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  1. Thanks for the info. This will be my first time sailing on Princess in a suite.
  2. Thanks for the pics. I'll be in D726 on the Sky
  3. Thanks, I learned something new today. I'm in the US and ours is called CruiseNext
  4. There are soooo many people who cruise way more than me but thanks! Life is too short to be negative and I only answer when I know the answer
  5. My TA added a third certificate to a upcoming 2024 and 2025 booked cruises.
  6. https://upgrade.plusgrade.com/offer/NCL/
  7. If you place a bid ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check the website! We were booked in a 2 bedroom on the Star. We got the upgrade email for the 3 bedroom garden villa but not the deluxe owners suite w/2 balconies. This cruise is sold out. 2 weeks ago the deluxe owners suite w/2 balconies popped back on the webite and my TA grabbed it for us. So keep checking the website because sometimes the rooms just pop back up cheaper or near the minimum bid.
  8. We got 6 bottles in the Garden Villa on the Jewel last year
  9. This cabin is AWESOME! We will be in it for 15 nights! I can't wait!
  10. Thanks! Just booked the dry cleaning special.
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