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  1. Wish Viking had bikes, but don't know when I'd find the time to use them but I would like the option. Taste is subjective but the only meal where I found Uniworld decidedly superior was lunch. It was epic. I confess that on Viking I just do the Aquavit buffet for lunch but U restaurant lunch beats V restaurant lunch. Never snack and especially on cruises I'm so full that I have no interest in snack availability, even on ocean. Greatly prefer V decor. Found U lounge dark vs very light open floor to ceiling V arrangement. Don't care about included booze. Still, I would sail again with Uniworld, et. al. anytime depending on itinerary.
  2. Viking told my 16 yr old granddaughter that 18 was the age in France. Took a 3 generations river cruise Paris to Normandy with HS age granddaughters ages just 14 & 16. They absolutely loved it. There were other teens and early college age kids on the cruise before us and on our cruise. All the young people enjoyed themselves. I guess we were the last folks who had already booked before the age 18 minimum announced August 2018. If your 18 yr old likes to read, likes history and doesn't mind likely being alone without peers, she should be good to go!
  3. Yes. Just have an aversion to eating bugs.
  4. Great idea! I have an aversion to eating bugs.
  5. Can you decipher the accents? Asking for a friend.
  6. EXCELLENT NEWS. Viking's policy is no currency exchange onboard (yes, they do make change for Euros, but not currency exchange) so this modified policy on this cruise of many currency countries is welcomed by those of us who are frequent customers of toilets
  7. Yes, on our 1st Silversea cruise we belatedly realized it was possible to ask, "Could I have the red wine we had last Wednesday?"
  8. That was the gist of the email response I just got on my inquiry. Makes sense. Since they do have the capability to print documents on the ship, I think it would not be too difficult to print a voyage wine list for use onboard.
  9. Paperless on our river cruise in July
  10. Industry standard terminology. Do not recruit means that company A corporate recruiters or management with an open position cannot initiate contact with company B talent. Company B talent can of their own volition apply for a company A position they see posted. Obviously there are ways around this where an ex employee of A now at B approaches a friend telling them of a suitable position. Since the 2 corporate heads are good friends, middle or upper management skirting these rules is not appreciated.
  11. IT SAYS THIS "Both guests in a stateroom must purchase the package for the full length of the cruise in order for it to be valid. A 15% service charge per person is included with the price"
  12. Lots of talent moves between Silversea & Viking. The 2 companies have an official "Do not recruit" policy, but do not interfere with folks jumping ship (Heh!) of their own volition.
  13. Note to others. I didn't book Silver Note ASAP only to find it completely booked for our cruise months in advance.
  14. Be wary of that Viking ship attempting to board & pillage! After a few days pre-cruise in Denali, assuming the bears don't get us, will be on Muse 15 August Seward to Vancouver. Following these posts with anticipation.
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