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  1. Was gonna wait for Viking to cancel my In the Wake of the Vikings cruise this August departing from Bergen with pre is Oslo Norway but instead flipped it ahead one year when they opened up that option because I was afraid of possibly getting shut out. No 125% for me!
  2. Viking is all about the brand. A quality brand that features new, open vista ships w/o the "features" (casinos, slides, etc.) that other cruise lines offer. Buying a cruse line with its off-brand, ill-suited ships would only cheapen and destroy the Viking brand, so no. OTOH I doubt Viking has the cash or access to the cash to do this. Better to use that cash if it exists to build MORE superior sailing vessels designed from the waterline up for comfort and visibility.
  3. Lufthansa used to be a great airline. That is worse than pathetic. I assume that the labor part is valid. All they'd need to do is something like stating that you are in a queue of indefinite length TBD to get a refund. We'll put you on our email update list to be informed with status issued monthly at the longest. Even with that I'd go to the credit card company as you're doing.
  4. Suggest you call the airlines first and find out your cancellation options. Then based on actual information, contact Viking.
  5. Don't worry about US. Much lower deaths/million population than UK. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR0rw3gU9LzxjZ5m_MrqWXy1PNjkFDeo3MaLJa1nxErK1NNx9UQKfMim01Y
  6. Yes, that is the standard. Too bad there's not a bourbon option. I'd take it. 2 gins, 2 bourbons. i drink single malt scotch, not the whiskey they stock.
  7. Agreed. My situation is worse. Insured my Aug cruise thru insuremytrip both they and the underlying insurance company have not gotten back to me when in Feb I tried to up my insurance to cover the huge payment in full. Tried to pay $2K more. Calls. On hold. Emails. In vain. I think my best course is to walk away from the insurance and cancel >120 days out. Not comfortable taking a $25K cruise with no insurance.
  8. Why do you "doubt it can be used for "gratuities" or bev packages."? Why not? I'd add optional excursions and cabin upgrades to that ONBOARD list as something the 25% could be used for. Air upgrades, pre & post Viking extensions could also be uses of the 25%. Folks like you & me who bought all in (e. g. business air, extensions) may have a tougher time spending the 25%.
  9. Very interested. Doing this in late August. Inshallah.
  10. NOPE 2 cruises June river & August Ocean still in play
  11. Finding Viking insurance much LESS $$$ for older folks. That said, in this scenario be sure that you do NOT have purchases OUTSIDE Viking. In other words if you bought you own airfare, or pre or post hotel, of course Viking does NOT cover this.
  12. Got 2 Viking cruises booked. River in June. Transatlantic ocean in August. Both were SOLD OUT previously but I looked and saw one cabin open in each today. probably means nothing as odds are someone cancels in any circumstances. Viking's options include more loans to finance operations and cancellation of ships to be built. Each would have a cost.
  13. Should we shoot the clueless software developers or the evil marketing folks specifying the "improvement"? Viking ignoring the "If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it" engineering rule? Waiting for my excursion booking meltdown later this year.
  14. I find Viking OCEAN excursions expensive in general. Even in relation to upscale Silversea. There were some expensive excursions on our Silversea Alaska cruise. Anything involving a flight is $$$. Worth it as a once in a lifetime experience. Sadly, bad weather cancelled all our flying excursions. As a Scot I should be happy but for once I wanted to spend the money.
  15. Scandinavia uses credit cards even for small transactions. Got small amounts of varied currencies from AAA. Put each in a separate envelope. Put in room safe. Took out for that day's excursion. In Russia, they like tips in US $. Unsure if this is totally kosher, but it is what it is. 1 Did tram up the hill in Bergen by ourselves. Cheaper & easy. I walked the 2.5 Km back down into town. Easy. 2 Pulpit Rock excursion is pricey. Just walk past the bow of the ship and take the local Pulpit Rock RODNE cruises. Book it online. Be sure to check Viking ship departure times. 3 At Eidfjord (a beautiful spot) the Flamsbana train trip thru the mountains is expensive but totally worth it. Waterfalls galore. Tunnels thru the mountains have huge roundabouts inside! Alternatively, folks who just hiked the area on their own had a better time than the local Viking tours offered. 4 In Alborg Denmark, A Day in the Life of a Viking was a good excursion 5 In Copenhagen I loved the excursion to the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum. Terrific. Saw old ships & saw new replicas being built using the old tools & ways. Wife enjoyed Charming Coastal Copenhagen tour. 6 Rostok Germany we opted out of long Berlin trip taking the included local walking tour, OK and afternoon the fun trip along the coast on the steam engine Molli Railway. 7 Gdansk Poland, wife went to Malbork castle & loved it. 8 Tallinn Palmse Manor Tour plus a great country lunch & seaside walk in National Park. Also included an Upper Town Walk in Tallinn. Excellent! 9 St Pete we joined others on a private TJ Travel 2 day tour. Less $$$ than Viking. Saw more sites than possible with ship tours & with very personal guide service. Outstanding! Wife added evening ballet alone and had a TJ personal escort. Got back close to midnight. Was well taken care of. Cheaper than Viking, same seats. 10 Helsinki Porvoo tour was OK at best. 11 Vasa Museum & Stockholm by Boat pricey with nice lunch. But EASY to do on your own without advance reservations. Save the $$$ and do it yourself.
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