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  1. Looking forward to our first cruise in two years 🤗🤗. Can anyone advise me on what might be the least crowded/busiest appt. time for my upcoming Encore cruise out of Miami? I don’t need to be the first on the ship. I am traveling with my daughter who is in her manual wheelchair, least hectic time (is there such a thing 🤣🤣) is good for me . TIA
  2. Just plain wrong and selfish, people who need accessible cabins generally don’t cruise if they can’t get an accessible cabin. If they don’t cruise how can they bump you out of the cabin that you really don’t need?!
  3. I just came home from a land based Athens/ Crete trip. The Athens suburban railroad stops near cruise port and will take you to city center or airport.
  4. I’m not an expert cruiser I’ve done Princess once with my daughter (in a wheelchair). I’m frugal and try to avoid paying for things that I obviously will not/cannot use. So I enjoyed the relaxing Princess Alaska cruise WITHOUT the go karts, surfrider, ropes course, ice skating rink. Things I couldn’t do while caring for her and I didn’t pay for them. Traveling without her I enjoy NCL. The itineraries, the action/activities on the ships, and the shows.
  5. If you scroll back a couple days this is covered with further info.
  6. Yes, if the policy hasn’t changed by the end of October I’ll hope for Athens airport testing. I brought the point up because I’m guessing you will have more people staying in Europe a bit longer, then people heading home.🤗 Well, not in October possibly 🤣
  7. I realize this is all speculation at this point but whatever day they offer testing starts the clock ticking, you then have -3 days to get home. How many are getting right off a ship in Europe and heading home?🤔 Not me.
  8. My Spirit cruise out of Istanbul on 10-31 was just canceled. So I rebooked for the Jade on the same day out of Athens. Seems to me Istanbul is not gonna happen this fall.
  9. Perhaps testing at an international airport, if rapid testing is provided. I read Athens has a testing center with same day return.
  10. That will help, unless you plan a few days post cruise vacation
  11. Oz and/or New Zealand, would love to go❤️. I’ve been searching the web just now searching for a glimmer of hope that my ship will sail, literally 🤣🤣. And it is still listed on Istanbul’s port schedule. Looks like the ships are given 24 hours between each sailing for cleaning measures 👍. So fingers crossed for us and everyone else as well. Nadine
  12. Yes, same with the Spirit leaving Istanbul on 10-31-21. On my account they want me to make final payment, but on a search of upcoming cruises it doesn’t even show as an option to book. 😢😢
  13. I did the POA as an introduction to Hawaii before the pandemic. Loved Hawaii and the ship. The first port is an overnight on Maui, a tiny beach and storefronts surround the dock. Nothing worth seeing in the area, rent a car and go, plenty of time. Then Hilo, they were working on improving the surrounding area when I was there . Sign up for a volcano excursion if that interests you. Then comes Kona a tender port, once on shore it is a diners/shoppers area. Lots of interesting excursions and small beach close by. Since no lava is flowing into the ocean the ship does not sail past the southern coast. The last port is Kauai 😍😍, an overnight stop. Rent a car and GO. But which direction? Decisions, decisions.
  14. Well that was a nice pep talk to rally the masses! Still waiting for definitive answers on this “bubble “ concept, don’t like it at all!
  15. Wow, that’s funny since it was the Florida Governor that wanted two HAL ships turned away this past March.
  16. I agree with the OP ! I’ll do it once just to cash in my FCC with RCI and then that’s it. I’ll wear a mask, I’ll test every day but let me choose my free time. As far as temporary, well , we will see how that goes.
  17. If they require it to cruise it’s not voluntary. Unlike a mask a vaccine could wreck havoc with your body. If they require it after I’ve already booked my cruise I would expect a full refund. Since they have changed the passage rules.
  18. Feel the same way. I can stay safe in the meantime wearing my mask and social distancing. I don’t see how it could be required. Would RCI assume the liability for adverse effects?
  19. I will do what I have to in order to use my FCC by the end of next December (really hoping they extend it). After that I will not take a cruise where I am obligated to take a ship excursion for the privilege of getting off the ship. The real losers in that deal are those who need an accessible excursion, since those are in short supply.
  20. Yes multiple credits here, my “office “ is stacked with credit card statements so I can keep track of all the credits for my travel related purchases 😐😐
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