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  1. Did you have to fill out the Spain health control form before entering Barcelona?
  2. " Question: Is there a private dining room on the Star for those booked in the Haven as there was on Dawn and where is it located? THX 3 months, 3 weeks ago By CMC1 SC Was this question helpful? 0 Yes 0 No (Report as inappropriate) Answer: There is no Haven on the Star at all. Suite guests can enjoy breakfast in Cagneys free of charge, and lunch in Moderno free of charge. 2 days ago By Sailing12Away NY "
  3. Were you able to take pictures inside the hotel?
  4. How did you like Hotel Continental Palacete? I just booked it for October and will be there for 4 nights
  5. I had that same room and my August sailing was cancelled.
  6. I wear fedora's, baseball caps and straw hats on cruises
  7. I'm doing my first sorta back to back this September. 2 different ships 6 days apart and I will definitely repeat my outfits.
  8. I have that code so that means I'm getting 36 points for the Prima 8/17 sailing (Haven)
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