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  1. Yes, I described the general pattern prior to the pandemic. However the UK is on track to have most of the social distancing rules and mask wearing laws removed at step 4 of the 'roadmap' on the 19th July, and after that it is likely to be up to individuals whether or not to wear masks, and the 1 metre plus rule is expected also to be scrapped. So on land it is highly likely that social dancing will return to the dance floor after the 19th July 2021, and many UK dance events are now on the calendar for the end of July and for the rest of this year. Of course it is up to Cunard to
  2. Just to add for clarification - there is usually one theatre show that follows first sitting, and a second performance timed to be after second sitting in the Britannia dining room. So no matter which dinner sitting you are in it is possible to go to a theatre show afterwards. As has been said, with the new arrangements for restart timings may be different to the way it was before the pandemic.
  3. On the Gala evenings some people go to dinner in the various dining rooms already dressed according to the dress code for the evening, and some will dress 'in theme'. Dinner is entirely separate from the dancing in the Queen's Room. Generally people will have their dinner at their usual time, either for first or second sitting in whichever dining room they normally go to, and then outside of dinner time can go to any other entertainment in the evening, whether it be the theatre shows, or spending some time in the Queen's Room where the orchestra will be playing, and a lot of people tend to da
  4. The nice thing about a cruise is that everyone can choose to do as much or little as they want. If everyone has a fabulous time doing eating or drinking, lazing around, watching the sea, socialising, being alone, having coffee, sitting on deck asleep, swimming, or five hours a day in the gym, every one of those activities is perfectly OK. We can't wait to get back on board and do our own thing!
  5. I believe it is called enjoying the atmosphere whilst chilling out and feeling good. It is nice to be able to spend time doing very little rather than having an exhausting pre-mapped 'schedule' of multiple tasks that have to be completed each day - taking each day as it comes and simply enjoying soaking up the enjoyment of a timeless holiday is something few of us do very often - we enjoy experiencing the atmosphere but we also do ballroom dancing at every opportunity. We enjoy taking time over a meal rather than wolfing down max sized portions as fast as possible, having a slow walk either a
  6. Of course which countries are classified green, amber or red, can change at any time - and of course as the virus gets more problematic with rises in cases or less problematic as countries get their populations vaccinated or bring in measures to reduce the transmission of the virus, then it will remain uncertain until very close to the time of travel. After all if you were on a voyage, and a port of call that was in a green listed country, became amber or red before you got there, then it would be logical to cancel the port of call if the classification went amber or red, since it would mean t
  7. The most sensible approach is to have passengers who have had either full two vaccine doses, or verified as having recovered from covid, or who have a recent negative pcr test, possibly the latter for everyone even if they are vaccinated.... that will cover just about all eventualities for trying to avoid a single passenger embarking and infecting large numbers on board, though the chance of new variants still getting into the ship would still be there. If people cheat the system then they are risking causing illness, suffering and potentially death for other passengers - why would anyone wis
  8. So there is a solution after all! It will be nice when we can get aboard and actually go for a swim in the pool on a nice warm day on deck!
  9. It is interesting that so much vital discussion about Formal/Gala evenings is focussed on how to deal with being in a wet swimsuit and transitioning gracefully (or is that another thread!). Perhaps some clever company will design a solo-change-gear which would be supported from the shoulders, and allow the offending wet swimsuit for either or any gender to be removed without revealing any parts of the body to spying passengers in the vicinity, and maintain dignity and balance throughout the process, and then allow the user to remove the protective transition tent to emerge with full beauty in
  10. One example is Crystal Cruises - see https://www.crystalcruises.com/guidebook/shipboard-life-guidelines-policies and the section therein called "Black Tie Optional Attire"
  11. Of course there is also the fact that for people who want to not dress up in the evenings at all there are many more cruise lines that offer cruises on board ships where you can dress as you like and never have to dress up for a formal or Gala evening - but for those of us who enjoy being a part of the atmosphere where almost everyone is dressing formally a couple of evenings a week, there are only a few cruise lines on whose ships we can do it. Most people who do like dressing up do not go onto the forums for the other cruise lines complaining that they don't require formal dress on some eve
  12. If all passengers are fully vaccinated they would have a very low risk of symptomatic disease, and also a very low risk of transmitting to others. So there would be little likelihood of having to isolate a passenger or repatriate, and a low risk of a passenger needing an insurance claim for treatment or repatriation - on the other hand I guess isolating a crew member might be easier and I am guessing that the company has already put in place areas on the ship where crew members could be quarantined on board - and presume all contacts among the crew would be tested in the event one tests posit
  13. That was the current understanding until very recently - though in the UK in the past couple of days a report was published where 13,000 health care workers, who had had their two jabs, were followed up after the 2 week post-2nd-jab period, and it was found that none of them had symptomatic covid. Of course asymptomatic disease is still possible - but that is a terrific result.
  14. I guess that if the certificate is not that trustworthy then the only other way ahead is to make everyone have a negative pcr test and/or an antibody test ahead of embarkation - which is also not cost-free - so it would seem eminently sensible for there to be a political will to work on getting a secure vaccine passport that is meaningful worked out and operational - whichever way you look at it there will be costs! Perhaps people will see that co-operation and working on making it happen is better than saying the current political/governmental systems can't cope with making it hap
  15. Perhaps an opportunity for the US government, or a company contracted by the US government, to set up a secure database that all states and medics could have access to for the specific purpose of provision of a vaccine status per person that is secure and trustworthy? Then travel agents and carriers could access that at the point of checking in?
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