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  1. We were on the Pearl with four of us(mom, dad, two kids) in 2016. The inside cabin had the beds which pulled down from the ceiling. We just had the lower beds be separate rather than together as a queen, so we essentially had bunk beds with a walkway between. Not sure how the balcony rooms are, but you may want to try searching the internet to find a cruise ship deck plan site with room pictures.
  2. assume the coffee is provided with the coffee maker? Anyone who has had the coffee how is it? Wondering if I should bring some of my own. If so what type of coffee maker/ what type of coffee should we bring: pod/grinds?
  3. That link is at least 2 versions old. Not sure what each change has been, but I just checked earlier today and the beverage package page now links to a Feb 6, 2023 update. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/790164-BEV_Package_Flyer_UOBP_PPBP_Update_FINAL_2_6_23_1.pdf They had a 1-23-2023 link as well. Feb 6 marks the fifth iteration of a beverage package link that I have seen since we booked on December 1.
  4. My vacation add-on has been updated to reflect only my spouse and I as receiving the (6) 1L Flow waters. Have you looked at yours lately? Seems the kids aren’t eligible after all and my first instinct was correct.
  5. Yes, Verizon is also $10 for a 24 hour period. If on an unlimited plan then travel to Canada and Mexico is included. Other countries would need TravelPass activated. Background data can activate the 24 hour period and incur the charge, so that is something to be aware of when traveling. Some of the more expensive unlimited plans “earn” one travel day per month. I don’t know details on how long before they expire as I don’t have that plan. coped from Verizon website: “TravelPass $10 /line per day. Plus taxes and fees. $5/line in Canada and Mexico. Roaming in Canada and Mexico is included with Start, Play, Do, Get and other Unlimited plans. Get a TravelPass day on us every month on select Unlimited plans.“
  6. Is there an advantage to purchasing gift cards on a ship rather than on land? Or was this a way to use up on board credit?
  7. They appear to be adding the water as a separate amenity to the reservations that qualify per the booking dates. Seems like a reasonable way to keep track.
  8. Presumably the Starbucks replaced the Java Cafe which shows on deck 7 deck plans across from guest services as previous posters are reporting. Interesting they didn’t update things to reflect the Starbucks on board.
  9. Thank you. Some quick searches yield two websites indicating there are four ships scheduled for the day we’re supposed to be there. But not certain how accurate they are as I also see that Joy is still showing to be in port for both your March itineraries with 3 and 4 ships total in port. 🤷‍♀️ Looking like I will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile I won’t tell the kids anything solid for activities that may not happen.
  10. Curious if the reason for the change is known. We have Costa Maya on our schedule, but several months away still. I have gathered that changes to itineraries have become a lot more common these days, but it would be nice to know if we should anticipate a change or if this March update may be a one-off issue.
  11. Thank you. So realistically if we did NCL air we should consider no deviation. A 1 day would put us at risk for them booking red eye Thursday into Friday.. that’s my concern. Most likely will keep an eye on flights to see what we may find on our own to maintain control.
  12. Flying west coast to east coast would no deviation mean a Friday evening departure to arrive Saturday for Saturday embarkation? Meaning then a one day deviation for a Saturday embarkation NCL might fly us out Thursday night? Or would the deviation mean a flight leaving any time Friday from west coast as long as they then had the arrival to east coast also be on Friday? Trying to ponder options as a Thursday night flight would not work, but could make any time Friday work if necessary.
  13. Based on seeing folks here indicating the water now shows up on their reservations I logged in to check it out. Ours now shows the 6 pack of water included times four. Our booking date was December 1, 2022. I only expected to see a two quantity indicated for the two of us with the FAS beverage package. Did not expect the kids would be entitled to them.
  14. I really hope this is correct. It is hard to believe they would want to risk damages to the bedding/equipment or injuries to a passenger who doesn’t know how to put away or get out the Pullman bed or sofa beds.
  15. It sounds like it will depend on the ship whether Starbucks gift cards would work for coffee treats. There was a recent thread asking about them.
  16. Hmmm 🤔 Interesting that they would not have at least some of the same codes. We also have 5 cabins for our group, so our travel agent has booked a larger block of rooms. We may be awarded additional perks or benefits if/when she fills the additional rooms in the block. I believe that the majority of the codes on our reservations are the same, but my parents have the military discount and a shareholder OBC that we don’t. They have that OBC in addition to the one that the travel agent “gifted” to each cabin.
  17. Wondering if this person went through a travel agent vs others did not? We have the afbdsibc on ours, as well as AF10OFF. So possibly Affinity(for the affinity group) Beverage, Dining, Shore, internet? Not sure how all those go into the acronym, but we have them all. Some other promo codes. We also have the last 5 codes(Easy fare- deposit B).
  18. Exactly my thoughts. Was looking forward to the couch functionality during the day. So now using a couch and Pullman for my kids just got inconvenient if we have to try to put them away. Glad we have balcony room booked. We had an inside cabin last time which was okay but tight with a 10 and 3 year old. That would have been a nightmare to not have the two pullmans put away during the day.
  19. Here’s hoping that somehow this is true and we do get those waters. Not sure how straightforward it would be for the ship to know what room to deliver to vs not. You must really have had to dig to find that small bit of information.
  20. It was listed as a benefit on the beverage package page(attached screenshot), and on the flyer in small print when we did our booking. The flyer pdf was dated November 15 at the time we booked. The 6 1 Liter of flow is no longer listed on the beverage package page or the new beverage packages flyer(not the Dec9 or Dec23 version).
  21. Stop providing ideas to the powers that be… I’d like something to be included with my FAS base “unlimited” beverage package next winter! 😂😂😜😢
  22. There was a wine by the bottle list on the premium plus version dated November 15, 2022.
  23. Exactly. When we booked our cruise for next winter I was telling my husband we would get 6 liters of bottled/carton water delivered to our stateroom upon embarkation. Disappointing that was taken away within a couple weeks of making the reservation. Not earth shattering, but I will be continuing to keep tabs on changes over the next year. Won’t be making any bev package upgrade or water package decisions until within a few weeks of the cruise since we don’t know with confidence what will truly be included at this point.
  24. The December 23 revision makes 3 lists in the last 6 weeks. It’s not surprising ships don’t have up to date menus and pricing when things are changing so rapidly.
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