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  1. There's some shelters that serve up basic picnic fare - Burgers, salads, hot dogs that sort of thing and dessert & drink for free.
  2. My wife absolutely hates dressing up for dinner. We've skipped elegant night for two cruises in a row, even though last cruise I packed the suit and let her know that I was having dinner in the main dining room, alone if need be. She talked me into having 'just a bite' with her in the buffet and I never did get around to getting to the dining room. That said, my dad used to say that if you go hungry it's your own fault. There are some things that I wouldn't touch in the buffet, but I've always found something that I could eat and I am not a fan of Guys or Blue Iguana.
  3. While I can take a handful of steps such as boarding a bus, I am pretty much confined to a wheelchair / mobility scooter. What sightseeing options do I have? (Carnival Miracle, June 2022) I'm hoping to take the Mt. Roberts tram and I know the Saxman Village/lumberjack & 'Deadliest Catch' tour show are billed as HC accessible (none of which are very high on my wish list), but I really can't find any information on other things to do. FWIW, a small travel scooter is my go-to transportation, but I'm not dismissing the thought of renting a manual wheelchair for the places where the scooter can't go.
  4. Some cruisers have suggested that if you want a night that is likely to be sold out, to go ahead and reserve with your credit card now and then when you get on board, cancel that reservation and let them know you want to use your credit for a 'new' reservation. The funds will then be returned to your card.
  5. Have yet to stay in the cabin (booked for 6-10-22 to Alaska) but I can tell you that 6281 is a fully handicapped accessible (single side) and likely won't be found in the normal booking engine.
  6. Screenshot - not much I can do about the watermark.
  7. I recently swapped out my Sept 2021 Hawaii cruise for a June 2022 Alaska one. My PVP tried to assure me that Carnival was still hoping to resume such cruises by mid-spring, but I'm not that optimistic.
  8. OFFICIALLY, Carnival and other cruise lines haven't canceled their 7+ day cruises, they've just stopped taking bookings. (Naturally, they want to keep us paying right up until due date before canceling.) We were on Miracle to Hawaii for September 2021. But since I have little faith that things are going to work out by then, I switched cruises to Alaska in 2022.
  9. Had a 'limited mobility' 4J and hated it. PVP completely misrepresented the room. (Needed fully HC accessible.)
  10. The $900 I'd lose canceling outright is the deposit but switching cruises in the past hasn't cost me that loss. The point has been rendered moot as the wife decided 😅 to press on with Hawaii.
  11. Yesterday, my wife bought a new car and is asking me to redirect funds from our Journey's cruise to Hawaii in 2021 to help pay for it. Canceling is pointless since we'd lose $900 and would still only get gift cards back. However, for the money already invested, we could switch to a back-to-back (Total 14 days, all different ports, same cabin) on Mardi Gras and have minimal other funds needed for the difference, travel and excursions. I'm just not sure how to go about it. In the past, I have switched cruises for $100 administrative fees but that was only for a single cruise. How would a Carnival agent likely handle this?
  12. That worked perfectly and we're still in for YTD. 👍 (Was afraid we'd been bumped out for more 'senior' cruisers.)
  13. My wife and I are supposed to be on a Miracle Hawaii cruise over a year away. Yesterday while nosing through the website, I noted that dining is marked confirmed but my particular choice of YTD is not showing. Is this simply a website glitch?
  14. I book directly with the airlines after checking prices at the travel sites just in case I notice a discrepancy. Afterwards, I call their needs department and let them know I'm on the flight and will be bringing either a wheelchair or scooter to ensure there is space and to try to secure the bulkhead seats. This was not a problem on Delta and United, both of which I used a manual wheelchair and was pushed though the terminal on arrival, as well as during transfers. (Delta however, did insist I use their own chair and checked mine at the counter at New Orleans.) When I've used my scooter(s) on Southwest, Delta and a few other lines, I've just driven myself to and though the gate and left it at the aircraft door. As far as security, I've been pushed or driven though a side entrance and verify that I cannot stand with my arms raised though the scanner. This will result in a very thorough pat down and testing swabs of both myself and my scooter/chair as needed. (I accept this as part of security, but I can imagine some may not like it.) There is no speed advantage to the side gate as my wife goes though the regular lines and has consistently gotten though before I do. On a side note, I've never had an issue taking medications or insulin needles (before a kidney-pancreas transplant in 2008) though at all.
  15. Most of your larger airlines now $ell 'premium economy' seats with a bit more legroom. I bought this on United and Delta and it was worth it IMO. After calling in my needs and having paid for the larger seat space, they even placed us at the bulkhead which has the most room of all. Stories are that they only give you the best seat in your paid class anymore so regular economy doesn't get an automatic bump to the larger seats. Southwest and other 'cattle call' airlines usually have a separate line for wheelchair and scooter users for 1st priority boarding. Again, bulkhead has the most room but getting in early enough can be tricky as my last two flights had about 7-10 parties ahead of my wife and I. I still got lucky because most of the others drifted back, possibly because the bulkhead row has no amenities such as TV screens, nor does it recline.
  16. My wife's steakhouse surf & turf last September on Valor trying to hide behind the tomato. About 3 bites of each.
  17. Carnival is likely selling the 'sizzle.' Hotel upgrades/repairs just are not that flashy, but are to be expected.
  18. I switched our standing reservation for San Diego-Hawaii in Feb. 2021 to the same cruise in September out of SF, primarily because it would allow us to cruise on our birthdays. 🥳 It was a $300 upcharge counting the change fee, but not only do we get to celebrate, we get an extra sea day and a bit more time to pay everything off.
  19. Any experience with the on-board wifi? I've read reviews that say there is no connection for most of the sea days which makes me wonder if we should buy the entire trip or by the day when in range.
  20. After checking out a few cruises out of New Orleans on Triumph, having decided that our first one wasn't THAT bad (Nassau), I received a call from a PCA who had noted our interest and started discussing what I was looking for. I need an accessible room for my scooter and was interested in a lido deck standard cabin vs a 4J. He recommended 4J 7206 which was a corner room which looked huge on all of the deck plans and was listed as 'accessible' which I booked, without realizing it was 'limited mobility'. On booking, we originally planned on driving down, but my right leg needed amputated a few months after booking and instead of trying to fight with my scooter, stuck with bringing a manual wheelchair. That may have been a lucky break because not only was the room much smaller than anticipated and there was no way my scooter would have worked, it had none of the features such as the power door I asked for. I could not get to the back half of the room, nor could I wheel myself into the shower or make any sort of turn in the bathroom, but had to settle for only washing up at a sink in a (solo) public bathroom. I will never book anything less than a fully-accessible cabin again.
  21. I didn't ask for them specifically, but on our last cruise, after the rooms were ready I went down to the lobby on Valor and got my wife's bubbles sticker while I charged one for myself. (I'm usually happy just getting one or two and sticking with the free options.) The bartender just filled our glasses with ice and handed us two cans. I may be mistaken, but once or twice they may have also given her the diet Coke can. I think if we asked they may have suddenly become sticklers for the rules though.
  22. Does anyone know the ending time for the luau portion? We're looking at spending the day, but are thinking of cutting out before HA to make the 10:30p back aboard. (I get that HA is the BIG show, but gotta do what we gotta do...)
  23. I get what you are saying, but I also know I was just on that cruise and it was wheelchair central. That #$%@ chair was on loan for the entire trip because those people were steps from my own handicapped cabin. See my Valor trip report in my sig.
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