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  1. Yes you need to join a fb group specific to your cruise date. Then a few months before the cruise they start organizing Fish Extender gift exchanges. The Door hangers are called Fish Extenders, because the hang on the fish ( or other sea creature) next to your door.
  2. Taxis in Spain also charge a supplement of 1€ per luggage piece that is put in the trunk.
  3. It can be walked, we did it once, with all our baggage.
  4. yes of course that is what I mean. But still nothing to sanitize once you arrived at the table and touched the chairs and menu cards.
  5. We sailed the Magic on the panama canal in December. 1. None, it's back to what it was before covid. They hand out wet towels before you enter a dinning room, but that's it. They removed all the extra hand sanitizer gels. So if you want to sanitize your hands just before eating, you need to bring your own. 2. Staff is not masked. During our 2 week cruise we saw less than 5 groups that were masked. ( First cruise since 2021 that we didn't use a mask in enclosed spaces, because we felt kind of strange to be one of the only ones) 3. We were fine, freshly boosted, that may have helped. Lots of people came home sick, with respiratory symptoms but were one of the lucky ones that had no issues at all. Everything is back to before Covid. No extra precautions, no spacing out seats. Dinning tables are shared, unless you request otherwise. No extra cleaning. Buffet is back to self serve.
  6. We used Uber. We needed a transfer on New Years Day and were pretty nervous, because no taxi would commit to prebook. Turned out we could just order an Uber and they arrived 10 minutes later to pick us up. It was 82000CLP about 90 US$ and took one hour and a half.
  7. Update: I missed out. Had to finish a project and be sure it was done before booking. Price went up and there are only sail away cabins available, so no free at sea. But on the bright side I found out that other cruiselines also depart from Ravenna (Venice).
  8. What is the latest that I could book a cruise? Like is there a minimum time that I need to book before a cruise? 48 hours? 72 hours before departure? I'm looking at the 7July Gem cruise out of Venice and I'm wondering if there is a cut off time after which I wouldn't be able to book anymore.
  9. "3 sticks in a row" as I like to call them.
  10. We did not stay at the Hilton, so I don't know if concierge will be able to help. We got a world travel adapter that stated it would work in Chile and Argentina, but it did not. We bought adapters on the street with local sellers, they were very cheap. They were less than 2 US$, but of course we used local currency. Argentina uses this plug
  11. Bruges is beautiful. There is a Chocolate Museum and a Diamond Museum There is also a Beer Brewery than can be visited. (Unfortunately all were closed when we visited on Belgium National Day, but they were my plan would they have been open) https://www.visitbruges.be/museumsplacesofinterestattractions You can also do a small boat Canal tour. We loved that one as we could see a lot of the lovely architecture of the town. And don't forget to taste some mussels a few beers and Belgian cheese.
  12. I checked prices at eurostar.fr and it looks like the usual price to me. 135€ for an early morning train on the 15 of May and a return on the last train on the 16th. Are those the prices you see too? They sometimes run specials, but I don't think that prices will get better than that.
  13. I would recommend not staying in Greenock. We wanted to that, at the port they presented us with a map for a walking tour. We finished the tour in about an hour and were on our way back to the ship ( we never go back to the ship early) We saw the taxi stand and inquired about Loch Lomond. We ended up taking an 4-5 hour tour to see some Lochs and even Inveraray castle (outside and inside) It was our favorite excursion on our British Isle cruise. If I remember correctly it was 60£ for an hour of taxi use. Next time we will go to Glasgow, either by taxi or train. Greenock is very small and walkable, and the train station is close to the port.
  14. We were on the Norwegian Sun early January. Tendering was very badly organised. It took 30 minutes one way. They used only the ships life boats. 4 of them from 2 tender platforms. Passengers Gold and above in the Latitudes Reward Program and Cruise sponsored excursions, could just board the tenders whenever they were liked. All others needed to get tender tickets 1 hour before the beginning of tendering. We went there 1 and a half hour early as to get one of the first tender groups. Unfortunately they had already started giving out tickets, we got group number 7. This made us almost miss our excursion. The excursion people told us that they were about to leave when we showed up. To get back to the ship, the line was huge. We arrived 30 minutes before last tender, and were on the ship 2 hours later. Our guide recommended us to go have a drink or shop for souvenirs because, it's always like that and it takes at least 2 hours to get everybody back to the ship.
  15. Only you can know if it is worth it. I visited Honfleur during our LeHavre stop. I loved it. We took the local bus and spend the day there, got to taste some mussels and Cider.
  16. I just checked our cruise price and I could get an obstructed Oceanview for less than I paid for our inside cabin. We are 1 month before our PIF date. We booked onboard, so we got that extra 10% off and still the price went down. Who would I have to contact to get a cabin upgrade or an OBC? Can I use the NCL chat, or email, or do I have to call?
  17. My confirmation for a EU booking looks just the same, with the codes in the same spot. I never saw the promotion before booking, but the code was on my confirmation. I booked on 28May 2022, a Med cruise for this June. I used the online chat to book.
  18. LATDBLX 2 extra Latitude points per night I just saw this code on my reservation. Does it really mean that for a 10 night cruise I will get 30 points?
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