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  1. We did Navigator of the Seas back in April (The final S. Caribbean cruise before it switched to the 3/4 night routine), which has the one room for all. It just didn't work well, although it was packed with Kids (to capacity multiple times), but the staff were still good. Basically 3-5 should not be with the 6-11 year olds, it was too chaotic. I think oasis may be splitting it up that way, which hopefully works better. Overall, we did NOT like the Navigator setup for AO.
  2. Yep as a long time Floridian, Early may and Early September you always see them. Sometimes there aren't many of them and barely notice them, other times they are out of control. This year is closer to the heavy side (although not the worst I've seen) They will be gone in about two or three weeks.
  3. The new fitness center is pretty bad, we were on the April 12th. It took over the old Adventure ocean room, which has short (7ft) ceilings. I'm 6'3 and couldn't even use the ellipticals because I was too tall. And the classes seemed ultra cramped (I was there when one of them was going on) That said I really liked most of the improvements, although the Kids club was too small for the 9 night easter week cruise (Total chaos since they combined all the age groups into 1). And Johnny Rockets ala cart pricing seemed pointless (I didn't see hardly anyone ordering anything other than an occasional milkshake) Playmakers, Hooked and Bamboo Room were all great though, and I grew to like the overall pool deck.
  4. Is there any full sized drydock that can handle the Oasis class on the East coast? Newport News, VA is the only thing I can think of that might.
  5. Check for the name of the escape room, I.e. Obeservatorium on Navigator in the cruise planner. It's there we booked it for the April 12th cruise on Day 9.
  6. I'm sure it's just part of the construction that ran long and will be open the instant they can. I'd assume they prioritize the work based on impact (I'd imagine something like engines and utilities (aka water/power/sewer) infrastructure first, revenue generating, and non revenue generating) falls last on that list. Those drydock timelines are crazy tight, any unexpected construction problems can throw it off. I guess the alternative would be to cancel the sailing to finish it, which is just a hard decision to make that would impact far more folks.
  7. Wow, hopefully that does get cleared up, a 10 day cruise without that would be something quite different than expected. There ios only so much they can do without port supplies in these projects so if I were to venture a guess it would open the day after the first port stop. Then again if something is blatantly failing you probably don't want the kids in their either. If it drags on beyond then there's a good chance it won't be open at all. Worth a trip to guest services at the least.
  8. I was scanning through the app and noticed the Adventure Ocean registration and teen club is on deck 14 (cosmo club), so it appears Adventure Ocean and the teen club rooms aren't quite done yet.
  9. Good to know. (I'm on the April 12th final Navigator ABC cruise)
  10. Fine print has the 18% gratuity automatically added also for JR Express. Compared to doghouse on the Boardwalk and the cafe next to the basketball court & pool deck on the Oasis ships, this is a bit disappointing.
  11. I heard from someone that went on the test run. The ship feels like a brand new ship in a lot of areas. The gym and Adventure ocean were not quite complete, although the gym may not be open for part or all of the march 1st cruise also. Windjammer has handwash stations now. Pool deck works better than they expected. The aqua coaster is not going to open until about midway through the march 1st cruise.
  12. We're really curious on the layout of the new Adventure Ocean room is, on Navigator it's now one big area so curious how they will do the different age groups they typically had in different rooms in the old layout (This approach is new to the fleet).
  13. Yeah the water park seems a bit too much for what you get there, particularly compared to something like the ones in Orlando (Aquatica, Volcano Bay, Typhoon Lagoon, etc). For comparison the current costs for a regular day pass to Aquatica, $64.99, Blizzard/Typhoon Lagoon $65, Volcano Bay $70, Atlantis' day pass is $135. So it's more similar to that than the mainland water parks. For us, it's not worth it. I think Volcano Bay is my favorite of the Orlando parks (if it's not too crowded, but Aquatic and the Disney ones are really great also), Atlantis is amazing, but too expensive, and it'll be real interesting to see reviews of the Coco Cay waterpark.
  14. Did you attempt to go by the Renaissance in person to attempt to get one for less, or just skipped straight to the Avila? The no pool access is probably a deal breaker for our group.
  15. Yeah that definitely looks like a work in progress there on the app with the conflicting information. Viking lounge is listed but not shown on the deck plan map.
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