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  1. Agreed. We ran into Labor Day. Results never received before boarding. At that time test was Highly Recommended by Viking. Neither airlines, nor Malta entry nor Viking boarding asked for our test results. Thankfully! Not cruising until these must have PCR with confusing time restrictions go away.
  2. Well her appointment was 9AM and flight was supposed to be 3:30PM. Plenty of time...so we thought.
  3. Covid has broken nearly everything. Week before my Malta flight I decided to become a United member because I need to ensure that the airline has me booked. I noticed that my United flight to Boston had been changed to leave NJ an hour before the Lufthansa shuttle from Malta arrived. No notification by anyone. Informed TA and Viking Air Plus changed our return flights. Day of departure, I happened to log onto email to see email from United that they cancelled my 3:30PM flight to NJ and put us on their 12 noon flight. No text. Had I not looked...Problem was wife away at hairdresser and my ride could not come earlier. Fortunately for the 1st time ever we were packed. Called Viking Air Emergency who tried to get us on a later Lufthansa flight from Boston but United would not release our 12 noon ticket. After calling local airport ride companies and learning that Covid caused them to cease operations, I went through list of neighbors until we got our 1 hour to the airport ride. Stress. Then we were unable to check in at United kiosk despite 45 minutes of help from very nice United employees. They eventually gave up and just rushed us to the head of the TSA line. OK a now 7 hour wait at NJ for our Lufthansa flight to Malta. Malta & Viking reception was friendly and smooth. Great cruise. But after that high blood pressure experience I'm resting from international travel until 2022. Got my 2 2021 cruises in thankfully.
  4. Riddle me this bat persons. Assuming Ihave viking insurance, my PCR test fails to have results before departure. What happens? I assume I'm denied airline boarding. Then what? This actually happened to me before Malta cruise but nobody cared.
  5. Gym reservations easily secured but some just walked in and used the gym with nobody there I got a couple hot/cold spa pool reservations, no problem whatsoever Only Malta allowed full self exploration EXCEPT that on Santorini our guide allowed 20 minutes exploration or shopping and at end of Oia tour and on Crete we were let loose on port for ~20 minutes
  6. Saw it. We used Quest but nobody else in waiting room.
  7. Agree. Malta was far worse except for excursion planning. Mostly a function of airlines sudden flight changes (day of!) and countries shifting regulations. Viking Highly Recommended a test within 72 hrs which we found impossible where we live with flight the Wednesday after Labor Day. Fortunately nobody asked for our not-yet-received test results. Most travel stress ever.
  8. OBC question Does OBC credit appear in MVJ? Does OBC credit appear on your TV account once you board? Or does OBC credit come as a refund from Viking to your credit or checking account and if so, when? Does Ocean handle this differently from River? 2021 answers preferred as so many things have changed.
  9. You're welcome. What I love about Viking, on the Malta' s Capitals Old & New excursion they arranged a private special use of bathrooms in a museum cafe with a nice included drink. A nice touch. Horse carriage ride was not a Viking excursion, just for normal tourists. The included Malta excursion was a long mostly boring bus ride. We did have great weather but that is normal there. Too hot for me though. Yes, to the Manfredi's steak. Loved Ancient & Modern Greek Life on Santorini. Plenty of time in Oia followed by fascinating tour of a 1600 BC city excavation all with an entertaining knowledgeable guide.
  10. On a positive note we loved our malta & greek isles cruise. Photos... https://www.flickr.com/photos/seacoast_nh/albums/72157719935290775
  11. We were asked at the restaurant reception desk if we wanted to sit with others. You should be fine. Alternatively, there are tables for 2 near each other where invariable folks start up dinner conversations. You could ask for one of those. No worries. Viking accommodates their guests.
  12. Been on 2 viking cruises this year, July & September 2021. NO reservations for Restaurant needed. You can sit with others if you want. We sat at tables for 2.
  13. My solution...won't be cruising beginning Sept23, through Oct 31, 202!
  14. I found pre-cruise PCR COVID test impossible in NH. Nobody cared Malta & Greek Isles 9 September.
  15. Had the same situation us in PV with daughter in DV. Pay PV prices, get PV benefits. Pay DV prices... As to dining, often possible to re-arrange onboard. Go directly to the specialty restaurant desk OR the restaurant station on 1st floor Atrium Excursions, vary. If very popular. They stay sold out. Many times you can work with the onboard excursion desk 1st floor Atrium to sync up your excursion times.
  16. Any trouble between the Brits & the Colonials? Asking for a friend on the 9 Sept cruise.
  17. Tried the Urgent Care places first. All said that results would be 2-4 days.
  18. Remember currently the PCR test is strongly recommended by Viking, not required by Viking. I understand their thinking for the recommendation; it's to prevent last minute chaos should a country suddenly change its entry requirements. However we're in an area where it's nigh impossible to get the 72 Hr PCR test results for our Wednesday departure especially because Monday is Labor Day holiday. Getting tested Tuesday AM and hope for the best, else the H*** with it. Sadly despite my best efforts to remain calm over this conundrum it has destroyed much of the fun anticipating our cruise.
  19. Gotta say that unlike the above experiences our 3 July Viking Golden Circle tour had an excellent guide. Guy was a school teacher. Knowledgeable. Knew when to talk and when to give it a rest like all the best guides do.
  20. Sadly we've had disaster every single time with Boston Global entry. i'm OK but wife can't seem to get machine to read her prints. Agent then gets POed at us. We get through last. Recently returning from Iceland the GE terminals were all occupied with folks queuing up. Regular entry had very short lines. Got through in a couple minutes. My 2nd disappointment with GE is that I never get TSA Pre-Check with it. Never.
  21. 25 foot Cape Dory. I was crew, not Captain. Worst. Sailor. Ever!
  22. OK these Iceland 3 July photos do NOT require you to have any account. Public. https://www.flickr.com/photos/seacoast_nh/albums/72157719549944999
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