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  1. Currently it is the Bliss but could be any of the fleet with the forward observation area and the Boardwalk. Also IMHO lots of things to do.
  2. I would think HIPAA laws would enter here somewhere.
  3. If that’s true then why does the CDC say COVID-19 vaccines help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having to get the illness.Dec 18, 2020 https://www.cdc.gov › how-they-work Understanding How COVID-19 Vaccines Work | CDC
  4. Thanks Ginger, please contact me at cbeers0001@gmail.com
  5. I have 4 certs valued at $1000 trying to rehome for $400, I paid $500 Thanks
  6. I have 3, 10/2021 and 1, 1/2023 certs for sale! $100 each, please contact cbeers0001@gmail.com and we can make arrangements.
  7. We’ve never had anything but thank yous from any of our cabin stewards. We do make it a point to thank them every day we see them for the good job they are doing, not only the stewards but everyone we come in contact with.
  8. This is very interesting, my cancelled 12 day Getaway in Jan 2020 first disappeared from website then cancelled, got cancellation letter about 9 hours after. Hope it’s just a glitch.
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