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  1. None of those things were "free". They were baked into your inflated cruise fare dangled in front of you as a "deal", which you gobbled up.
  2. You're expecting people to be smart enough to understand that when offered something "free", it rarely ever is. These people will always fault the giver who will be blamed for tricking the recipient into taking it without understanding the black-and-white terms of the exchange clearly presented in advance. People proudly proclaim "I'm an innocent victim... they should have made the terms billboard sized and asked me 30 times if I understood what I was doing!". Few actually read what they are agreeing to but are certainly vocal about how they got shafted by exactly what they agreed to in the first place.
  3. You're now familiar with the dining arrangements. There are no truly private tables in these high-capacity venues. Continuing to ask, for and expect, will only frustrate and disappoint you. Instead of looking at it as a negative, find a way to enjoy the experience knowing there are thousands on board who probably want the same level of privacy you do but realize everyone can't have what isn't available.
  4. Regurgitation of hyperbole as truth/fact is just as bad. Pot stirred.
  5. Yes, let’s hope he makes a full recovery so this individual with excellent judgement can return to his job in law enforcement. I’m sure that he being out there responsible for public safety is a hope echoed by others like you.
  6. I'm sure if you explain to them your nephew is getting married, they'll waive that fee you agreed to when you booked that cheaper Early Saver fare. Give them a call and ask!
  7. When all passengers pay a non-refundable non-discounted fare and ships are fully sold to capacity, charters will end. Only when passengers have no ability to cancel without 100% penalty will the likelyhood of cancellation by the cruiseline for charter be a rarety.
  8. There should be no question. Loyalty is a word used by customers to attempt personalizing a business relationship. If you take another cruise with a line you feel is treating you with disregard, you're basically saying "Do whatever you want." How resolute are you to stand by your conviction?
  9. Because I've not used a drinking straw in decades (having mastered how to consume beverages of any consistency without them), I am thankfully immune to the never-ending brouhaha over returning to a time before plastic straws were even normalized in a disposable society.
  10. Actually, NCL's obligation is exactly what the contract states. You're proposing the contract terms be set aside for the benefit of this passenger. If the shoe were on the other foot and the contract terms were set aside for the benefit of the company I'm sure there would be quite the uproar. What exactly is the "chance to do the right thing"? They've already done the "right thing" - adhered to the contract (as sucky as it might be). No advocacy agency or media outlet is going to take up the story of someone's lost/damaged luggage who feels they were shafted by the contractual compensation for such event. If so, there would have to be a dedicated news channel reporting 24 hours a day. The terms concerning the handling (and potential damage/loss) of passenger luggage are fairly consistent across all carriers and have been for a very long time. If the "big corporations" haven't changed them yet despite not-unusual occurrences such as the one described in this thread, it's unlikely to happen now with "a little outside pressure".
  11. They specifically indicate you should discuss your dietary peculiarities on board (except for Kosher meal requirement). Contacting someone in advance will do nothing beneficial other than make you feel someone listened to you about your husband's medical condition. Those on board will not seek you out because you contacted someone in advance. They want you to discuss this on board face-to-face so that if there are any questions to be asked (from both sides) they can be answered on the spot. This isn't their first rodeo and a low sodium diet is almost commonplace today. They will know what you're talking about. With the plethora of food allergies and medical conditions requiring a modified diet that have ballooned in the last decade, the hospitality and restaurant industry have become defacto "experts" on what can/can't or should/shouldn't be served. I don't think you'll have to taste-test your husband's food before he eats it (unless you are curious how it tastes). You'll be well taken care of by a food service staff experienced to manage your special requirements. Happy Cruisin, Karen!
  12. Yikes - what a mistake on my part that was!
  13. On the Sensation, the Serenity area is in the front of Deck 9. The Serenity Retreat is open 24 hours a day during your cruise .Although the area is accessible around the clock, the hot tub and bar hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM, but be sure to check once you’re onboard, as it can vary. And yes - it is definitely first come first serve.
  14. You're right - your contract is with NCL. Please see Post #6 for the extent of your remedies with NCL. You may have additional remedies under your travel insurance. You should have read those terms as well as NCL's prior to travel (no matter how fine the print). Your dilemma is one experienced by many travelers on all kinds of different carriers. Since its been over two months as no one has coughed up the cash for your ruined belongings and vacation, you may just have to take the route you proposed - social media shaming and lawyering up. I can predict the outcome of that action but it won't make you any more comforted.
  15. Interesting that the depicted clips don't match the image on the backer board but do match this image from a European site: https://logopegs.com/collections/beach-pool-towel-clips/products/reserved-for-vip-towel-clip
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