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  1. I'm on the November 3-17 sailing and I'm waiting to see how many will be onboard
  2. I love ginger ale but I don’t drink beer so I don’t think the ginger beer would be a good substitute for me. Do they have anything similar to ginger ale?
  3. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time in the hot tubs on deck 12 in November
  4. Wait ?? I'm packing a couple pairs of jeans for daytime on the November Caribbean cruise. Are we not supposed to wear jeans ??
  5. I heard Ocean House is only open to people staying in residences
  6. I will be onboard for 14 days in November so we will enjoy ourselves no matter what
  7. Has anyone bought the Laundry Wash & Press package but told them to press only? I don’t see a press only package.
  8. Was there a place to hang garments after being pressed? Trying to see how many pieces I can press at one time.
  9. If anyone sails in a Penthouse before November can you report back if the complimentary pressing of garments within the first 48 hours and 1 bag of laundry per person is still a perk. This was one of the reasons I booked a Penthouse
  10. General Information Does Explora Journeys offer suit/dress rental service? As we do not have any formal nights, we do not offer a rental service. How many formal nights are on my Journey, and what type of clothing is worn? There are no formal nights. What is the dress code onboard Explora Journeys? We don't have a dress code onboard but we suggest an Elegant Resort Casual style.
  11. So they changed it? Website says 1 bag per person
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