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  1. Penthouse guests: 1 bag per person? and was the pressing free (up to 48 hours of check in) ?
  2. Penthouse guests: 1 bag per person? and was the pressing free (up to 48 hours of check in) ?
  3. Thanks for the information. Did you get fruit the first day?
  4. Keep me posted. I sail in a deluxe penthouse in November and I really want to use this perk
  5. Has it been with the 48 hours of check in? You should also get 1 bag of laundry per person.
  6. The aft deluxe penthouse on deck 6 has the stall shower. I'm hoping the the same room on deck 7 is the same
  7. Has anyone staying in a penthouse used the complimentary pressing of garments or the 1 bag of laundry per person?
  8. Has anyone sent their clothes to be pressed within 48 hours of check in?
  9. Hope she is back for the November 3rd sailing
  10. Our time on Nov 3rd is 12:30. I'm in a aft deluxe penthouse
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm hoping I can stay awake a few nights to catch the disco.
  12. The rooms were nice. They say they have day room rates but no one told me what those rates were so I booked 2 rooms for the night enough though I just used them as dayrooms. The staff was very unorganized. They didn't know how many rooms I booked. This is why I ALWAYS print out all confirmation letters. The FREE transportaion to the airport was frustrating. They tell to you meet in one spot but they boarded people in another spot so we had to wait since it was full when it drove past us. That being said for the price I would book them again.
  13. When I was on the Star in September I asked about a private hot tub for suite quests and was told there wasn’t one.
  14. The Star does not have a Haven courtyard or sun deck
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