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  1. $550 per night including transfers, airfare from LAX, tips, bar tab is a great price 😉 Available most of January/February 2022 Example
  2. It's true ... hopefully there are no big covid surprises that we currently don't know about.
  3. Take a taxi though they can be in high demand for a larger ship. You can rent a car which will be in high demand so making a reservation is a must. You can also take the public bus which goes by the ferry schedule. You just want to make sure you get on the buss going to your right from the tender area. Go to the main road and flag down the bus. Tell the driver you want the Coco Beach shuttle location. When you want to return do the same thing .... just make sure the bus is going to your left. figure about 15 minutes after each ferry arrives there will be a bus your your right. On the return f
  4. PG is scheduled to make drydock in Singapore the morning of February 6th. There is basically no covid in Singapore right now so all should go as scheduled ... hopefully. I will be thrilled when the ship starts it's journey back to PPT.
  5. Actually many things happening .... Here is the link to the PG leaving PPT .... brought tears to my eyes as we've been waiting for this day .... gives us hope for sailing later this year on our favorite little ship. Paul Gauguin leaving PPT heading for drydock in Singapore
  6. Big news .... the PG headed for drydock yesterday.
  7. zackiedawg Beautiful pictures ... enjoyed them all
  8. Beautiful golden hour light .... Sony RX10IV - 600mm equivalent, 1/500, f/4, ISO-1600
  9. Taken a few days ago ... 400 yards away but I had a 600mm lens and still had to crop in a bunch .... but what a nice treat to enjoy.
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone ... Taken a few years ago on the M/S Paul Gauguin
  11. Marry Christmas to you all ... I know ... not a current picture but it was on week 52 a few years ago on-board the Paul Gauguin and yes that is me playing the big guy.
  12. Where is the Crocodile Dundee in you? Don't you all walk around with a long knife and a bit of adventure 🙄
  13. Lucky me ... got to watch a herd of Elk run down a hill ... beautiful
  14. 'Portrait' session this afternoon with Mr. Jay in the garden ... I asked him to trim his facial hair before the session but I think he forgot 😁
  15. A little something from yesterday along our creek ....
  16. If everything goes to plan with no delays figure in March with the April 7, 2021 cruise being the first after drydock. But remember everything can change based on the covid situation moving forward.
  17. Not many photo opportunities this week because of the covid lockdown but that means I must go to a spot where others are not. Taken about 10 miles from my home. Pierces - We on the Central Coast are tossed in with Southern California for the covid lockdown ... even though only one ICU bed in the county is in use for covid. Northern California stays open but along the Central Coast we get locked down ... lets see now, the man in charge has a winery that is open but the #1 competing wine country is the Central Coast which is locked down ... I better say nothing else 🙄
  18. Good choices on both Fakarava and Rangiroa ...
  19. Oops ... SWFLAOK ... forgot, you already signed on to the roll call 🙂
  20. So ... we will finally meet. I will be on the same cruise. A full day on Rangiroa and 2 days on Motu Mahana, love it! I also waiting until January so I can book flights ... there is a roll call for this cruise, join in.
  21. Going wider than 24mm creates potential problems and you must know what you are doing. Though I know what I'm doing I prefer not to go wider than 16mm into the fisheye category. Why do you think so many manufactures start their walk around lens at 24mm? Because it is the starting place where one doesn't deal with potential distortion issues.
  22. The Sony RXIV has a 600mm equivalent lens and for Alaska you will want the reach/ I'd take a RX10IV over the 100 series and day ... just my opinion. I own three RX10IV .... love them for stills and video BTW Strickerj ... I own two Sony a7iii's and the 24 - 105 lens. For panos / walk around lens it does wonderfully but 105mm is 157mm in crop mode but one will likely want 600mm in Alaska 😉 Notice my picture on the other thread I'm using a 35mm prime ... the 24-105 would of been hard pressed to pull off that shot with no noise. I was able to keep my ISO at 500 seeing I
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