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  1. The following show new on the Princess Web site: 2 casual dining meals per guest OceanNow delivery Room service delivery ( was irritated on last cruise because there was a delivery charge for suite passengers) & ( one time fee to use Medallion) Regarding the 2 casual dining meals per guest: Where?, Times Will be on the Regal in March.
  2. If you are reading this post it might be too late to take my advice. I think the less you read and watch about the 360 the more you will enjoy it! Unless you have been to a 360 dining experience B4, this will be totally amazing. I did watch a comprehensive review from a travel agent on YouTube but didn't share what I knew with my daughter. She was blown away. I am looking forward to going again in September.
  3. All of the above plus the benefits of the concierge and lounge. Any request or issues are resolved immediately by the concierge. Our first cruise was on the original Love Boat. Had an inside cabin. Worked our way up to a balcony cabin. Then, we started getting Mini Suites. We started booking full suites last year. Honestly, we loved every cabin we had, BUT not sure we would want to book anything other than a suite.
  4. We got a phone call about 10 days b4 our sail date. Never received an email or conformation notice in our stateroom. However, we confirmed at the concierge desk when we boarded. It is quite impressive!!!! Beyond expectations!!! Will be sailing on the Discovery again in September. Looking forward to 360. Suggestion: Pace yourself on the courses. If you normally like small portions, then it is better to sample the first 3 courses. The best is yet to come!!!
  5. Just off the Discovery, there wasn't a Pub Lunch.
  6. March 25 sailing on the Discovery in an Owners Suite. (I'm Elite) Just found out about the 360 dining experience (Thank you Cruise Critic) When should I expect an invite? Do they send out emails to confirm? Princess rep had no info regarding how & when.
  7. March 25 sailing on the Discovery in an Owners Suite. (I'm Elite) Just found out about the 360 dining experience (Thank you Cruise Critic) When should I expect an invite? Do they send out emails to confirm? Princess rep had no info regarding how & when.
  8. Have cruised on Princess thru trans-Panama Canal twice. Loved every minute of it! Highly recommend you read The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough before you go. We enjoyed an aft facing balcony (actually the corner aft) Bring a state flag or school flag to display during the canal crossing. Any tour you choose will be amazing. I'm sure there will be movies & a presenter giving talks about the canal. Plan on ordering room service lunch for the day of.
  9. We wore Jeans and they were fine. I wore "cuddle duds'' & DH brought Sitka liners when it was cooler. DH also brought waterproof/windproof pants (walmart sells them) only wore them once.
  10. Dress in layers. Suggest you take light weight rain coat, hat, scarf & gloves. Jeans & sweatshirt are perfect. Fleece or down jacket. You didn't mention the cruise line. We went on a Hurtigruten ferry. It was extremely casual. Not to disappoint, I would have low expectations on seeing the northern lights.
  11. Have cruised to Alaska 9 times. (Obviously one of my favorite destinations) Traveled in May & September (once in August) I suggest the following: - dress in layers (the only time I have ever needed warm clothes is while in Glacier Bay) - bring a light weight rain coat, hat & gloves - get a balcony (if you don't, spend the day on the top deck) - include Glasier Bay (stay on ship that day, don't pay extra for the üp close & personal excursion) - order room service during Glacier Bay - eat fish & chips in Juneau from the food truck down from the ship - Deadly ish Catch tour is amazing, float plane to the Tacku (?sp) lodge is pricey but so goodjj so many wonderful excursions!!!!! - don't waste your money on any excursion featuring salmon bake - if you have time and money, include the land tour ( have done it post & pre cruise) Happy to answer any questions.
