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  1. Your work is very much appreciated. It's just such a pity that every now and then some 'regulars / Azamara experts' are so intimidating...maybe they don't know how they are coming across to others... but they are quite offensive at times. I have been at the receiving end more than once, so I am quite anxious and extremely careful about responding on this thread. It is a kind of bullying. I say again... absolutely NOT what Azamara is about to me after almost 20 cruises with them.
  2. I am so sorry to read this.....there are a few posters on the Azamara thread who can sometimes be so judgemental and bullying... . and we all know who they are... always undermining folks to the extent that we are scared to respond......but you Grandma have never used this type of language before. I guess you are just a bit fed up . Thank you for all your hard work... you are not usually like this. x Azamara are so not like this either.
  3. How about putting some butter on your oatcakes?
  4. Erm....when Azamara is your travel agent.....and you know you are within the window... and it's happened twice already this year.....it's a wee bit harder every time. 😁😁😁 but thank you for trying to help.
  5. But you still need to be able to receive that e-mail in order to be able to bid...am I right?
  6. Have a lovely time, Bonnie. Japan, on Quest is a wonderful experience......enjoy it all. xxxx
  7. And were you invited (eligible) to bid? Sorry if I have missed something here and have the word 'misguided' applied to me again on this forum. We don't receive any e-mails from Azamara (old news, I know), and when I tried this for our recent cruise, I was not able to bid. Hoping to be able to access the bidding for our next one, so waiting to hear how this went for you.
  8. We just prefer to be safe. I did say it was a subjective comment......and have no wish to create any bad feeling. Sorry if I appear to be misguided.
  9. Sorry... should have said.... this is our subjective comment. (and by the way.... WELL DONE LEE.........Greggs... fabulous idea.....and thank you Captain Johannes for allowing this quirky (non serious) but so successful stint to go ahead.....Loads of good publicity for Azamara. Have a great vacation, Lee, if you are reading this in Vegas. (I doubt it!!) Job well done, I would say!!
  10. We now never eat lunch (nor drink) off the ship......years of increasing awareness of food handling, food preparation, and food hygiene issues from Azamara captains have taught us this.
  11. On one Pursuit cruise (maiden voyage perhaps) we had Isle of Man cheese, served at the jazz brunch ....which was clearly labelled...... and everyone enjoyed it so much, that it was forever being for in Windows!! If I remember the story, I think it was gifted to Captain Carl when he 'called in' to Douglas when trying out the new ship. On Quest, I did try to persuade Fabio to purchase some 'Stornoway Black Pudding'........ when we sailed round Britain and into Stornoway!!
  12. We always pack a jacket (and tie) for more dressy evenings in specialty restaurants or when dining with senior officers. In addition, we find the air conditioning in the dining areas to be very cold on all three ships, so a jacket is needed for that reason also.
  13. Yes it is... and usually very quiet. A good day to use it....if you can.
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