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  1. My App's got replaced when I did an update.
  2. Give this link you friends & family https://book.princess.com/cruisepersonalizer/thirdPartyGifting/searchLanding.page Go here for yourself https://book.princess.com/cruisepersonalizer/onboard/home.page and pick Princess Cellars
  3. The Movies are availible on the TV in your stateroom, there is no other venue that they show them on. Princess does not have a Laundry package, Elites get 'free' laundry service. Last cruise I was on it was a 3 day turn around on the Caribbean Princess (alot of Elites). I don't recall seeing the fill a bag, but, it's not on my radar. Before you send laundry out, ask your steward what the turnaround time is. There are plenty of shaded quiet areas outside where you can read. Shows are a personal opinion. Again, on our last cruise in July on her, we got to the shows 30 minutes early and sometimes did NOT get a seat. The MedallionNet is crazy fast, you can stream Netflix & Facetime with no issues. To see menus & Patters you will need to look at some of the reviews or "Live From". I'm guessing you have a Back to Back Caribbean? Enjoy!
  4. I posted this elsewhere,but, it's knoda funny, so I thought I'd share it here. Our next cruise is in December on the Sky (the 'original' inauguration cruise). When I fired up the MedallionClass App a week ago it said I had a cruise coming up in a week. Well, When I fired it up yesterday it said that I was on Day 2 of our cruise, a Sea Day. If I knew which which cruise we are "on" and where we are"going" I'd post a Live From 🙂 So, tell me how the App & Ocean Ready are not buggy? LOL.
  5. LOL - I'd do a Live from if I knew which ship & cruise we are on...
  6. My next cruise is in December on the Sky, ever since I've installed the new Medallion App it has said that we are on a cruise that started yesterday. I just checked it, Not only is it "Sunday, Sept 15" but, we are on day Two - At sea (I wish)! Tell me how it's not buggy again please?
  7. LOL - I've done that in a hotel! Doesn't go over if you're coming back from the lobby bar!
  8. I agree wholeheartedly - when we did the Med last fall, we were able to book tours with other folks in the Roll Call. The biggest issue with Ship tours is usually it's ALOT of people getting schlepped around on a big tour bus.
  9. https://usebounce.com/blog/post/the-best-luggage-storage-solution-for-new-york-cruise-ships may work?
  10. TBH - I don't believe anything that that POS app tell's me. Last cruise I had it all setup with passports, photo's,etc. Got to the terminal to check -in and it showed my wife's photo on my Medallion. It took them 3 attempts to fix it 🙂
  11. "Muster drills are held before departure "whenever possible."
  12. Was just on the CB, Yes, they have Lagunitas Sumpin Sumpin, Sculpin IPA (GrapeFruit on her in July). Others as well.
  13. On Princess we were told to select an item from the next days menu & they would prepare it low-sodium for us.
  14. The Lagunitas "IPA" is not an IPA, it's the Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale.
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