items, but share what you think matters, thanks: Health protocols, procedures and testing pre-cruise, during flights (US perspective will be helpful) and airport arrivals/transfers and at ship Onboard experiences - especially things that are different and perhaps if you think the change is +/- Excursions - NCL or other and what s
  3. If you cancelled at this point you should get a refund except for any portion of the payment that was FCC. If you think you got a great price/deal on the August 2022 cruise and it's a trip you want to take, I would have left the reservation intact. You are so far away from the final payment date there's little economic value to canceling now. We reserve with just Cruise Next certificates, so we only have spent money out with our reservations. I make payments over time until final payment although this time I only made one such payment so I pretty much paid for the cruise at Final p
  4. I've only taken one European cruise with NCL, we did not have our passports collected. We started in Spain, traveled to Italy, Vatican City, France and Monaco on the itinerary. I have a US Passport Card. I actually carry that off the ship as my ID. I leave my drivers license and passport locked in the room safe. Disappointing to lose the passport card, but it wouldn't keep me from flying back into the US or driving/renting a car.
  5. Flights won't be booked until after final payment date. Today that's 60 days prior to sailing for non Haven reservations. I expect to have flight reservations about 30 days prior. We had good experience with Barcelona flights in 2019. This time we fly to Athens.
  6. So glad you are in great health, it's our most important asset. NCL requires vaccinated passengers and crew, they will not welcome you on-board in the near term. At some point you'll be able to sail NCL again, hang in there or consider another line like MSC. We did get vaccinated and look forward to a lot of travel and gathering flexibility this summer. Taking my first flight in July and cruising with NCL in August and November.
  7. Sailing with Mom in Europe, yup we are buying through NCL. Sailing solo in the Caribbean, I haven't always bought insurance. My credit card offers some protections.
  8. Go to the ncl.com site and read the T&Cs for yourself, in Canada. What I posted was directly from ncl.com, in the US.
  9. I drive 2 hours to an airport for the NCL perk, but that's because I live in a different state than my traveler 2. That airport is a reasonable drive for us both and we save $$$ with the NCL perk. The first time I used it we flew a major US airline nonstop to our destination in Europe. I have no hesitation using it again: 2 adults to Europe $799 works for me.
  10. It's a credit of $25 not a charge: Deviation requests up to 2 days pre/post cruise will be credited $25 USD per person per deviation for guests 1 and 3-8 on the reservation. No other deviation requests will be permitted. Because the 2nd traveler is flying for free the credit isn't applied to that guest.
  11. @hallux Agreed, we paid the $25 fee in 2019 for our Barcelona trip. Our now canceled 2021 Pearl cruise listed the $25 credit for our deviation. What I posted earlier is directly from ncl.com, things have changed.
  12. Both guests would be booked on the same itinerary. I have found the NCL rate to be very good deals for us: $799 for two to Athens $399 each to Barcelona which was nonstop United $249 for two Newark to Los Angeles
  13. NCL will book economy, not basic economy. NCL doesn't select seats or collect baggage fees. Once you have your flight reservation details from NCL (i.e. confirmation #) you can contact the airline directly to determine seats (including potentially paying to upgrade if offered) and confirm any baggage fees and any prepayments for those fees. For a number or US airlines if you have one of their credit cards or high enough frequent flyer status you may have some perks (free checked bags, complimentary seat upgrades, etc.). Last time NCL booked us with a carrier where I had
  14. You don't pay to deviate with the free air promotion: Deviation Requests: Deviation requests up to 2 days pre/post cruise will be credited $25 USD per person per deviation for guests 1 and 3-8 on the reservation. No other deviation requests will be permitted. Deviation credit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
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