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  1. These kind of posters are so easy to trip up on their own weak attempts at “ding dong dash”. After the first trip, I’m surprised they came back only to fall flat on their face. It does make for humorous reading within a lament thread about a company maximizing its profits in a time when every penny counts. One should never forget that while every customer is important, those that can afford premium prices are more important.
  2. My top choice would be 2301 or 2298, but those are 4 person cabins. For 2 people I would recommend 2305 or 2302. The last 3 coves, 2306, 2309, 2308, 2315, 2310, 2317 may have noise from what appears to be some sort of vent.
  3. Another rant from someone who wants something they aren’t entitled to based on their own short-sighted prior decisions that bound them to something uncertain in the future. .... or am I missing something where they should now get a refund for something they committed to as non-refundable?
  4. You certainly discovered how to turn what was thought to be a negative into a positive. Hold on to your new outlook!! 😀
  5. Poodle cooking? Urban myth. https://everything2.com/title/Do+not+put+pets+in+the+microwave+to+dry+them Some people still think everything on the internet is 100% true. 🙄
  6. Good to know that if they decline your medical exemption for wearing a mask during a pandemic, it won’t be a deal breaker for you to still cruise knowing you may be required to wear one.
  7. If you want a fully refundable deposit, you’re going to pay for it - dearly. At least they spun it as an equivalent discount for taking non-refundable.
  8. Interesting that $100 (or $250 for a longer sailing) would be enough motivation for you to walk away (or stay put). I’m sure the Carnival staff reading the opines of people with the liquidity to hold 100 shares of stock threatening to take their business elsewhere if the benefit is discontinued have finely tuned reading comprehension skills.
  9. Would it make you unhappy enough to be one of those loyal customers who bails, dooming the company to failure?
  10. The better question is how is/are Carnival or passengers harmed from this?
  11. not all of them: https://www.cruisemapper.com/deckplans/Carnival-Celebration-2106/deck11-7220
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