  12. You have to eat everything on your plate before you are allowed to leave the dining room. If you refuse, you are sent to time out. For the rest of the cruise you have to order from Grub Hub. Sorry, I could help myself
  13. Guess I'm in the minority at least on the thread. I love an aft/rear facing cabin. Especially if I can get the corner with a wraparound balcony. Even the middle rear facing have an advantage because you get a double size balcony
  14. I think my opinions are because I am older and have traveled quite a lot. - When I first started cruising, I wanted port intensive days. Sea days were a waste of time. Now, I love the sea days & if I have been to a port on other cruises, I may choose to stay on the ship. - Traveled in an inside cabin on first cruises (mainly because of the price). Now, I enjoy having a suite. Next cruise is the Owners suite on Princess. - NEVER, eat at the buffet now. Too many people touching the food. - Previously DH & I enjoyed meeting new people in MDR. Now that I travel with my daughter & DIL, I'm not interested in strangers. Could care less where people are from & how many cruises they have taken. Their families, blah, blah , blah - Formally, I picked cruises based on itinerary. Now, I pick based on the ship WOW, I've changed a lot.
  15. I think I understood your post. I also understand Princess policies. There are X number of tables in the club class area and staff dedicated to those tables. If addition cabins were given the option of adding the club class dining perks, that could created shortage of tables, staffing isues and possible having a wait time for seating. These perks are the reason people pay more for the club class & full suite options.
  16. Sorry, I don't remember. We had beverage packages. Another nice thing is it was always open when we dropped in.
  17. One of the best perks in a full suite is the concierge lounge. In addition to a nice variety of canopies, coffees and drinks, there is a person there to help or answer questions (especially regarding your Medalion app) We did enjoy Platinum/Elite lounge when it was in Skywalker. Best views!
  18. Have cruised to Alaska 9 times. Obviously, i love it My all time favorite excursion is the Deadliest Catch, This can be booked directly or through the ship. Any tour you decide on will be amazing!
  19. Have done the full transit twice on Princess. It would be my recommendation. I also recommend David McCullough's The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870–1914 for the historical background of this (the original locks) engineering marvel that also produced great medical advances. His writing is so interesting. I'm reading his book now on the Wright Brothers. Maybe a cruise to "Kitty Hawk' is in my future. lol BTW, take along your state flag so you can display it during the picture taking as you go through the canals.
  20. Norway in a Nutshell Tours | Part of Multi-Day Cruise+Rail https://norway.nordicvisitor.com/nutshell® Was amazing!
  21. The Hurtigruten norther lights cruise along the coast of Norway was a big disappointment. First, the ship is basically a ferry. The locals use it as a "Hop on, hop off" means of transportation. The cabins are tiny and the bath has a nautical type shower (sprayer comes out of the sink) We had very rough sailing and the norther lights were on "strike"'. Tours were not interesting. The food and dining were lack luster. After traveling to over 40 countries, this was our least favorite. A friend of mine went on another northern lights cruise and had the same opinion.
  22. Correction on my previous post. We were in the Penthouse Suite not "'presidential" suite Guess I thought I was "'royalty"' when I was posting lol
  23. I know this thread is about Club Class but since suite perks were mentioned I would like to address it. I have cruised inside cabin (on original love boat) ,balcony cabins, mini suites and the last cruise splurged for the Presidential suite. If you want a place to sleep, pick any cabin. If you want more of a cabin experience, spend as much as your budget will afford First of all the residential is quite large, We were 3 people so the separate rooms were really nice. The bathroom is amazing. All the linens are upgraded. Service was outstanding. Laundry was picked up in the morning and returned that evening. Beautiful flowers and fruit basket. We were ship aft and had an enormous wraparound balcony. I would also like to say that port tours are not as important as they once were so spending time on the ship is not a top priority. Lastly, any cabin you pick is great. Just cruising is great! Looking forward to next cruise in March back on the Discovery in the Owners Suite.
  24. Recently on the Discovery. First time to do Club Class. With all the changes in the MDR, we were so thrilled we chose Club Class. Advantages: No reservations needed Eat any time No waiting to be seated Same wait staff every night Excellent service Preferences remembered after the first night Yes, MDR menu but, additional items are outstanding On the Discovery, Club Class had a separate entrance and separate from MDR Dining is important to us. Club Class was worth every penny!
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