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  1. Is it possible to get to his oldest ones? I’m on a tablet and usually prefer that. I couldn’t see anything that old just by looking at his reviews. I’m actually on a cruise and was telling my husband about that particular one.
  2. I did try a google search first and it was not helpful. As I said in my post it was YEARS ago and google seems to have a short memory >
  3. Ours before the one I’m currently on was 2019.
  4. It was a long time ago that I read it; but I think it’s a pretty famous post. I tried searching but didn’t have any luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you. That’s what my daughter said but I’m a rule follower, lol.
  6. Ack! I talked our group of four into the 3 meal package but we can’t book until we’re onboard. We leave Sunday. I haven’t cruised since 2019 and never on a ship this large. Oh well, I’ll have to hope for the best.
  7. Our embarkation time is 2:30, so is the last muster drill. How much earlier can we get there? Thank you in advance.
  8. We did a last minute booking one year and our travel agent was so shocked she had to ask us twice. ‘You mean THIS July?’
  9. I have a medical card and my friend was trying to talk me into trying to smuggle my gummies on board. Nope, not going to take that chance. I will be bring opiates in their RX container but they don’t help my migraines.
  10. TWO! Eek. We fly to Miami at gosh awful o’clock in the morning to leave on Sunday.
  11. Thank you so much. Not so fun fact: Scotties are 58% more likely to get bladder cancer. Purdue University vet school has been studying it for years trying to figure out why.
  12. I can’t wait to hear about your cruise. We love Princess. We leave Saturday for a Royal cruise, our first time on one of their big ships. So we’re feeling sort of like first timers.
  13. Well, this is our only travel for the foreseeable future. Our 5 year old Scottie has bladder cancer. We just found out. And the cat in my avatar is 18. He will start treatment the Tuesday after we get back. I will remember that tip for the future.
  14. We booked an over the water bungalow as a splurge. We did not pay $3800 for it. I can’t fly extremely long distances so this is my ‘Tahiti’ substitute.
  15. I’ve done a few of these and finally learned my lesson. I love graphic tees and will be wearing mine during the day. Is everyone welcome if there is a Shabbat service? My son in law had never cruised and wasn’t comfortable with the large table so last cruise way back in 2019 was just the four of us and this one will be, too. It’s a Thanksgiving one.
  16. We fly to Miami Saturday! After seeming like it would never get here, it did!
  17. I’m so glad I looked in here. I was just at a large convention hotel and the walking was really bothering me. I don’t need a cane I just need to be able to sit in line sometimes. I bought the collapsible stool. I only had nine days turn around which hasn’t been enough of a rest. Oh well, live and learn. These are my first major trips since developing RA.
  18. Royal has a $70 excursion to get us there. I’m not sure I’ll be up for much more than walking around.
  19. We splurged on an over the water bungalow on coco cay. I’m really glad because my rheumatoid arthritis is flaring and I need the shade. It’s our last day, I guess we have time to find out the procedures. There are two ships there our day, too and three of us wanted to go up in the balloon.
  20. @Cruisegirl138 I’m like you in that all the negativity I’ve been seeing has been bothering me. I started avoiding here because of it. I’m glad to see this thread. We haven’t been on Royal since 2009 so don’t know what to expect. I’m keeping a positive attitude and really looking forward to CoCo Cay.
  21. This was so helpful. We splurged on an over the water cabana so I was excited to see them in the distance. I am looking forward to this day the most of our cruise.
  22. I always get flowers for the cabin because I have a seventeen yr old cat who eats them so I can’t have them at home very often. That’s her in my picture oddly enough her name is Lily.
  23. We did Princess Land and Sea in 2018. We loved it. I was disappointed in the weather because it was hot. The lodges do not have AC because they don’t usually need it. It was a wonderful trip.
  24. Thank you all. I’m hesitant to start one I’ve never had to before.
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