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  1. LOL, thanks for the laughs and I'll let my son know yes to sneakers and forget the suit.
  2. My grown son is sailing with us on the Spirit and wants to know if he can wear his sneakers in the Specialty Restaurants? He wears them with his suits.
  3. Terms and conditions https://www.ncl.com/content/all-terms-and-conditions-starbucks-package
  4. I'm happy to hear the lasagna is back a La Cucina
  5. From the NCL Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/CfwWjZ4jXm1/
  6. My head is spinning from looking at all these tours but none of them do what I want. I just need a pickup from port, Vatican guided tour, Colosseum self guided tour then drop off at Rome hotel. Do any of these companies do this ??? I can see the other Rome sites on another day on my own
  7. So the peope who tested positive were able to stay in their booked cabins?
  8. My locations always have French Vanilla and Hazelnut
  9. I bring a 8 oz bottle of Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer from the Dollar tree or .99 cent store. I pack it in my checked bag
  10. I'm looking for the same information for the Star. I sail in October. I just booked my dinners early and hope I can change if any of them interfer with the show times.
  11. Thanks! My first time on the Star will be in September
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