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  1. Poodle cooking? Urban myth. https://everything2.com/title/Do+not+put+pets+in+the+microwave+to+dry+them Some people still think everything on the internet is 100% true. 🙄
  2. Good to know that if they decline your medical exemption for wearing a mask during a pandemic, it won’t be a deal breaker for you to still cruise knowing you may be required to wear one.
  3. If you want a fully refundable deposit, you’re going to pay for it - dearly. At least they spun it as an equivalent discount for taking non-refundable.
  4. Interesting that $100 (or $250 for a longer sailing) would be enough motivation for you to walk away (or stay put). I’m sure the Carnival staff reading the opines of people with the liquidity to hold 100 shares of stock threatening to take their business elsewhere if the benefit is discontinued have finely tuned reading comprehension skills.
  5. Would it make you unhappy enough to be one of those loyal customers who bails, dooming the company to failure?
  6. The better question is how is/are Carnival or passengers harmed from this?
  7. not all of them: https://www.cruisemapper.com/deckplans/Carnival-Celebration-2106/deck11-7220
  8. I do the same to people who think it’s acceptable to have loud cellphone conversations in public. Sometimes they’ll interrupt their conversation to give me the stinkeye. I am simply equally as vocal in expressing how fascinating their conversation is and how appreciative I am to get to listen to it. Same goes for those who meander the aisles at stores conversing at top volume into their cellphones while they pick through the shelves. I follow them with an intent listening ear since they seem to be fine yammering about in public while thinking everyone else should avo
  9. Please elaborate on the "new" cancellation fee policies that are different than the "old" cancellation policies for refundable fares. It would seem that many are surprised by this purported change in policy.
  10. You don’t get credit/refund of promo OBC obtained with original booking (whether from Carnival or TA) only to get another round when when (if) you rebook if offered at time of rebooking. The logic of why should be abundantly clear.
  11. Far too much “assuming”, “potentially”, “estimating” and “likely” to put any stock in the article.
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