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  1. For those that didn't get the email. https://mc1wmw0-rflh5n8g9pwr89vxd3c4.pub.sfmc-content.com/k0du2xwbjh0?CNSMR_ID=12891068&CC_LOYLTY_ACCT_NBR=&allowMobile=y&ecid=em_23909851&rid=291263905&mes=Celebrity Power Up AUS RTS 17 Aug 2022 EM&emsc=CCC_SEL_NAN_ALA_M_CAN_ON_4_TA&empf=Y&emct=S&lnkid=BOOKNOW_CTA&rcid=12891068
  2. ATTN: The following reply is being made purely tongue in cheek. 🤪 Especially when someone spoils it and helps people cheat by posting the correct answers. 🤣😂😁 😁😂🤣
  3. Our Aug 28th sailing on the Eclipse seems to have been sold out for nearly a couple of months now. I'm just curious to know how many cabins are reserved for quarantine. Regardless, we're looking forward to it. DW has her parka options already picked out. 🤣
  4. Unfortunately your situation is exactly why I always ask for the Guest Copy from X. Any chance you have yours, not just the invoice? It will contain two line items for each item included in your fare. This is a copy & paste from our Guest Copy for an upcoming cruise. The first line item shows the billed amount for the item and the next line shows a credit for that amount. I have no idea why "Gratuities" isn't in some cryptic code like all the other line items. Gratuities TCI9-GRAT DLX 7N TCO4-BEVPRINGRAT7 TCO3-PROMO2P 7N YVY2-INTERNETCHG YVY3-INTERNETSAV I know on previous cruises the daily gratuity would show up on the account but it would always net out so that at the very end the only balance left would be for any souvenirs we purchased. If you don't have it, I would see if you could get it from X. Without it I'm not sure how successful you'll be arguing it with X or even trying the chargeback route with your CC company. Best of luck.
  5. LOL Isn't that HAL already? My 78 yr old mother booked a HAL cruise and swore she would never book with them again. She said it felt like she being in "heaven's waiting room".
  6. IMO, I doubt that X would ever attempt that sort of a trial. X is looking to lower their age demographic which means that a larger % of that demographic would have families. Ever since our first cruise 20 years ago I remember X being positioned as that step between RCL and their premium brand. I have an easier time seeing RCL bringing another brand online if their market research shows that an adults only line could be very successful. However the fact that Virgin is going in the other direction kind of tells me that that isn't the case.
  7. You may be onto something here. Maybe if people knew there was an "all you can eat" buffet in the baggage area it would reduce the ArriveCan complaints and the frustration with delayed/lost baggage. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
  8. Really are to recommend something without knowing your tastes. Do you like sweet drinks? Be adventurous and order whatever strikes you when you're looking at the menu.
  9. I've always had a portion of my portfolio that was "play" money. Don't think I agree with you on going to the casino, at least I can recoup some value even if I lose all my play money. Can't deduct casino losses. I bought my 100 shares back in the spring of '09 for $800 USD which at the time came out to somewhere around $750 CAD. In Mar. 2020 I wouldn't have touched any travel company let alone X, I used my play money on a couple of smaller Canadian companies in the gas & oil sector that got smacked hard.
  10. I've always taken a buy & hold approach for most of my investments, but I do love those types of investors. More than once they've helped bail me out when I held an investment just a little too long. I added RCL to our portfolio a few years after our honeymoon cruise made me a convert.
  11. We're flying out to Vancouver from Toronto mid week at the end of Aug as we were planning on doing 4 days of sightseeing before our Alaska cruise. Listening to all the luggage horror stories really makes me happy that we had planned it out this way.
  12. Not trying to stir up anything, but I'm wondering if there is any correlation between your seat class and the probability of your luggage being "lost or delayed"?
  13. We typically bring at least $500 in small bills for both crew and excursions and tip according to the service we received. If there is any left over it goes back into our "Vacation Spending & Tip" USD Account.
  14. Our room steward happily switched the canapes for cheese, crackers, & fruit. He also exchanged the sparkling wine for a Chardonnay.
  15. Won't work. For whatever absolutely inane reason, you have to be at least 18yrs old to be given a Captain's Club membership. But, they do credit them with past cruises.
  16. Easiest way to tell would be after you've gotten a few points, log into X's site and it will tell you what your current level is.
  17. Not sure how convenient it would be, but have you considered booking your test at the Switch Health clinic in Richmond? If you're an Aeroplan member it's $39+tax pp. We'll be doing the proctored test but will be booking them as our backup.
  18. Nope, it would still be considered queue jumping so they couldn't sell them. I can't speak to what the current processes are for shots that are about to expire, however in the early days of the vaccine rollouts the only place you could get it was at clinics run by the local health departments. At that time you could add yourself to a waiting list and mid-afternoon they'd send out a notice that # of shots were available because of no-shows. They were administered on a waiting list first come / first served basis, but you still needed to meet the other criteria.
  19. Unless Google releases their own version that will work with their Find Device, you will always need to use a 3rd party app like Apple's Tracker Detect, Tile's app, or Samsung's app. There are lot more options out there most of which will work with iOS or Android. Make sure whichever you choose it conforms to Bluetooth 5.0 as the max. range is up to 800 ft. While Apple doesn't state what Bluetooth standard they support, speculation is that it is Bluetooth 5.0 because of range.
  20. It's actually illegal for a pharmacy/clinic/Dr to charge you for something that is covered under our single payer (aka universal) healthcare system. It ensures that people don't jump the queue just because some of us might have the financial means to do so.
  21. Most people are intelligent enough to understand that they actually pay for all those things that are included and "not taken in by the marketing". Personally, outside of possibly some of the discounts we won't take advantage of most of the other "loyalty perks". We book X because we like the product and it's at a price point that we feel we get value not for the "free" scope of gelato. We will explore other lines and will book them if it makes sense to us.
  22. Since you booked through their website, you can call their 1-800 customer service number and there is an option for you to request your Guest Copy. No need to speak with an agent. It will clearly (in code) spell out all your options. You should see a line item something like TDL9-BEVPRINGRAT10 showing the cost of the beverage package and another line item that credits the same amount.
  23. If you are successful, please share their contact info.😁 We've never been able to successfully get the Premium NA for our kids. Personally, I always thought the supposed "downgrade" to Premium NA should have been the default.
  24. One tip I learned long ago was to split your clothes amongst all the bags you plan to check. It's a small bit of insurance should one of your bags go astray. Not sure how much good it does with the current situation but any bit of insurance helps.
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